Sunday, March 30, 2014

Dogs and Knee Braces for cruciate injuries.

Well, it's unfortunate but I have a sweet dog that has torn her ACL. We're not sure how much it's torn, but it's torn none-the-less. I thought that because there is really little information on the web about this, that I would record how it goes.

There were three options given to us by the vet:

  1. Do nothing and hope that it heals; few do.
  2. Get a brace, which would eradicate pain, and hope that it heals; about 50/50 chance.
  3. Have surgery and hope that it doesn't happen again; some do.
Surgery is expensive. I know the surgeon, he used to actually be our vet, but his prices were very expensive so I had to switch to another vet. How ironic that we'd end up right back where we started. Maybe.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Weird searches 2

I call it the "Oh what's this? Click!" syndrome. The best example is when you go to Wikipedia to look up some small fact on lavender and two hours later you find yourself reading about the Nigerian Civil War of 1967. We've all done it, right?

So I started out reading about pH skin levels on dogs and next thing I know I'm searching online for soap molds and I don't even make soap!

Anyway, so out of pure curiosity, I wanted to see what these looked like:

Then I clicked it and voila!

Wait, what? It said on the previous page that there were 10. Where'd they go? You see? Weird search, or should I call that frustrating search? Maybe I shouldn't call these searches as much as glitches. Perhaps I'll change the name, next time.

Weird Search Results 1

You know, I search the web on a daily basis. I do a lot of product research before I make purchases too.Today's entry, will be the first. I've come across dozens of these weird search results over a period of time. I decided it was time to start sharing them.

So here we go!

My dog is sick and in a few minutes, I'll be heading out to buy some Pedialyte for her. This article at WebMD mentioned that there are some dog electrolyte replacement products so I thought I'd see if Petsmart carried it. The name of it is K9 Thirst Quencher. Looking for K9 will likely find too much so I typed in thirst. Here are the search results:

Since when did thirst have a synonym or a similar spelling of stairs? Huh?

In any case, I take it that they don't carry it.