Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Sherri Holland and Sherri Vanessa Holland murder cases.

It is very unusual to have two women murdered who lived in the same state (in fact, in the same region of the state) with the same names a few years apart. I'm sure this is not the first instance, but I don't recall another time.

Tomorrow, a man is to (rightly) be executed for one of the murders. The killer of the other is still at large, but it seems probable that it was one of two people. 

Let's look at the similarities of the cases:
  1. Both women were named Sherri Holland.
  2. Both women were from NW Georgia.
  3. Both women had recently broken up with their lovers.
  4. Both women were murdered within 5 years of each other.
There, the similarities end. We do not know who killed Sherri Vanessa, or even that she's actually dead since her body has never been found, but we definitely know who killed the other Sherri. Steven Spears, her former boyfriend, even confessed and did so without remorse stating he'd do it again. She was his and his alone and he'd not share her. He stuck to his word. 

It is very suspicious that Sherri Vanessa's lover was a married man who could not let her go too. That said, her business partner had a lot to gain from her death and it's been noted by police how said business partner spoke of her in the past tense, which is unusual for close family and friends to do when someone is only missing.

Sure, on the surface it seems plausible that Sherri Vanessa staged her own disappearance but leaving her dogs behind? Especially abandoned? Doubtful! That's like leaving your children abandoned. Dog owners do not do that. Ever. Well, good dog owners and we know that Sherri Vanessa was a good one.

This means there is definite foul play here. 

Justice for Sherri is about to be handed down. Unfortunately for the other, Sherri Vanessa, justice still remains. If you can help, please contact the GBI at (404) 244-2600.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Finding my Christian faith.

I was raised in the Methodist church. It wasn't until I was nearly an adult that I experienced other churches such as Baptist or Catholic and even Mormon. I was shocked at the difference in behavior and practice. Baptists screamed at me that I was a sinner and Catholics did a lot kneeling and some odd thing with water. I began to question not my faith, but how to worship in the right Christian manner. What was the truth?

Truth is different for many of us. What I say here is not meant to be insulting, but describes my journey which has led to my own personal belief system. It may not agree with yours, but that is not to be debated here. I will not debate what I believe, why and whether it's right or not. I'm just going to share how I came to be who I am.

I have never doubted that Jesus is my savior. That is fact to me and no so-called science is going to change that. Just as one believes that a parent loves you, without any absolute proof except that they say so (they could be lying), I believe in Jesus' love.

What I doubted was the right way to worship Him. There are so many variants. The first thing I had to decide for myself was how to know. You can't come to a conclusion of worship unless you have a guide of some kind.

Feast of St. Francis of Assisi wasn't a vegan nor was he a vegetarian!

Let's get something straight. I've decided that vegans and vegetarians have a little less brains than meat eaters. Just because St. Francis is the patron saint of animals, doesn't mean he didn't eat meat. In fact, he did eat meat. He even encouraged others to eat meat!

You can love animals and still eat meat. Any real Christian knows this since it is very clearly written in the Bible.

Do not be fooled by all these blogs who blithely say that St. Francis was vegan, would want you to eat vegan and all that other nonsense. It is a bald faced LIE. Show me. Prove it.

Guess what? They can't because it isn't true.

Lois Rogers even notes this on her blog in the comments. She writes:
Franciscans aren’t vegan. In fact, St. Francis is known to encouraged the friars to consume lots of meat at Christmas in celebration. But mostly they ate very simple food that was heavy on vegetables.
She is absolutely and steadfastly correct in this. Do the research people and don't let some vegan nut job tell you a false history that doesn't exist. They need to get their act together and become more trustworthy if they want to have people join their "cause". Their way of eating isn't for health, it's for a frame of mind which is totally different.

So eat meat and enjoy people! 

Monday, June 13, 2016

Christian Today, gone tomorrow.

Let me first say that I am truly saddened by the tragedy of Orlando. It just makes me sick. I can't imagine what the survivors are going through and what the victims' friends and families are going through. Can you imagine the nightmares that survivors are going to suffer from here on out?

That said, I am disgusted by the response to this tragic event. Obama and the media politicizing it! My mouth gaped open when I heard Obama call it an act of terror and hate. Seriously? I couldn't believe he said that!

EVERY act of terror is an act of hate. EVERY SINGLE ONE!!!! You cannot tell me 9/11 was an act of love, or an act of charity. What would you call it then? When you kill someone simply because they exist, it is called hate. Every single act of terror is a hate crime. I cannot fathom how the families of 9/11, San Bernardino et al feel hearing that Orlando is the only one that is an act of hate. How can these people sleep at night?

Further, I'm already hearing about gun control. That is the most insane thing I've just about ever heard in my life! You'll see how I address that below.

