Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Today's Rambles 30 October 2012

Good afternoon everyone! Yep, I slept late today so am just now getting around to doing this. I was sick last night and I don't feel any better this morning. Figures, with Halloween and all. Besides, I tend to get insomnia anyway, so this was just icing on the cake.

Speaking of cakes, or breads or whatever. I have cooking software that I have come to love. There is a yahoo mailing list for recipes and this one came down on it today. Carb free bread?! Really?! I am SO going to start baking these. The only downfall is the whole refrigerator thing, so my assumption is no toast. Our software mailing list said this is a five star recipe.

Whispering to you now: shhhh. Don't tell the family or they'll turn their nose up over it.

One week from today is the Day of Reckoning.

Today Woot has a good deal on Duracell rechargeable AAA batteries. It's the sellout Woot so act fast. Hopefully they won't sell out before I even manage to get this posted. I'm buying a set. I love their recharger. Right now, I only have AA batteries and was looking to get AAA when the moment was right. Well that time is now.

One thing worth mentioning about those batteries is that they are the "stay charged" type

Tonight is a screening of Halloween at Rave theaters nationwide (maybe others too). No, I don't work for them but am a HUGE fan of the movie. I never got to see this one in theaters, because I was only 11, but when the second movie came out, I was definitely there with a friend.

If you're a veteran, you may want to take advantage of a free meal. It's not just Golden Corral anymore. Now you can go to any Red Lobster, Olive Garden or Longhorn Steak House. YUM!

Whoops! Have to cut this short. Sorry, I don't have this day in history time.

Today's music choice is, Fall of the Peacemakers by Molly Hatchet.

Have a wonderful day!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Today's Rambles 29 Oct 2012

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was... meh.

I share an Amazon Prime account with my daughter. I noticed this morning that I got a copy of an angry message she sent to Limoges Jewelry over an order. She ordered a ring and it said it would ship in 3-5 business days but they shipped it later than that.

I know some people don't care about that, but when you say you're going to do something and you don't, and you don't even write to apologize, then you suck. I don't blame her for being mad.

I had one seller ship me something late. When I got it, I said it was late. They said that they would refund the shipping to me, if I took the bad feedback off. I couldn't believe it! I didn't think they were allowed to do it. I should have demanded a refund but I let it go. I'll have to dig out that company name and post their emails. I love to call them on it.

Anyway, on a very much happier note, I love the icon I designed yesterday for my username over at TCM. You can actually see the old one there. I didn't want to use the exact same one, because I wanted lettering that looked sort of 1940s, kind of bold looking.

I've had that same icon (the in-color one) for eons. I have since lost my original that I made, but I'd say that's been my avatar/icon for about... good googly goo! Seven years or more! Geez. :( Time is going too fast.

Would you let a man out of jail who allowed someone to rape your twelve-year-old daughter?! Apparently if you were this judge, you would. That man is a danger to others. Lock him up in jail and throw away the key! That whole family is sick. They all need to be in prison. The question, however, still remains. Where is Britney Wood, the niece that has disappeared?

Just so we're clear. I may be from Atlanta. I may love TBS, TNT and most of all TCM. I may love Warner Brothers and recognize that Time is an old (but sadly, now leftist) magazine. I may love the Braves and enjoy Turner field. There is one thing that I don't like though, despite all of those things. Let's see if I can put this delicately...
Apology, not accepted Ted, and if you can say what you did about good people, then I can say what I did about someone who isn't. Oh and I love that political cartoon, by the way.

On the subject of retirement, I take issue with the retiree best/worst city list published by Money-Rates.com. First off, I'm not sure how you can compare the cost of living in California with the cost of living in Alaska. I lived in Alaska for many years, and would have stayed if my ex wasn't such an ass.

Aside from that, I am curious about their census data factor. Why would it matter how many other seniors live anywhere? I'm not sure I understand this. Also, how did they look at the data? Was it how many seniors per zip code? Square mileage? General population? What?

