Saturday, April 22, 2017

Welch's Grape Juice: What's the difference between Heart Healthy and regular?

I am lucky in that our local Walmart Market allows online shopping and all I have to do is go pick up my groceries. I love that! It has its drawbacks but it does make large shopping trips easier.

The problem is their lack of information on products. Day before yesterday I did my online shopping. What I really like about it is that I can add things to the "list" throughout the week and then buy it all at once at the end of the week. Circling back around to day before yesterday....

I wanted some grape juice. I had been buying the smaller single serving bottles but I quickly realized that we were drinking more than usual since we changed our lifestyle to healthier eating. For this reason, I decided to go with a 64-oz bottle. I buy Welch's grape juice. Originally I tried the Great Value brand but it tasted to me like watered down grape Kool-aid. The ingredients lists juice but it just didn't taste like it to me. Welch's has that nice tart grape flavor we like.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Things to do when you're sick... and bored... and you're a woman.

As I write, I am feeling like death. Today, I have the flu. My stomach is queasy, my nose is running, I'm coughing, my eyes feel like they're on fire and I'm feeling general misery overall, and I have a general feeling wishing that I was dead.

With tissues stuck in my nose, I Googled "how to pass the time when you're sick" and there were a number of articles that popped up. I read them and wished I could take a marker and mark out nearly everything they said. For example, one said watch a chick flick. Um, what? The last thing I want to do is cry and turn my nose up from jogging to running in full blast mode.

I think it's pretty clear that the people who wrote these well intended articles, probably weren't sick when they wrote it. Since I am, let's see what works.