Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Why I hate food bloggers and editors!

I've come to the conclusion that food editors live in a world totally different than mine. They live in a world where you have no life except food. You have all day long to play around with recipes and all day long to prepare these beautiful dishes that take way too much time. It's completely unrealistic!

Let's start with this ridiculous article. 10 Ideas for Lunch (That Aren't Sandwiches). On the surface that sounds fabulous doesn't it? They even touted it was better than leftovers (but after my complaint they took it down, so it's gone now). Taking a lunch with you that not only isn't a sandwich sounds great right? WRONG!

In this list is the most ridiculous painstaking recipe around. Its Pad Thai recipe calls for grilled shrimp and poached eggs. Yeah, I have the time to grill some shrimp and poach some eggs. Well hell then, I may as well eat it for dinner and do what? Make leftovers! Of course, now that they removed the proud "No need for leftovers" brag, that sounds kind of lame. Still, it was ridiculous!