I was a home health care nurse in Alaska, just about the entire time I lived there. Oh and don't get sitters confused with home health care. I wasn't a sitter, I would stop by and give a shot, go to the next one and change a dressing, go to the next one and teach them how to use oxygen and on and on. It was just like working in a hospital or doctor's office.

Anyway. More than 95% of any home health care is for people who are on Medicare. That's the reality of it. I can say with authority that Fairbanks is a great place for retirees. They have assisted living and all the normal services that any average city has. The best part is that they have an amazingly close community and summers that are to die for.

I just cannot believe that this article chose California, the socialist state, over good 'ol America. That is just so SO sad.

Today is execution or death day, for some oddball reason.

On this day...
... in 1618, Sir Walter Raleigh was executed. (More on that in a moment).
... in 1901, the assassin who killed President McKinley was executed, (odd coincidence since I was just talking about Alaska).
... in 1942, the British protested the persecution of Jews by Nazis, (so they were trying to prevent them from being _____, yep executed).
... in 1948, a killer smog took a lot of elderly lives.

What a strange coincidence on all of this.

Today's music selection is In the Air Tonight, by Phil Collins.

Have a great Monday everyone!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Today's Rambles 28 Oct 2012

Morning everyone! Notice that today's date is correct? *points to title*

A serious chill blew into Mobile last night. It was downright cold! I don't think it even got that cold last so-called winter. Our winter never actually came last year. It was the strangest thing.

Today's music selection is "Turn the Page" by Bob Seger.

If you have kids who would enjoy reading Coraline and they have an ereader, then zip on over to Amazon and snap that up today in the Kindle Daily Children's Deal.

Everyone, please pray today that the hurricane is gentle. I always hate to see anyone hurt or having damage.

Not that anyone cares about us when there is a hurricane. They only care about New Orleans because evidently that's the ONLY city along this stretch of Gulf Coast that matters. Bastards.

Speaking of New Orleans... and a ho....

I just about spit my coffee out all over my monitor today when I read about Madonna getting booed. Serves the old bag right. I've posted about her before too. Evidently, I'm not alone.

Okay, so Louisiana has one seriously redeeming quality (besides its conservative citizens), that's the ever wonderful Bobby Jindal. I love that man!

Color me not surprised that Obama doesn't want to fess up to the Benghazi attack fiasco. Reading his responses, it sounds like he got angry at the questions. Gee, imagine that. He's all alone in not wanting to answer touchy questions. What a moron.

The zombies are coming! The zombies are coming!

Many prayers that everyone is safe and sound after the major British Columbian earthquake last night. I'm having trouble finding morning articles with updated pictures or video. Ah well, I suppose they'll come soon enough.

Had a great time over at TCM's CFU. It has a few things I like then some I don't, but overall it's nice to see a large group of folks that love classic films. Join us!

On this day...
... in 1886, the Statue of Liberty was "dedicated" (ironic that today it will be closed, due to the hurricane).
... in 1919, Congress backed prohibition.
... in 1962, the Soviet Union stands down, ending the Cuban missile crisis.
... in 1965, the famed St. Louis Gateway Arch is completed.

Have a great Sunday everyone!

UPDATE: I can't believe I forgot to mention what I watched last night. Remember to NEVER allow me to see A Tree Grows in Brooklyn EVER again. I cried my freaking eyes out. My eyes are all burning and swollen this morning. Man oh man, what a movie!


Saturday, October 27, 2012

The TCM Anomaly of the Day.

Check out the "Joined" info. lol!

I must've only been a few months old at the time. Weird!

You can click on it to make it larger. Very weird.

Today's Rambles 26 Oct 2012

Good morning everyone! Let's have a great weekend. I think, this should be named the Great Weekend of 2012. Why? Why not?

