Monday, September 10, 2018

BEWARE of Chinese Mobile Apps

There are a number of conspiracy theorists out there who make false claims that are really nothing to be concerned about. Fake news is loaded with it and so are those who believe the government is hiding alien information and so on.

Then comes along something that is a bit uncomfortable. China has been known to hack into United States government computer systems. China is a communist nation. Many millennials (even people in their 30's and I know because I've met them) do not really understand what that means.

A quick lesson is (Wikipedia is pretty useless these days when trying to read something that should be easy) a basic Karl Marx teaching. That is that the government makes the decisions for you. They decide where you work, how much you make, etc. They take most of your money and put it in a pile. They pass that pile out to others. The only rich people are government workers and you have no chance for advancement, ever. They take a large portion of your money and keep it for themselves. They give you health care with a mortality rate (the noted article says, "China faces huge health care problems that make those of the United States seem almost trivial by comparison") that is very high and is call socialized health care for everyone, even if it's killing them. Karl Marx is the founder of communism as well as fascism. We all know how evil the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany was and so China, who follows this same philosophy is truly an enemy.