Sunday, April 24, 2016

Homemade adult skin protectant cream.

I'm a retired nurse with about 25 years under my belt. Most of my career was spent doing home health. Let's get one thing straight though before we move on. Please do not confuse home health with private duty sitting. I'm sure you've heard of doctors who make house calls. They come to the home, do an assessment, treat whatever is wrong and leave. That's what home health is, but it's nurses. We come in, do an assessment, see what the patient needs are such as teaching about medication, IV fluids, wound care and so on and then leave. A private duty sitter, on the other hand, comes in and stays the day, like a babysitter would.

I've worked with dying patients (such as cancer, AIDS), patients who have had accidents (like a hockey player who hit the ice and became paralyzed or a man whose house caught fire which killed his family but he survived with 1st degree burns over 80% of his body), the elderly (people who need a little direction in the home, or the family needs to learn how to care for them) and even the homeless (who are seen for a variety of reasons, I've visited people in their cars). As you can see, I've had a large number and wide variety of people that I've seen over time.

Thoughts on the the murders of John Marmo Jr. and Ilan Nissim.

I watched two episodes of, I think it was, Dateline last night. I was bothered by them too. There are things about each case that makes me mad, or confuses me. I guess the first thing is to refresh your memory on these totally unrelated cases.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Missy Bevers case.

Every now and then a crime will happen that interests me. Apparently I'm not alone. It's interesting how certain cases become big and memorable while others are sadly forgotten. The murder of Missy Bevers is in the news right now, but only time will tell if this is one that will go down in history alongside the murders of Lacy and Stacey Peterson (which were two different cases, oddly), Travis Alexander and Caylee Anthony.

The thing about Mrs. Bevers' case is  how odd it is. This was an elaborately planned murder and it's clear that Mrs. Bevers was the intended victim. There is no doubt in anyone's mind that this is murder one. The question though of course is, like any murder, who did it?

The suspect list isn't one that the police rightfully do not want to share. By all means, just because everyone is curious doesn't mean we have the right to know. I'm glad that they're keeping it hushed, there is no reason to give the killer an edge up by knowing whether he (or she, but we'll call the suspect 'he' due to grammar rules; I don't give a crap about sexism so...) is a suspect or not.

That said, the general public has zeroed in on the husband. There is certainly a number of reasons to do so, as well. Let's look at some statements made either by him or about him and kind of discuss this.

Thursday, April 07, 2016

Decider's Kill Stan Stance

I'm always amused when the media has such an inflated ego that they really believe what they think is original and matters. 

Take this article about The Americans. Lea Palmieri proudly states that Stan must die. She basically says it'll shake it up a little. She lists why she doesn't think he's necessary and how the show has never taken any character and made them more important than any other character and on and on. Lea basically believes herself oh-so-clever and thinks she can probably write better than the writers of The Americans. 

However, only hours after her anti-Stan rant was posted, there was an enormous and surprising twist. Someone died, yes, but it wasn't Stan. Stan is integral to the story. He is the Jennings' nemesis. He is absolutely necessary to the story until close to the end. To ax him now would be an asinine mistake and anyone who really gets the show would know this.

All the points that Lea made on why Stan needed to go were directly answered in this episode and pretty much proven that he didn't need to go after all. It honestly cracked me up. Poor Lea. Maybe she'll learn next time to really think things through before parading around in a Once Upon a Time story. 

I'm reminded of one of the pre-season teaser trailers. There was an article that declared Stan figured out who Philip really was. Yes, they actually said that! I have tried to find that article but sadly I cannot. Right now, I have the flu. Maybe you can. I posted a comment using the same username here. I always post under that name. 

Anyway, they backed up their claim by using the part in the trailer where Stan through Philip up against the wall and yelled at Philip to stop lying to him. I pointed out that this was way out of line and it was a more likely scenario that Stan found out about the friendship between Philip and Sharon. Who was right? lol! I wonder if the writer took it down? I can't find it anywhere.

By the way, the flu sucks. I hurt all over and in the middle of it all, my mother has hospice coming in too, so please pray for me or send happy thoughts my way.

Love to you all!