Sunday, September 25, 2016

Finding my Christian faith.

I was raised in the Methodist church. It wasn't until I was nearly an adult that I experienced other churches such as Baptist or Catholic and even Mormon. I was shocked at the difference in behavior and practice. Baptists screamed at me that I was a sinner and Catholics did a lot kneeling and some odd thing with water. I began to question not my faith, but how to worship in the right Christian manner. What was the truth?

Truth is different for many of us. What I say here is not meant to be insulting, but describes my journey which has led to my own personal belief system. It may not agree with yours, but that is not to be debated here. I will not debate what I believe, why and whether it's right or not. I'm just going to share how I came to be who I am.

I have never doubted that Jesus is my savior. That is fact to me and no so-called science is going to change that. Just as one believes that a parent loves you, without any absolute proof except that they say so (they could be lying), I believe in Jesus' love.

What I doubted was the right way to worship Him. There are so many variants. The first thing I had to decide for myself was how to know. You can't come to a conclusion of worship unless you have a guide of some kind.

Feast of St. Francis of Assisi wasn't a vegan nor was he a vegetarian!

Let's get something straight. I've decided that vegans and vegetarians have a little less brains than meat eaters. Just because St. Francis is the patron saint of animals, doesn't mean he didn't eat meat. In fact, he did eat meat. He even encouraged others to eat meat!

You can love animals and still eat meat. Any real Christian knows this since it is very clearly written in the Bible.

Do not be fooled by all these blogs who blithely say that St. Francis was vegan, would want you to eat vegan and all that other nonsense. It is a bald faced LIE. Show me. Prove it.

Guess what? They can't because it isn't true.

Lois Rogers even notes this on her blog in the comments. She writes:
Franciscans aren’t vegan. In fact, St. Francis is known to encouraged the friars to consume lots of meat at Christmas in celebration. But mostly they ate very simple food that was heavy on vegetables.
She is absolutely and steadfastly correct in this. Do the research people and don't let some vegan nut job tell you a false history that doesn't exist. They need to get their act together and become more trustworthy if they want to have people join their "cause". Their way of eating isn't for health, it's for a frame of mind which is totally different.

So eat meat and enjoy people!