I read this very disgusting article in utter shock and disbelief. I mean, I still am reeling at its absurdity. Saunders is so far off base here that I can't even begin to describe it. I have been a fan of Christian Today until now. I can't believe that made it to print and I surely will look for an apology and if there isn't one, then I can no longer support that site as a legitimate Christian website.

I could not remain quiet because that is what I'm about. I'm very much an American. I believe in free speech and the right to worship without government interference and the right to bear arms (to keep government in check so I can continue my other rights). I had to tell them what I thought. Here is exactly what I said. Note too that I didn't use paragraphs because their little text box only allowed you to see two lines at a time. UGH!
I am personally insulted by the words of Martin Saunders. Normally, I do not abide political correctness but this article is beyond that. He first insinuates that America is asking for this shooting since we we have a Constitutional right to bear arms. He is no judge and should not have a political view on that. Besides, the Boston bombers managed an act of terror without guns so it's pretty clear that guns are not the problem. The problem is Islam and I am disgusted that Saunders' liberal attitude shines through his words. Second, his preaching about Trump's "segregation and fear" is an abomination. He would do well to consider the alternatives: a Jew who hates Jews or a law breaking woman who prefers power over morals. Again, Saunders' liberal attitude shines through his words. Third, he has the audacity to label this act of terror an act of hate rather than terror. Isn't all acts of terror acts of hate? Islam hates Americans, they hate Christianity. The fact that these are gay patrons of a particular bar makes this act no less about hate than any other act of terror. I could not be more insulted! By his way of thinking, 9/11 was about what then? Love? Ideological disagreements? What? Does he not realize that THOUSDANDS of my people were slaughtered that day because they were a free people? If that is not hate, I don't know what is. Shame on Saunders! How can he sleep at night saying the things he is saying? I'll agree with him that mourning and prayer is at hand, but not gun control. I would remind Saunders that it is a sin to be gay. I can quote many verses that he already is well aware of. Welcome gays in the church? Yes. Accept the lifestyle? No. Never. It is not for us to judge, but to instead encourage a Christ like life. Saunders is using the deaths of victims of terror to push a political agenda. Does he really believe for a second that God is proud of this? Saunders is no Christian. A real Christian would never think his way. I will pray for guidance for him, but I believe he owes the world a great apology.
I stand by everything I said there. I always will!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Homemade adult skin protectant cream.

I'm a retired nurse with about 25 years under my belt. Most of my career was spent doing home health. Let's get one thing straight though before we move on. Please do not confuse home health with private duty sitting. I'm sure you've heard of doctors who make house calls. They come to the home, do an assessment, treat whatever is wrong and leave. That's what home health is, but it's nurses. We come in, do an assessment, see what the patient needs are such as teaching about medication, IV fluids, wound care and so on and then leave. A private duty sitter, on the other hand, comes in and stays the day, like a babysitter would.

I've worked with dying patients (such as cancer, AIDS), patients who have had accidents (like a hockey player who hit the ice and became paralyzed or a man whose house caught fire which killed his family but he survived with 1st degree burns over 80% of his body), the elderly (people who need a little direction in the home, or the family needs to learn how to care for them) and even the homeless (who are seen for a variety of reasons, I've visited people in their cars). As you can see, I've had a large number and wide variety of people that I've seen over time.

Thoughts on the the murders of John Marmo Jr. and Ilan Nissim.

I watched two episodes of, I think it was, Dateline last night. I was bothered by them too. There are things about each case that makes me mad, or confuses me. I guess the first thing is to refresh your memory on these totally unrelated cases.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Missy Bevers case.

Every now and then a crime will happen that interests me. Apparently I'm not alone. It's interesting how certain cases become big and memorable while others are sadly forgotten. The murder of Missy Bevers is in the news right now, but only time will tell if this is one that will go down in history alongside the murders of Lacy and Stacey Peterson (which were two different cases, oddly), Travis Alexander and Caylee Anthony.

The thing about Mrs. Bevers' case is  how odd it is. This was an elaborately planned murder and it's clear that Mrs. Bevers was the intended victim. There is no doubt in anyone's mind that this is murder one. The question though of course is, like any murder, who did it?

The suspect list isn't one that the police rightfully do not want to share. By all means, just because everyone is curious doesn't mean we have the right to know. I'm glad that they're keeping it hushed, there is no reason to give the killer an edge up by knowing whether he (or she, but we'll call the suspect 'he' due to grammar rules; I don't give a crap about sexism so...) is a suspect or not.

That said, the general public has zeroed in on the husband. There is certainly a number of reasons to do so, as well. Let's look at some statements made either by him or about him and kind of discuss this.

Thursday, April 07, 2016

Decider's Kill Stan Stance

I'm always amused when the media has such an inflated ego that they really believe what they think is original and matters. 

