Monday, June 13, 2016

Christian Today, gone tomorrow.

Let me first say that I am truly saddened by the tragedy of Orlando. It just makes me sick. I can't imagine what the survivors are going through and what the victims' friends and families are going through. Can you imagine the nightmares that survivors are going to suffer from here on out?

That said, I am disgusted by the response to this tragic event. Obama and the media politicizing it! My mouth gaped open when I heard Obama call it an act of terror and hate. Seriously? I couldn't believe he said that!

EVERY act of terror is an act of hate. EVERY SINGLE ONE!!!! You cannot tell me 9/11 was an act of love, or an act of charity. What would you call it then? When you kill someone simply because they exist, it is called hate. Every single act of terror is a hate crime. I cannot fathom how the families of 9/11, San Bernardino et al feel hearing that Orlando is the only one that is an act of hate. How can these people sleep at night?

Further, I'm already hearing about gun control. That is the most insane thing I've just about ever heard in my life! You'll see how I address that below.

I read this very disgusting article in utter shock and disbelief. I mean, I still am reeling at its absurdity. Saunders is so far off base here that I can't even begin to describe it. I have been a fan of Christian Today until now. I can't believe that made it to print and I surely will look for an apology and if there isn't one, then I can no longer support that site as a legitimate Christian website.

I could not remain quiet because that is what I'm about. I'm very much an American. I believe in free speech and the right to worship without government interference and the right to bear arms (to keep government in check so I can continue my other rights). I had to tell them what I thought. Here is exactly what I said. Note too that I didn't use paragraphs because their little text box only allowed you to see two lines at a time. UGH!
I am personally insulted by the words of Martin Saunders. Normally, I do not abide political correctness but this article is beyond that. He first insinuates that America is asking for this shooting since we we have a Constitutional right to bear arms. He is no judge and should not have a political view on that. Besides, the Boston bombers managed an act of terror without guns so it's pretty clear that guns are not the problem. The problem is Islam and I am disgusted that Saunders' liberal attitude shines through his words. Second, his preaching about Trump's "segregation and fear" is an abomination. He would do well to consider the alternatives: a Jew who hates Jews or a law breaking woman who prefers power over morals. Again, Saunders' liberal attitude shines through his words. Third, he has the audacity to label this act of terror an act of hate rather than terror. Isn't all acts of terror acts of hate? Islam hates Americans, they hate Christianity. The fact that these are gay patrons of a particular bar makes this act no less about hate than any other act of terror. I could not be more insulted! By his way of thinking, 9/11 was about what then? Love? Ideological disagreements? What? Does he not realize that THOUSDANDS of my people were slaughtered that day because they were a free people? If that is not hate, I don't know what is. Shame on Saunders! How can he sleep at night saying the things he is saying? I'll agree with him that mourning and prayer is at hand, but not gun control. I would remind Saunders that it is a sin to be gay. I can quote many verses that he already is well aware of. Welcome gays in the church? Yes. Accept the lifestyle? No. Never. It is not for us to judge, but to instead encourage a Christ like life. Saunders is using the deaths of victims of terror to push a political agenda. Does he really believe for a second that God is proud of this? Saunders is no Christian. A real Christian would never think his way. I will pray for guidance for him, but I believe he owes the world a great apology.
I stand by everything I said there. I always will!