Well we'll start with the wrong date I have posted above. lol! Because it's so bizarre, I'm leaving it, thank you very much.

Today's music selection is "The Spirit in the Sky" by Norman Greenbaum. I don't know why, but I've been humming it all morning and so it goes here.

CALLING ALL CLASSIC FILM LOVERS!!! You know, we need a place to congregate. Over at the TCM forum there is a thread (read it here) which asks who you watch the movies with. There are a lot of lonely classic film lovers out there, myself included. My husband will watch the occasional one, but not on a routine basis and besides, he's in California (I miss him so much!). We need to band together somehow.

In any case, if you love classic film, then please join the TCM community (no, I'm not tied to it in any way, shape or form, except being a fan). My profiles are there (yes, plural, more on that in a moment) and once you join, you are more than welcome to friend me! This is the link to my Fan Union page and this is the link to my Forum Page.

I'm not really sure why there are two separate profiles. That's rather annoying.

Don't you find it amusing that Alex Band's voice (the lead singer in The Calling and of the song "Wherever You Will Go") is so large and deep, for such a little guy?

Reader's Digest had an interesting article on foods that will be on sale this season. I've not checked to see if it's accurate though.

At first, I was SO impressed with Amazon. Today's Kindle Daily Deal are a bunch of Christian fiction books. I'm not sure what spawned it, was all ready to thank Amazon for remembering that Christians are customers too. I went to go buy a few then all of a sudden I noticed something. The original Daily Deal page says today's deal covers 22 of her books. I should hardly call $9.99 a Kindle Deal! What's up with that?

The more I thought about it, the angrier I got. I sent an email to Amazon and here is what I said:
This isn't a question, so much as it is a complaint. Your so-called Kindle Daily Deal is no deal. I should hardly think that books that are $9.99 are a deal. I find it heartbreaking too that you would do this with Christian books. At first, I was so impressed that you would offer Christian fiction as a daily deal, until I realized that it was no deal at all.

I hate to say it, but I felt spit on by you. All your other Kindle Daily Deals are fairly priced, but when it comes to Christians, we must pay more than others do for their books.

Now if you had left it at the one Bailey Flanigan series (which is $1.99), that would have been entirely different. You didn't though. You lied right to our faces.

Shame on you Amazon. I am a faithful customer (yes, I complain, but I always come back; it's like family) but I have never had my feelings hurt by you Amazon. This one hurt.
I expect that I'll get a standard email saying something about how they understand I was upset about the price and they hope that in the future I'll be happy or whatever. It won't take away what they did today.

Speaking of Amazon.... lately, Woot.com (owned by Amazon) has sucked. It's the same crap merchandise over and over and over again. We need things that are fresh.

There was an accident today on the freeway and the article is sad, but shocking all the same. I couldn't help it, I had to comment.
Stopped or not, shouldn't the driver behind him have been far enough back to NOT slam into him? Isn't that the first rule of driving? I don't think I understand this.

At the time of this writing, it says [oops, had an error there, damn it I hate it when that happens!] that authorities don't know if narcotics was involved, they don't know why he stopped, but they do know they're blaming him. How does that make any sense?

The "arrest now, figure it all out later" policy is not what the law is supposed to be about.
That case smells bad to me. Lately, Mobile County has been aggressively arresting and charging people that shouldn't have been charged. Take the Mobile County Assistant District Attorney who was arrested. That was ridiculously stupid.

Foxnews Magazine has put out an excellent article on who is supporting Romney. They saved the best for last. I would so marry Kelsey Grammer or Robert Duvall, no matter how old they are!

While I'm on that subject though, doesn't that picture of Ted Nugent (from the side) look like Jack Nicholson? At first, that's who I thought it was. Oh and I think we could have done without Jenna Jameson's endorsement. Her "reason" is very selfish and not the right reason.

