Friday, May 18, 2012

Countdown to the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre.

Today, back in 1989, over one million protesters took to the streets of Bejing. These protests would continue until the 3rd of June in that same year. Do you remember that day? I do, I'm sad to say. It was horrible. I must remind people that the Chinese government's response was the epitome of socialism.

I just wish to remind everyone how tyrannical the Chinese government is. We will begin the countdown to the sad and tragic massacre. I challenge folks to post the following on Facebook, even if it's four years from now, or whenever. You don't have to credit me, just please show solidarity by posting it. Post the words (or change them to suit you) along with the picture. Tell, or even beg, your friends to like it and share it. We need for all Americans to stand up to China.

Just for a quick lesson, for those who do not know. The original Chinese flag looks like this below, but without the black blocks.

The large star represents the government. The smaller stars represent the people to which they rule, you see how they are "connected".

For this reason, I reversed it. I would have made the people larger, but that would have been too big. I also considered changing the red to blue, but then I thought about it. It will still be the same China. The same land, the same people, the same culture. The ONLY change is the government and it's chains. We don't want to change the Chinese, we want them to be free. For that reason, the background remains red.

Isn't it amazing that such a simple flag change can be so significant?

May your day be a blessed one, and please do not forget those that have fallen for American freedom.

This is the future flag of China, which represents freedom. The four stars on the left represents the people, and the one star on the right represents the government, meaning that the people will create their own government. Please like this and share it with your friends and family, and do not forget the Tiananmen Square Massacre's atrocities.

Friday, May 04, 2012

DUIs, rape and the double standard.

I was reading a news article the other day about a young woman who, while drunk, hit a telephone pole and killed her boyfriend who was in the passenger seat. Reading the comments of the article made me think of a few things, hence this post.

It is conclusively accepted that drinking an excessive amount of alcohol impairs judgement. Right? Then what is the point of telling people not to drink and drive? Do they really think a drunk person will have enough judgement not to drink and drive? If they do, they life in a fantasy land. Telling everyone in the world to not drink and drive is just like telling the rain not to fall. The judgement to make a distinction between right and wrong does not exist in a fully intoxicated person. End of story.

So, this woman is going to jail, and rightfully so. Her bad judgement has handed her a manslaughter charge, in addition to a DUI. Yes, I agree she needs to do some time... BUT why is it that if this same woman had had sex while very intoxicated, she is NOT held to the bad judgement call?

The laws of men.

Nearly every day I read This Day in History. I'm a history nerd. No, I didn't study it in college, but I sure wish I had. Anyway, I'm not going to get into the whys and wherefores about history, the point is, I liked to read about it.

That said, I was reading a couple of stories today that bothered me. The first one was the Haymarket Square Riot. This is quick and easy, but it still bothers me. I find it astonishing that communists would come together for a demonstration to try and convince others to join them. Are they not seeing what is in plain sight, just as their noses on their face? That freedom of speech that they are enjoying to "spread the word" about communism would be immediately revoked. All who had participated in the demonstration would be arrested without any justice whatsoever.

The thing is, stars in Hollywood are idiots. Take Sean Penn. Remember his incredibly stupid comment during his acceptance speech about communism? I was imagining a dunce cap on him at that very moment. He almost praised communism yet at the same time, he was forgetting that it would be very likely that homosexuality would be outlawed under a communist regime. What a moron of a man. In fact, I believe I'll tweet him this article. We'll see if he responds. I doubt it. His only way of responding to people is violence. Oh yes, try Googling his history. The man has serious issues, which probably accounts for his stupidity, now that I think about it.