Take this article about The Americans. Lea Palmieri proudly states that Stan must die. She basically says it'll shake it up a little. She lists why she doesn't think he's necessary and how the show has never taken any character and made them more important than any other character and on and on. Lea basically believes herself oh-so-clever and thinks she can probably write better than the writers of The Americans. 

However, only hours after her anti-Stan rant was posted, there was an enormous and surprising twist. Someone died, yes, but it wasn't Stan. Stan is integral to the story. He is the Jennings' nemesis. He is absolutely necessary to the story until close to the end. To ax him now would be an asinine mistake and anyone who really gets the show would know this.

All the points that Lea made on why Stan needed to go were directly answered in this episode and pretty much proven that he didn't need to go after all. It honestly cracked me up. Poor Lea. Maybe she'll learn next time to really think things through before parading around in a Once Upon a Time story. 

I'm reminded of one of the pre-season teaser trailers. There was an article that declared Stan figured out who Philip really was. Yes, they actually said that! I have tried to find that article but sadly I cannot. Right now, I have the flu. Maybe you can. I posted a comment using the same username here. I always post under that name. 

Anyway, they backed up their claim by using the part in the trailer where Stan through Philip up against the wall and yelled at Philip to stop lying to him. I pointed out that this was way out of line and it was a more likely scenario that Stan found out about the friendship between Philip and Sharon. Who was right? lol! I wonder if the writer took it down? I can't find it anywhere.

By the way, the flu sucks. I hurt all over and in the middle of it all, my mother has hospice coming in too, so please pray for me or send happy thoughts my way.

Love to you all!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Easy soup for when you want it.

I personally am not a soup lover. It's my opinion that I can just eat some vegetables and drink water and be just as full as if I had eaten soup. I'm not a vegetarian, nor am I a low carb eater. That alone says that what I really mean is that it's not filling to me at all. However, in my household I'm more than just the minority. I'm the only one who feels that way.

I love history and I've always imagined that soup was originally used for two purposes. 1. To stretch a meal. 2. To use leftovers. I have to admit that I laugh at all the recipes of quick and easy soups that involve cans of this and cans of that. Seriously? That's not homemade soup. If you're going that far, just buy some Campbell's and be done with it. It's still soup in a can!

Going out to buy vegetables for just soup is, also in my opinion, a waste of money. Well, unless you're on a super low budget and you're trying to achieve #1 above. That's understandable. However, if you're making a big pot of hearty soup, then that's a waste.

I hear families that say their children hate leftovers. I've never had that problem. My kids (now adults) have always loved my cooking and they were more than happy to eat leftovers. However, there were always just a small portion left that really wasn't enough for a suitable side dish. It then became apparent to me that there were a number of ways I could stop wasting and put that tiny amount to good use.

Enter the vegetable soup bag. I have a gallon sized freezer bag in the door of my freezer. Whenever there is a tiny portion left that isn't enough for a meal, I scrape it into the bag. Maybe it's a slice or two of onion after a salad, maybe it's some cabbage or perhaps even just a wee bit of leftover chopped chicken for enchiladas or even a spoonful or two of spaghetti sauce. It really doesn't matter! So long as it's a vegetable, meat or a pasta, it gets thrown into the bag. Corn, broccoli, even cheese (no, not a meat or vegetable or pasta, but it is always a great addition to soup)! It just gets plopped in that bag. Once it's full, then I put it in a pot, pour some broth (any kind you have on hand) over it just enough to cover, heat well and tada! Homemade soup without any fuss.

The only thing you really can't use is probably bread, but pasta (despite what many say) freezes rather well. Even some leftover mac and cheese goes well in there. Cheese added to a soup is just as delicious. I've never tried using mashed potatoes, but any leftover potatoes that need to be used I slice up and throw it in the bag. Same with carrots.

How many times do you have to buy a full bag of carrots when you really only need two? What do you do with the rest of them? Well, naturally you can serve them as a side and use some in salads, but invariably you're still going to end up not using a few. Those get chopped up and put into my bag. The same goes with a number of vegetables.

The possibilities are endless. One Super Bowl weekend I made some meatballs. I had maybe 3 left. Those got sliced up and throw in.

My son was sick the other day (yes, both my kids have moved back home, um, yeah) with a lot of vomiting. I just went into the kitchen, plopped a chicken leg quarter into a 2-qt pot, poured water over it and let it simmer for about 15 minutes, then I dumped in enough veggies to to fill it up a bit and a few minutes later, homemade soup. He was thrilled!

I buy a ton of leg quarters because they're always on sale here. I've learned to make my own broth using them and I either de-bone it to use for things such as enchiladas or even white chicken chili, or in the case of soup, I just leave it whole and let the kids pull the meat out themselves.

So! That's today's cheap and frugal food tip.

What do you do to save money on your food bills and how do you waste not want not?

Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Southern American traditional Easter dinner.

Every year Easter rolls around and magazines and websites are full of weird ideas for Easter. Southern Living had some really strange ones that aren't traditional at all. With all the food blogs and chefs on TV 24 hours a day 7 days a week, everyone is rushing for something unique. Unique is good for those who prefer it, but I'd say 75% of America doesn't.

Just like other countries, America has its own traditional Easter menu. I'm not talking upper middle class menus that serve expensive lamb and the like. I'm talking your typical middle class hard working family who lives paycheck to paycheck. If you want to try something American, then this is it.

Most American feasts are actually family or church potlucks. Everyone brings a dish and we feast. You bring enough of one dish that would feed the same number of your immediate family. This saves costs. Easter is a happy time and outside of our Savior, children are usually the center of htings when it comes to the day.

This list is what you'd usually find at an Easter potluck. It doesn't mean it's exact. It's just what you'll commonly find. The reason is that we normally go with what is cheaper at the time, meaning more plentiful. Spring vegetables are the ones plentiful and those are taken advantage of.

A whole ham. If your family is big or it's for church, a number of whole hams. It's cooking method is up to whomever makes it but traditionally, it's a simple roast. Why ham I'm really not sure. My personal theory is related to piglets. Piglets are usually born in the very early spring, so adults are ready to be used as meat. Yes, it's sad. If I had to raise my own animals for meat, I'd be a vegetarian, but I digress. The point is that I'm pretty sure in the old days it's because ham was plentiful.

Deviled eggs. We don't eat the ones we boil, dye and hide. It sits out too long and in the south, it gets rather warm so it's not all that appetizing. Eggs aren't any more plentiful than any other time of year, except that hens don't lay as often during winter. Perhaps that's how our egg tradition began. They started laying more heavily again in Spring.

The rest are also plentiful in Spring too.

Lemonade is often served as a drink for the kids and sweet tea with lemon for the adults. Traditional potato salad is very common as are strawberry shortcakes. All kinds of salads. In the south our growing season lasts longer than others and we have mild winters. Salad greens or any greens grow well just before Easter. We also have a lot of fruit salads and even vegetable salads too.

Dinner rolls are absolutely required. We don't necessarily eat cornbread, though we do eat a lot of it nearly all the time, but Easter is the one time I rarely (if ever) see it.

Small finger sandwiches are popular, but we're not talking turkey, chicken or anything. It will be things such as pineapples (yes, we had them year after year at church and home, they are to die for) or tuna.

Jello or jello salad like things is the final touch there. Most of the southern Easter dinner is served cold. We get warm around Easter so as you may have noticed, these are all cold foods. Now it's not unusual to see casseroles and such as well that are served warm, but the standard menu is usually cold foods.

How about your region? What do you do differently?

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Bates Motel: Top of the line television suspense (spoilers).

Before we get to it, let me first say that if you've never seen the series and if you are not caught up to last night's episode and for far future readers, that would be season four, episode one titled "A Danger to Himself and Others".

If you haven't seen it yet, stop what you're doing right now and go watch it. It's an excellent series and if you like any suspense at all, you'll like this. 

If on the other hand you are all caught up and are ready to chat about it, then read on.

Sunday, March 06, 2016

Chrome Tech Tip: Editing the user dictionary in Chrome.

A couple of months ago I bought a new computer and despite my telling Chrome to sync information, it didn't sync my spelling. That is, all the words I had added to Chrome for eons disappeared into thin air when my computer died because of a Windows update. Don't even get me started on that!

Anyway, I noticed words that should have been in the dictionary because they're simple and often used, aren't. I decided to take a look and add names, words etc., that I know I'll use a lot.

I wasn't sure if Chrome had its own dictionary or used the default Windows dictionary. Personally, I wish I had only one dictionary because then this means that I have to save everything twice! UGH.

I Googled it to see if Chrome used its own and found that the answer was yes. I was too lazy to flip through the settings. I noticed that there were comments complaining about the instructions and I felt it was rather unfair because though it wasn't worded exact, everything he said was correct. It's the final link he worded wrong but that should have been easy to follow. I think they were expecting a button so I wrote out the instructions. Here's a link to what I said:

You'll see that I replied to the complainants and let them know that I wrote instructions in another comment on the page. That said, I wanted to provide some visuals for you. Please go to the link to read the instructions (and please like my comment if it helps). If it disappears (like the author removed the page) then just let me know by replying here and I'll rewrite it.

Below are the steps visually. When some of the things have been blackened or whitened out. This is for privacy purposes. Most of my dictionary words are names and I prefer to keep those private. This is why you'll see either blank spots or pixelated words. They're just for examples, but you should get the idea.

Click settings.

Scroll down.

Click on advanced settings.

Click on language and input settings.

