Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Sherri Holland and Sherri Vanessa Holland murder cases.

It is very unusual to have two women murdered who lived in the same state (in fact, in the same region of the state) with the same names a few years apart. I'm sure this is not the first instance, but I don't recall another time.

Tomorrow, a man is to (rightly) be executed for one of the murders. The killer of the other is still at large, but it seems probable that it was one of two people. 

Let's look at the similarities of the cases:
  1. Both women were named Sherri Holland.
  2. Both women were from NW Georgia.
  3. Both women had recently broken up with their lovers.
  4. Both women were murdered within 5 years of each other.
There, the similarities end. We do not know who killed Sherri Vanessa, or even that she's actually dead since her body has never been found, but we definitely know who killed the other Sherri. Steven Spears, her former boyfriend, even confessed and did so without remorse stating he'd do it again. She was his and his alone and he'd not share her. He stuck to his word. 

It is very suspicious that Sherri Vanessa's lover was a married man who could not let her go too. That said, her business partner had a lot to gain from her death and it's been noted by police how said business partner spoke of her in the past tense, which is unusual for close family and friends to do when someone is only missing.

Sure, on the surface it seems plausible that Sherri Vanessa staged her own disappearance but leaving her dogs behind? Especially abandoned? Doubtful! That's like leaving your children abandoned. Dog owners do not do that. Ever. Well, good dog owners and we know that Sherri Vanessa was a good one.

This means there is definite foul play here. 

Justice for Sherri is about to be handed down. Unfortunately for the other, Sherri Vanessa, justice still remains. If you can help, please contact the GBI at (404) 244-2600.