Monday, December 28, 2015

Binge watching television and kids today.

I have to admit. Not too long ago I was talking about how trashy television has gotten. From the cheesy Kardashians (I still don't know the names of any of them) to a bazillion dancing shows. I'm sick of reality. I live reality every single day of my life. I prefer the old fashioned waltz and have no interest whatsoever of watching anyone dance (except for Bindy, I mean, we have to love Bindy so I even voted for her). I think there is a law somewhere that says Bindy deserves whatever she wants.

Speaking of which, her father's reality television was fun and amazing. Now THAT is the kind of reality I can appreciate. His enthusiastic smile is truly missed and I wish that family well.

Before I go on and make my suggestions, I must first explain my tastes. I like dark things. I don't like disturbing things, just dark things. I don't like tons of stupid blood and guts. I'm a nurse and I can assure you the gross sounds and pictures of what they're showing you are nothing at all like what it really is. Besides, if I wanted blood and guts I can get that with most anything these days. It's just a waste visually. The story must be compelling for me.

Now, that said. I have an affinity for most anything WWII. I cannot watch Jews suffer though. That is out. it is incomprehensible to me how anyone (Islamic terrorists included) can be such monsters. However, I believe in the fight against it. I don't think kids today understand the evil that truly was. They don't understand patriotism. Many WWII based shows can teach them that. I also like the time period. I believe the best movies ever made were from the 1930s and 1940s. After that, it's all been done already.

I'm amazed at how socialism, despite is sweeping failures in the late 80s and early 90s, is infecting the United States. The kids today don't understand the difference between fear of nuclear war and terrorism. Terrorism is something they've grown up knowing about. It's random and the likelihood that they would be directly affected by it are slim, at best.

Growing up in the Cold War however was frightening. I was sure that I would not live to see 30. Absolutely and steadfastly sure. To my dismay, socialism collapsed in Europe, just as many said it would have to eventually. It's a ponzi scheme and you can't keep it up. Now, kids have forgotten all about it. They know nothing about how socialism is a failure. They are once again wanting to censor speech. We learned nothing! Why aren't parents taking responsibility to teach their kids about this stuff? WHY? Why is the school system such a failure and not teaching it?

For this reason, I'm hoping kids will come along and see my suggestions on binge watching. This one is the evils of what the world was like, and can be like.

Amazon Prime

The Man in the High Castle is a great one to start with. It's based on a book and if you've read the book, fine. Still, this shows us the evils of two things. 1. Fascism. Despite what Fascists will tell you, it is loaded with socialism. They spiteful claim that they hate socialism, but they lie. They do the same as socialists do, but they also get rid of those they don't want to pay for anymore (e.g., elderly, sick, the Jewish). 2. Imperialism. This is close to the same thing as well. You have one dictator and depending on what he believes, that's how things are run. Ever heard an old man say "I don't much care for that new fangled stuff" well imagine if your leader said that. Now what?

Only a single season of this has been made and it is available to stream with Prime. They have renewed it for another season, so that should get interesting. Of all the suggestions here, visually this one is superb. Thoughtfully, this one is also superb. It's a New Europe and the Rocky Mountains are the New Alps and so has a New Switzerland. It's just so cleverly done. You have dark and dreary vs. bright and cheery. It is really an amazing show.

As for acting, it is also amazing. It's hard to really pick out the best of them all, but the multi-faceted performance made by Rufus Sewell is hard not to mention.

The Americans is a good show too. This one, however, tries to remain unbiased. However, I get a little annoyed with how Americans are portrayed. Just as I get upset then they show you that the KGB are liars after all. It makes the show interesting in the very least. You come to almost care about the KGB but then there are times you want to scream at them. What this show does best is show you that the Soviets were willing to kill before getting answers.

This one has aired a total of three seasons, but only the first two are available on Prime. I understand that the third season is about to be released on Prime and that it is even better than the first two. I'm hooked, so I can't wait.

Acting wise, the Welsh actor Matthew Rhys has an astonishingly amazing American accent. I've just about never heard one quite so perfect. Not even from Kate Winslet. He almost even has a light Pennsylvania sounding dialect. You can't get much more American than that! His acting too is brilliant.

Hulu Plus

Deutschland 83 is a fantastic show. Fair warning though. This is a German television show and is not dubbed, it's instead subtitled. I highly recommend it. You'll find that a lot of German is understandable in English. Remember, English is a Germanic and Latin language. Yes, Latin. French is Latin. This shows the evils of socialism and how they keep you under control. many say, "no, they're communists!" Tell them that then. They even call themselves "socialists" in the show! Germans would know too.

The show starts off a bit quirky and visually is way behind American TV. However, by the middle of the season, it has picked up and you don't notice anymore. The acting seems subpar in the beginning until you get to know them. I think it's because I don't speak German and I'm so busy reading subtitles that I can only see their face after they've spoken. It takes some getting used to, but I think you'll be glad you enjoyed it.


I hate to say it, but Netflix is lacking when it comes to television such as this. I will however recommend Foyle's War, which has been around for sometime now. It's not about the actual war, though it does get highlighted frequently, but it demonstrates the resilience of the people of British Isles during World War II. It's a lovely made show, is a murder mystery and has the most amazing acting by Michael Kitchen.

If you like serial killers, then add Bletchley Circle to that too. I'm saddened that they are not renewing that show, but it's quick run (I think there are only five episodes) was a good one. The two leading women are indeed great in their parts but Anna Maxwell Martin is stunning as Susan.

This one is post World War II, but has flashbacks during that time. It however is only a McGuffin. The story is about women solving murders.


So there you have it. No, my suggestions are not New Years holiday suggestions. Just some good entertainment for certain time periods. Most are considered MA, so this is not a list for kids. It's for you as adults to learn and then pass on the reality.

Cheers to you all and let me know if you have any further suggestions! I'm all ears.