Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Another "peaceful" muslim murders his own daughter in the name of "honor".

Thank goodness this guy was convicted. Notice that this article is from the Associated Press? Where does it say his religious belief? Were he Christian, they'd have it stamped all over.

The AP should not be allowed to publish articles at Foxnews.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Backyard Bird Watching

I'm no bird watcher, but in the spring all the birds return. When I go outside I'm amazed at the noise that I've not yet re-adjusted to hearing.

There are a few birds that I hear often and are quite unique so they're easy to pick out. That being the White-winged Dove and the Mourning Dove. I hear them all the time.

Yesterday though, I saw a bird. It wasn't the first time I noticed it, but usually I was in a spot where I didn't have time to look the bird up. Memory fades, so when I finally had time to look up the bird, I'd forgotten important details. Anyway, yesterday one perched itself on my fence and sat a good while. I now know they are Eastern Bluebirds and this was a male. A very attractive male that is likely a real ladies man. ;)

Arabs, liberty and government systems.

Yes, I'm getting older and my mind isn't as sharp as it used to be. Sad, that. I've found myself confusing government systems lately and this really bothers me. I've always been very clear on the differences. I'm not saying I couldn't remember the important parts, but there were some minor details I was getting mixed up.

Because of this, I decided to look something up yesterday and found this wonderful web page. I was completely drawn in by it and really enjoyed reading it. To many of you it may be boring, but it shouldn't be. We all need to be fully aware of what is the best system and fight for it, to the death if necessary and I say that from the bottom of my heart. Give me liberty or give me death.

In recent weeks, we've seen so-called "democracy" spilling forth in Arab nations, or at least trying to. I fully support that, but I remain highly skeptical that a true Republic will ever prevail there. We'll see.

My heart goes out to the women of Islam. They are trapped slaves and Obama doesn't care at all. He makes me sick and is the most pathetic president in my nation's history. A close second would be Jimmy Carter, but I digress.

Gimp: Removing Solid Backgrounds

I bookmarked a tutorial that has since disappeared from the web. Don't you hate it when that happens? Anyway, this is really a tutorial for myself because it is something I do occasionally, but not frequently. Because of this, I always miss at least one step. It's not an in-depth for beginners tutorial, just a fast reminder of the procedure that I use. Again, this is geared as a reminder for me and isn't necessarily for the entire web. I'm putting it here so I can find it easily.

This is only for solid backgrounds.

In the news: Walmart Grapples With Its Worst Sales Slump Ever

It's a sad, sad day for me. Walmart totally does not get why it has a sales slump. Their analysis is completely off. My "list of grievances" with Walmart outlines the problems they have quite clearly. Obviously they missed my post. ;)

Anyway, the article I'm speaking of says
Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is in the midst of its worst U.S. sales slump ever.

When it reports earnings on Tuesday, the retailer is widely expected to post its second straight year of declining domestic same-store sales.

Wal-Mart's struggles are the result of a misstep: To jump-start lethargic growth and counter the rise of competitors such as cheap-chic rival Target Corp., executives veered away from the winning formula of late founder Sam Walton to provide "every day low prices" to the American working class. Wal-Mart, the world's biggest retailer by sales, instead raised prices on some items while promoting deals on others.

Company executives acknowledge having miscalculated and are adjusting their strategy again. The big question is how quickly the mammoth chain can turn itself around. [Read more.]
The list of things they believe have caused this is in the article, but I read it in total disbelief. It's really very sad that they are as clueless as they are. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.
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Monday, February 21, 2011

Tara Grinstead: Blood evidence and more.

Still talking about the show I saw last night (it aired earlier but I recorded it and only had time to watch it last night).

After doing some online reading, I have to wonder why additional evidence was not mentioned on the show. According to WALB news, the following evidence was collected by an investigator hired by the family:
  • Two blood stains (the location was not disclosed).
  • In the bedroom, a broken nail with a dot on it.
  • Under her bed, pieces of a broken lamp.
  • A bent metal piece on her bed.
  • A reddish brown stain in her carport.

So why was this not addressed in the show? This article was posted in 2006, but the show was originally broadcast well after. According to CBS it originally aired July 1, 2008. Why was that evidence never mentioned?

I've actually followed the Grinstead case since she disappeared. I lived in Atlanta at the time and this was big news. It's just so very sad.


February 24, 2017
Update, there has finally, after all this time, been an arrest! Please see Tara Grinstead: Finally an arrest!

Another thought on Tara Grinstead

As I went to bed another thought struck me that I forgot to mention. Isn't it such a coincidence that three local police officers were "involved" with her around the night of her disappearance?
  1. You have her ex-boyfriend who is a former police officer.
  2. You have ex-boyfriend's so-called "alibi," who is also a police officer.
  3. You have another married police officer who left a business card stuck on her door, between the frame.
On the subject of that business card, I'm very curious about this. The show deliberately avoided revealing what type of business card it actually was. I don't believe it was an official police officer's card (they all have cards to hand out with their names) because of what they said on the show. I don't remember the exact words, but they said that they had trouble figuring out who left the card. It couldn't have been the police officer's personal official card because then it would have had his full name stamped on it, wouldn't it?

The way I see it these are the only two real possibilities:
  1. If it was not his official card and some other business, then it could be used to spy on her. If it was stuck between the door and the frame, then I can only conclude he may watch to see if anyone opens that door, since it would either fall or be confiscated if they did. This is doubtful though because she had a carport, which is the main informal entry, and not the front door. If she were to leave, she'd leave through the carport (unless it was blocked, and it may have been).
  2. Still with the some other business theory, the back of the business card could have simply had, "Call me, Jim" scrawled on it or something along those lines. This is probably the most likely scenario, which then doesn't mean anything.
I'm leaning toward option 2, but I really don't know. They did say that when they found this married police officer he said she had not returned his calls for a couple of weeks.

Anyway, those were my thoughts on the subject.


February 24, 2017
Update, there has finally, after all this time, been an arrest! Please see Tara Grinstead: Finally an arrest!

The Tara Grinstead and Jennifer Kesse cases.

I just finished watching the 48 Hours on ID episode "Stolen Beauty". I'm not going to say a lot about it right now, because it's late. I just wanted to get a few of ideas out.
  1. Why did Marcus Harper (Grinstead's ex-boyfriend) lawyer up if he were truly innocent?
  2. Why would Harper tell Greta Van Susteren that Tara threatened suicide? Clearly that is an outrageous thing to say. Only an angry person would do that and why would he be angry with her if she is missing? Unless he knows something.

Monday, February 07, 2011

NFL History: Not so boring as you would think.

Did you know that the Cardinals are the oldest team in American football history? They belonged to Chicago, were originally called the Morgan Athletic Club and were formed in 1898 by Chris O'Brien. Okay so if you're asking, "How can you say they're the oldest team if they weren't even the Cardinals?" Because the team has never been disbanded, only renamed and moved, so it's still the same team. Think of it like this; let us say you change your name and move to Scotland. You're still the same person.

Oh and by the way, that same year (1898) the rules were changed and a touchdown went from 4 points to 5. Just so you know. ;)

I'm not really a football fan, but I am a history nut. I find that very interesting. If you're like me, then I recommend downloading the NFL's official historic timeline, which is a free pdf. You can get it by clicking here.