Click on edit custom dictionary.

The pixelated things you see here are words.

To remove a word, click to select it and click the X.

To add a new word scroll all the way to the bottom, type the word (case matters) and hit enter.

That's all there is to it! Enjoy!

Saturday, February 27, 2016

My prediction about Bernadette Maryann Rostenkowski-Wolowitz's baby's gender and name.

My prediction is based on Carol Ann Susi, known to us as Debbie Wolowitz, Howard's mother and the the wonderfully funny actress who played her and died year before last. It would really be a shame if producers didn't make a tribute to her, someone unseen that contributed so much laughter to the show.

My prediction then is a baby girl. Her name could be any of the the above names. Obviously the child will be a Wolowitz, but any name such as Carol, Ann, Debbie or fudging it to be even Susie. However Deborah, as many know, was the only judge, who was a woman, in the Bible. Her story is told in Judges and the name is perfect for both the Jewish and Christians. It makes sense that their baby would be named after her.

The name could also be a bit humorous too, calling her "Little Debbie". That would be perfect!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Amazon Prime Streaming: Create a link to a specific time in a video.

I just figured something out! I'm so proud! :D

I'm always wanting my husband to see certain scenes of things I watch. I mean, I can give him the link to the show and then tell him where to look, but it's even easier if I can just create a link to that very point, like YouTube does.

I finally figured out how. It does it different than YouTube but it's similar. Consider this link:

The above link is for The Americans Season 3, Episode 13. So B01A2Z8WUW is the episode. You can get that by right clicking on the Play button for the episode. Autoplay=1 means it will auto play. I haven't tinkered with it to see if I can get it to load, while paused. &t=2408 is the time it will skip to. No, it's not military time (there is no 2408, it's 0008). It's the time in seconds. So the time it will skip to is 40 minutes and 8 seconds. You just have to calculate how many seconds.

Are you math challenged, then (at the time of this writing) here is a calculator that will figure that out for you.

Alternatively, there is an easy way to get the link. Play the video and find the place you want to link to. Close the video (not the page) and then right click on the Play button. It will automatically give you the time stamped link.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Thoughts on The Americans Season 3 (spoilers may be present)

Well it's rather funny. I bragged earlier in this post how the violence wasn't really all that bad. Sure they shot people and you saw bullet holes, but if you can watch CSI this one was okay. Not so much anymore. The first few episodes of the season had some pretty yuck stuff going on. Not really blood and guts, but disturbing things none-the-less. I wasn't sure I wanted to continue watching it but once I got past the dental thing it seemed to improve. By the end, there wasn't much. So fair warning, to those who haven't watched this and are reading this to decide if you will.

By far, one of the most interesting episodes has been "Stingers".There is a hidden gem at imdb that will help you find fan favorite episodes. Apparently I'm not alone in this. Take a look at this. Clearly that's a fan favorite and I agree with the fans too that "The Colonel" is another best, too. I was so impressed with how easily Claudia took that guy down. Wow.

Blogger issue

Dear Google,

Please stop ignoring problems from other things you support (or really don't). Stop spending all your energy into Google Play or Voice Detection. I mean, those are all well and good but your treatment of people like me is disappointing. We don't seem to matter much.

This is a problem that I've had for a good long while. Long enough that you should have fixed this by now. There is really no excuse not to fix it.

The Maltese Falcon

Quick! Go here and get tickets for The Maltese Falcon, an excellent film today! You won't regret it. I highly encourage you to do this. Expand your senses, so to speak.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Announcing the new Magnolia South Classic Film Awards!

I'm a classic film buff. I have a favorite genre, but I'll watch almost anything. The one thing I can't get myself to really watch, and I need to try and try again, are Westerns. I'm just not a classic Western film fan (yet).

Before I go on, let me announce what I consider to be classic film. It's true that there are what some call "modern classics" such as films in the 70s or 80s. In fact, some will even add the 90s and 00s to that too. For me, the end date is 1959. When 1960 begins, I feel that the golden era of film is (mostly) over, with only a few exceptions. It's clear that television made a huge impact on film making. There just wasn't the depth of substance they used to have. All the stories had been told. All the firsts were finished. The only thing that seemed landmarks were new techniques, or allowances (like nudity). Otherwise, it had been done already. For this reason, the films I will usually talk about will be in my favorite eras: the 1930s and 1940s but there will be exceptions. I won't rule out the 50s or even 60s, but they have to be spectacular!

Rambling About K-cup Coffees

I have fallen in love with the convenience of k-cup coffees. I actually have this brewer, so it's not a Keurig. I've used this Keurig and this Keurig though and to be 100% honest, my cheapo off brand version is just as tasty. I'm 100% dead serious.

