Monday, October 22, 2012

Why you should vote for Obama.

Okay, it's time to address this. Elections are just around the corner and I for one cannot WAIT! I really hope that people make the right decision this time.

That said, in the spirit of truth, justice and the American way (things that are slowly dying in the poor forsaken country) I'm going to list why you should vote for Obama and this includes certain personalities. If you happen to fall under any of these, I think you can safely say that you'd do better under Obama. Yep, I sure am.

1. You don't care about your country. Let's face it, we all know how he's ruined it so far from unemployment, to debt, to inaction on acts of terror to insulting Christians, to ... Do I really need to go on? You get the idea. If you are all for letting this country crumble morally, economically and socially, then he's your guy.

2. You like clowns. Clowns scare the crap out of me and this clown is no exception, albeit for a totally different reason. His grandstanding on TV is just plain embarrassing. I keep expecting him to pull out a horn and honk it at everyone.

3. You don't like taking responsibility for yourself. I've decided that Obama has a little secret in his pocket. I am just about certain that he has recorded a mp3 of himself (remember the Queen of England?) that says, "it's the previous administrations fault". I think he just mouths the words to make us think he's actually talking when in fact, all his denials of responsibility are pre-recorded. You'd be a bosom buddy with Barack if you prefer to point the finger at others.

4. You are a racist. I'm going to say what is true here. The blacks that support Obama hate whites. The whites who support Obama want a reason to keep blacks in the inner-city high crime areas, rather than to educate and encourage hard work instead.You see where this is going, right?

5. You like being broke. This one is good for those of you that are lazy and don't want to get jobs. You would just rather live off the government, having everyone else around you take care of you. For those of you in this category, you don't want to get ahead. You'd rather live in project housing and revert to #3 when anyone asks you why you are living off the government.

6. You're a Hollywood celebrity that really doesn't care about politics at all. You just prefer to do what most of your friends are doing because you're weak and cannot handle the pressure. You probably also do drugs and have multiple marriages or affairs for the very same reason.You think it makes you look good or something twisted like that.

7. You hate Christians. The irony here is that Obama is a so-called professed Christian, but that's different, right? It's okay for him, just not for any Republican. You want to remove God from everything, even if it doesn't hurt you at all. You are evil, and want to remain that way.

8. You want to host a terrorist for dinner. Obama prefers to simply ignore that pesky 'ol terrorism problem. Instead, he'd rather have a great big love fest with all of them. Don't let the nearly 3,000 people who died that day bother you. It's in the past, right? Oh and if you hate Israel, then by gosh Obama will be your best friend! Don't forget his hateful comments about Netanyahu. That'll surely make you proud.

9. You just plain hate Repbulicans or Libertarians. They stand for too much good and they always manage to make you look bad. They're intelligent and successful but not all are rich. Who cares about that last tidbit? It makes more sense to lie and tell everyone that they're all rich. .

10. You hate rich people. Granted, there are some rich people in this country and they provide jobs, but instead you think that you should raise their taxes. You want fairness, right? Well sure you do! We'll just conveniently forget about the fact that if you tax the rich, they'll just raise your prices and YOU will be the one paying their tax bill. Yeah, just forget that part.

In the end, if you want no hope and no change, then be sure to check that box next to Barack. He's definitely the loser you're looking for!

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