Friday, January 24, 2014

News Bias: Local Los Angeles stations are loaded with it!

I was watching the news the other night. I sure wish I could remember what station it was. I sure remember the anchor who was speaking because I couldn't believe the audacity. I'm fairly certain it was KCAL but it could have been any of them.

The subject was an enormous protest in DC on abortion. Let's start with what reporters always call it. They absolutely and steadfastly refuse to call it pro-life. Oh they never have a problem calling abortion activists pro-choice. No! They don't refer to them what they really are like anti-life or murderers. No. They never do. Yet they don't mind calling pro-lifers anti-abortionists. Dumb asses! It's like their vocabulary is limited or something.

The second thing was the audacity to say that anti-abortionists carry gruesome photos. Really? REALLY?! That's why people don't like pro-lifers? Well what about those gruesome 'save the children' videos? Or the gruesome 'mistreated animals' videos/photos? What about those? Those are okay then? Just not the babies who couldn't defend themselves? Right?

The media has really overstepped their boundaries. I don't believe in censorship, but I certainly don't believe in them editorializing instead of stating facts. This was something that they were supposed to learn in school! What? Did they fail their classes or something?

There needs to be a standard that they should stick to. I'm sick of them and personally, I don't believe half of what they're saying anyway. They are losing all credibility.

It's really very sad.