The problem that is then presented is the cost of the k-cups. Those are downright expensive! Sure, I could go another route and get something like these (though my cheapo brewer actually comes with its own, a better buy than a Keurig in my opinion), but then I'm back to grinding my own coffee and so then I may as well use a regular coffee maker.

With that in mind, my quest for the best but cheapest k-cups is rather difficult. I found this article that was not what I really wanted, but it did name a company. Interested, I went to the website and found the real truth. Yes, you can still get it (at the time of this writing) for only 39¢/cup but you have to buy 192 all at once at the whooping price of $74.95.

Monday, February 15, 2016

"Stay tuned to find out more...." Um. No.

Have you ever thought how silly the news sounds these days? They give you 25% of the weather then have the nerve to tell us that we have to wait to find out the rest.


Gone are those days where you didn't have much choice. You either had to wait to find out or you didn't find out. They were in control and they knew it. They had this power over you like the horrible school master who ruled with an iron fist. They had but not now.

Now I sit in a suspension of disbelief when they have the gall to tell us to wait. No! I'm not going to wait at all. I'm going to turn off the TV and head to my computer. It'll take me all of five seconds to click the bookmark and tada! Now I can see what the weather is. It makes me want to take a selfie with my computer's weather and post it on Twitter @myTVstations and scream, "Guess who isn't waiting?! Screw you @myTVstations!

The Americans (Season 3) now available on Amazon Prime

I began watching The Americans back in December of last year. I'd heard of it but it's one of those short-season shows and those are hard to find. They start during weird times and end during weird times so finding it takes work and I don't like anything that makes me work to find it.

Lucky for them, they decided to allow Amazon Prime to host Seasons 1 and 2. When I saw it there, I remembered that being a show that I had wanted to see but never managed to. 

Let me just say for a moment that I never just decide to watch a series. I sit down and watch a few episodes, maybe. If it doesn't get me on the first try, then it's unlikely that I'll watch it. There are a lot of Breaking Bad followers out there but I didn't think the first episode was all that great. In fact, I found it rather annoying. Guess who didn't get hooked?

Netflix and getting tired of the same 'ol thing.

I hope you all had a romantic Valentine's Day. I'd like to say that I did, but I didn't. It's no fault of my own, nor my husband's but we have extenuating circumstances so that is that. Either way, I hope you all did have a fine one indeed!

I'm not alone in saying that Netflix's streaming service isn't what it once was. There were a number of great films and television shows at one time. They even helped you filter out what you never would watch, ever in your life. They ditched that idea (I cannot fathom why) and now they've ditched entertainment too.

For this reason, I cannot find anything good to watch anymore. I've had to resort to Googling what's good on Netflix. It's too bad that there isn't a really good list out there.

I came across one article and because the title isn't dated, I'm assuming that the list will change monthly. To get my point across, I sent it to Let me immediately say that I validate my purpose there in saying that because it is a list of pop-culture popular movies at a certain time, it's archive worthy. That said, the list, while valuable due to its commentary on the films folks are watching, it is a terrible one. This is the archive link in case the page changes. This way if next month, if they clear it and rewrite the page, you'll still be able to look at what I was looking at.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

The history of the church, for dummies.

It is important for all Christians to understand the history of the church. I'm often surprised by so many who have absolutely zero idea how we got from Jesus to today. Even my husband was mistaken and he's pretty good at getting Christianity, even if he doesn't believe as strongly as I do.

First off we start with the Jewish faith. All Christians are Jews, but not all Jews are Christians. For that matter, all Muslims are Jews too, since they too branch off the Jewish faith. That's right. It may surprise you to know that the Muslims believe in Torah. Yes, it doesn't make sense for them to hate Jews so much, since they are Jewish by foundation, but alas they do.

Anyway, both of those are ancient. The Christian faith does not branch off the Muslim, but only the Jewish. I'm a visual learner so let's look at it like an organizational chart, shall we?

Friday, February 12, 2016

Why vocal atheists suck and cannot be trusted.

I read a bunch of self-proclaimed experts on Christianity every day. Christians are scorned because they sin. Well, I have news for those folks. They have no idea what they're talking about.

Christianity isn't about being perfect. Christianity isn't about not being human. In fact, let's take a look at an angry Jesus.
And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves, 
- Matthew 21:12 KJV
For those silly atheists who clumsily try and quote the Bible saying, "Well, Jesus said to turn the other cheek, so you're supposed to let me walk all over you." You couldn't be more wrong.

What those ridiculously unintelligent people fail to see is that the Bible is not an American Law book. That is, it's not about what is fair. It's about what is right. Sure, Jesus said turn the other cheek, but anyone who can read can figure out he meant when it doesn't matter. When it does matter, you need to stand up.

I'm sick and tired of atheists trying to squash Christian freedom of speech. The problem with vocal atheists is that they are a hateful bunch. They really are. Look at what this group tried to do. Thank God their efforts were wasted.