Okay, here's your weird Foxnews.com error of the day. I took a screen cap of it so we can all see it loud and clear. The headline on the front page says "Home Decoration for Less". The irony is that whomever put that on the front page, didn't actually read the article. The article's actual title is "Budgeting to Decorate a New House". That sounds similar, doesn't it? However, they are talking about actually making cost estimates for a budget, not how to do it cheaply.

As much as I love Foxnews, they do make little annoying errors that way. I mean, we all know that they are more busy than any of the other networks because they do actual fact checking, but small mistakes should still be avoided, no matter how busy they are.

On this day...
... in 1659 Quakers were executed for their beliefs (despite that they came here to escape English persecution).
... in 1858 Theodore Roosevelt was born.
... in 1904 the NYC subway opened (I wonder who the first person was to pee or vomit in it?).
... in 1940 John Gotti was born.

Oh and yes, that's a new format. I like it better. I'm a visual person and like things neat and tidy.

Now, imagine, for a moment, if the English had succeeded in exterminating all Quakers. Susan B. Anthony wouldn't have gotten women the right to vote, Kentucky wouldn't have had Daniel Boone, girls of the 1950s wouldn't have had a sex symbol via James Dean, the Wild West shows would have been a bit boring without Annie Oakley, Joseph Lister wouldn't have given us Listerine, the [Herbert] Hoover dam wouldn't exist and on and on.

Sure, events would have happened eventually, but they would be much later. Extermination is not only a war crime and a human rights violation. We all know about that. The biggest part of that is the hindrance of innovation.

So is anyone surprised at all that Obama and his cronies lied about the events of the Benghazi attacks? Seriously, anyone at all? Didn't think so!

Anyway, everyone have a great day and hopefully I'll see you over at TCM!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Today's Rambles 26 October 2012

Good morning everyone!

This Britney Wood family case just gets worse and worse. Let's forget for a moment that this bastard needs to be lynched, but take a look at that one sentence that says, "Kent was out on bond for rape and sodomy charges [related to an] incestuous sex ring involving underage victims in both Mobile and Baldwin counties."

Can someone please explain to me why that man was out on bond? His own nephew, also involved in it and also out on bond, cut off his ankle device and fled. When they went to his home to investigate, they found a freaking METH LAB!!!

I don't think anyone in this family needs to be out on bond. They are a danger to minors and to the general public. It also appears that they were involved with the murder of Britney too.

This is one sick family. I have no doubt that one of them killed Britney. She was a beautiful girl. Too bad she was born into a screwed up family like this.

Have you noticed that Google search sucks now? Used to, if you did a search and a lot of results were located at one website, they would group all those results into one and have a little link that said "See more results from X.com". Evidently those days are over. Now when I do a search, I get 10 thousand pages of completely useless information, all from the same site. Google is the new Microsoft. They have now quit caring about their clientele. It's time for a new innovative company to launch and put them in their place.

Speaking of things that suck. How about the Greater Gulf State Fair? Now, I'm sure there are a lot of locals who think it's just the best thing in the world because they really don't know any better. Most have lived here all their lives and so they have no idea what a good fair is all about.

The best fair I've ever experienced in my life, is the Tanana Valley State Fair. Just as a FYI, that's pronounced tan-nuh-nawh, it doesn't rhyme with Banana. That fair ROCKS! It's the best fair I've ever seen and I've lived in a bunch of states and have moved to new states, on average, about every 7 years. Alaska knows what a fair should be and should be a template for any fair organizer.

The Gulf fair is all about rides. That's it. There are no animal exhibitions, no pie tastings, not much in the way of quilting or sewing or just about anything. All of that is done before the freaking fair even opens. It sucks and I hate it. I've only been once and would not go back again, ever, were it not that my Mother is living with me and wants to go.

On this day in 1881 there was a shootout at the OK Corral with Wyatt Earp et al. Tombstone (blu-ray) is the best movie I've seen on that subject. I didn't much care for Kevin Costner's film.