They even lied, saying that the cross received tax dollars and they couldn't even prove what they were saying. They were slanderous and personally, I would have sued them for everything their little organization had.

So why do I call them vocal atheists? Because they open their mouths against Christianity. They say it's offensive. For that matter, one time I was told by one that raising a child in the church is child abuse. Seriously! He actually said that to me.

They also do not apply their protests equally across the religious board. They reserve their anger for Christians only. These are the people who will be cast into hell. We'll have the last laugh.
But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death. 
- Revelation 21:8 KJV
The unbelieving. That will throw them into the lake of fire, or hell. Good.

The thing is, that lawsuit proves that they are liars, they want to squash free speech and they have no idea what they're talking about. It's all we need to know.

Good bless you all!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Review of Yahtzee at

Before I get to it, let me just say that despite what I say and complain about here, I still love the game, the author and the website. The games aren't something we have to download. They're not something we have to have an account for. They're not something that requires us to watch ads for. They are just the old fashioned games and that's that. For this reason alone, they're all worth playing. I give the author, Einar Egilsson, kudos for giving us these great games for free.

I've played others, but this one is about the Yahtzee game. There are similarities in the other games, but those are for another post on another day. I just want to talk about this one today.

Normally I'm an option girl. I want options. I want to be able to choose single player vs. other players. I want to customize my cards and backgrounds and so on. These are plain and options are limited. I'm okay with that. They're clean, free and ad free. For this reason plain is good here.

The Man in the High Castle - Where New Berlin REALLY is

If you've seen the show and you Google it, you're going to see a map. The map is one of the biggest things about the show. However, don't believe everything you see.

With interest I read Val Nolan's blog post about it and there is a sentence that is incorrect. He says,"We see on a map that St. Louis is now New Berlin." Sadly, this appears to be a misconception by a lot of people, here's another example. The funny part is that a little knowledge about St. Louis, geography and reading maps will demonstrate how very incorrect that assumption is.

Let's take a look at both maps, one from today and the one from the show. Yes, they are marked all over, but so what? I'll explain in my little Geography class here. You can click on the images to enlarge them and I encourage you to do so, in order that you can see it clearly.

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Waffle House Facts, Taiwan's Golden Dragon Tower and the news.

I always have opinions. I'm loaded with them. It doesn't mean I'm right, or you're wrong or whatever. It means simply that I'm opinionated. It means that I should be able to speak freely in this society. If I want to insult someone, I should be able to. If I want to compliment someone, I should be able to. I am a firm believer in the freedom of speech and I will exercise that right to the fullest.

Many times though I don't actually have an opinion. I'm indifferent. Wait, not many times. Some times. Whatever. It happens. Moving on.

News comes in waves. Some days there really isn't any major news. It's the same thing every day. I've no problem with that, but those days are repetitive. I don't really have opinions on those days. Today, there isn't really much.

We'll start with something fun. As I've mentioned before, I see a ton of "fun facts" far and wide on the web. Most of which aren't fun and nearly all fall into two categories. They're either incredibly uninteresting or they're something I already knew. Rarely do I come upon an article that's actually interesting and things I didn't know, but also fun. This article on the Waffle House is fun for me.

One thing that stands out for me are the number of waffles vs hash browns per minute. My family and I have said all our lives that people go to Waffle House for the hash browns, not the waffles. For this reason it should be more appropriately named the Hash Brown House. lol!

Here's something that bothers me. You see, there are rules in journalism. The media is supposed to report facts without opinions. If they add opinions, then it's called an editorial, not an actual news article. BIG difference. What I expect to see in an article are facts, not suspicions or rumors. When you start seeing those, then it turns into tabloid journalism. A reputable news agency will state what are facts and what facts are not yet known.

Consider CNN's article whose title is long: "3 arrested for roles in construction of collapsed Taiwan apartment tower". Now keep in mind that by the time you read this, it may have been updated or fixed, so here is the archived article as well. It is a snapshot of the page as I'm reading it when I write this. Now the first thing to notice is its length. Including captions, twitter, instagram text and article text that is on the page, this article totals 2,411 words. However, the part that pertains to the actual headline is only 332 words long. Look at all that filler. Of course, I was including captions in the first one and not the second.

Either way, the article is clearly propaganda. There are no facts that support why these people were arrested. Cans are suspicious, but it doesn't say that authorities cite this as the reason for the arrest. In fact, it doesn't say anywhere what authorities said. It's all speculation. Maybe there was faulty construction, but maybe it's the tallest building, or maybe the ground was unstable there or maybe there were more people in the building than others. I just think that if you're going to report something, back it up with facts or state very clearly that it is unknown. Don't give us sob stories to support your theory.

I am the kind of person who believes in survival of the fittest. I'm not the fittest, so do not wrongly suppose that I'm being high and mighty here. I'd probably be the first to die in a disaster. Well, that's something I have to live with. However, sometimes being clever can save your life. Knowing how to outsmart someone or something is key in survival. Now there I have an edge, I believe. Democrats will probably disagree but who cares? I believe it and that's all that matters to me.

That said, I think the best way to fix the population problem in this world is to remove all warning labels off of everything and let stupid protesters do stupid things to themselves. I have no sorrow for those who are willing to kill themselves over their beliefs. Let them go so we don't have to listen to them anymore. Do I sound dispassionate? Maybe. However I live a life where I believe we're responsible for ourselves. For this reason my doctrine is if they're dumb enough to do it, let them.

For this reason, I feel no sorrow for the man in this article, "Man Dies After Setting Himself on Fire Outside Kensington Palace". Fine. Good riddance. What cracks me up more than anything is the first line of the article. They apparently believe as I do since it says, "The royal family was not at the palace when the incident occurred." Well, thank goodness for that right? That was definitely the first thing I'd want to know. :/

Did you know that New Orleans isn't the home of the Mardi Gras? It isn't. Tell that to journalists today. For those of you who don't know, today is Fat Tuesday. This is the celebration of the beginning of the end of Mardi Gras. I won't go into the details but suffice it to say that Mardi Gras is all over the news. I challenge you all to remind them where Mardi Gras originates and is still held to this day!

Answers to questions no one is asking:

"Katie Holmes Interview: Matt Lauer Brings Up Tom Cruise's Fiery Response From The Past, How Does She React?"
"Why Yahoo Couldn't Adapt to the Smartphone Era"
"Why does Kobe Bryant like LeBron James now?"

Congratulations are in order for the Broncos on their win this past Sunday. Perhaps Peyton Manning can quit teasing the NFL fan community by saying he's going to retire..... every year.

Gloria Steinhem is a bitch. There, I said it. She is and that's that. She condescendingly told women that "there is a special place in hell" for women who disagree with her. Tell me that's not a bitch like attitude. There is a special place in hell all right. It's got her calling card too. That's where I also stopped reading. I've decided she's not newsworthy after all.

News that citizens figured out for themselves and wondered why it took officials this long to figure it out too:

"Islamic State will continue to target the U.S., top intelligence officials say"
"US intelligence chief: we might use the internet of things to spy on you"
"'Happy Birthday' Headed to Public Domain"

How was your day?

Monday, February 08, 2016

The Big Bang Theory's big secret in "The Valentino Submergence"

We are in season 9 and it's been a great 9 years so far! Last Thursday we were surprised by the teaser of this week's upcoming episode.

To my surprise, there isn't much people are saying about it. I'm not sure why, but I can say for certain what I think. I wrote an email to my husband today with my thoughts on the subject and thought I would share it here.

Sunday, February 07, 2016

Thoughts on Season One of The Man in the High Castle (Season 1 Spoilers)

Amazon is, I'm sure, celebrating its decision to continue The Man in the High Castle, an Amazon exclusive series available for streaming. It brings to life a question that many have asked. What if Hitler had won the war? How terrible would it be? We all know the quick answer to that: hell on earth, but how many of us have sat here really thinking it through?

Well thankfully a couple of authors have done this for us. Philip K. Dick wrote the novel of the same name. There is another one too that is popular written by Robert Harris called Fatherland. Sadly the cover that is presently at Amazon is a play on the wonderful CGI from The Man in the High Castle. It used to have a different cover, but that's another topic.

Let me just say right now that this will contain spoilers. It's better that we get that out there right now. Right? Right!

Now let's talk about what you see first, the opening title sequence: WOW!

It's very creative and I could talk about it for  three times as longer than what I'll call "the intro" actually is. To begin with, it's dark. Not just emotionally but visually. The map is not this bright map that you can compare to Google maps.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Why I hate food bloggers and editors!

I've come to the conclusion that food editors live in a world totally different than mine. They live in a world where you have no life except food. You have all day long to play around with recipes and all day long to prepare these beautiful dishes that take way too much time. It's completely unrealistic!

Let's start with this ridiculous article. 10 Ideas for Lunch (That Aren't Sandwiches). On the surface that sounds fabulous doesn't it? They even touted it was better than leftovers (but after my complaint they took it down, so it's gone now). Taking a lunch with you that not only isn't a sandwich sounds great right? WRONG!

In this list is the most ridiculous painstaking recipe around. Its Pad Thai recipe calls for grilled shrimp and poached eggs. Yeah, I have the time to grill some shrimp and poach some eggs. Well hell then, I may as well eat it for dinner and do what? Make leftovers! Of course, now that they removed the proud "No need for leftovers" brag, that sounds kind of lame. Still, it was ridiculous!