Has anyone noticed that Amazon also sucks now? At least, the website does, not the service. I've had nothing but good customer service from them (in fact, here are my reviews of stuff), but their website is so slow now! Is it just me?

While I'm on the subject of Amazon... I have a Kindle Fire and I really do love it, but the biggest annoyance to me is that the default bottom of the device. That is where the ridiculously placed power button is. It gets heavy after a while (a short while) and if you rest it on your lap, table or whatever, it shuts the freak off. I cannot stand it! I don't know whose bright idea it was to design it that way, but it irks the crap out of me. The default bottom should have no buttons whatsoever. It seems to prove that there was no testing whatsoever with the device.

As for the device itself and how well it works, it's decent. Occasionally it'll shut off every now and then and not turn back on for a while. It causes a multi-panic moment. Eventually though, it comes back on. I'm not sure what that's about but it's not just mine. It has happened to my husband's and my daughter's, all of which are Fires.

If you happened to read about that Alabama pizza girl, then read the truth here. It's stunningly different. Leave it to liberals to make total asses out of themselves. On the other hand, however, I do thank those asses for making Romney look so good as the better choice for all.

Want more proof that CNN is run by clowns? If that's not enough, how about this then? You know, isn't that like me saying "Hey, I'm the best Queen of England!"? No, really. How can you declare yourself that with a straight face? What a moron.

The thing is, it's really funny that the media is actually covering for Obama, but never did they cover Bush or Reagan. Then they have the nerve to say they're non-biased. Not even!

Finally, a little bit about me. I love classic rock. Part of it is that my father loved it (he had Led Zeppelin, Lynyrd Skynyrd, etc. albums on vinyl, which is rare for his age) but mostly I grew up with it. Every now and then, I'd like to share one of my favorite songs, so today it'll be Hotel California. Yes I know, it's nothing new, but it's been on my mind lately a lot. My husband being in California and all, and missing him, makes me think about this song. So today is my Hotel California day and it's the live version because it rocks.

Enjoy and have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Today's Rambles 25 Oct 2012

Morning everyone! I went to the movies last night and saw the Frankenstein double feature. It was AWEsome! I have some random thoughts on that subject, but first....

So, Rat Bastard is also a whine bag. No surprise there. Yeah, Sam was so suicidal that he's here to talk about it on the stand. *cough* He is perjuring himself by leaving off the end of the "I was there to protect Britney" sentence. Maybe he was interrupted, because that sentence should have been, "I was there to protect Britney's money, that I wanted for myself." See the difference there?

Again, I must add my disclaimer. If you Google magnoliasouth (careful, Google tries to correct you, so you may have to change what they auto change it to) AND britney spears, you'll see that I've not talked too kindly about her. In fact, I've only even discussed her over this whole Sam thing.

Call me a mom, but all I can do is think about my daughter. How would I feel if I saw that Rat Bastard was drugging up my daughter, who was in the middle of a very serious and public breakdown. Actually, you don't even have to mix those two reasons together. I would do just what her parents did if anyone was drugging my daughter and I would do just what her parents did if anyone was involved with the public meltdown of my daughter.

Sam is a lying, money grubbing, bastard. He should be in prison for kidnapping or false imprisonment. Attempted murder for the drugs he was giving her and all kinds of other charges.

In the end, I hate greedy slimy men who prey on women. Rat Bastard is at the top of that list.

The Color Me NOT Surprised Award of the day is given to... yet another Kennedy. What kind of Deliverance family is that anyway?

I have a love/hate relationship with Foxnews' slideshows. Some are really great, and others seem thrown together. Today's 'thrown together' is Beautiful Bond Girls. Come on, really? Grace Jones? In all my life, I've never once heard anyone say she's attractive. That right there caused the article to just fall apart.

Still, there is one name that should have been on there: Honor Blackman. Even her character name spells hot! Come on, you cannot say that Pussy Galore isn't one of the hottest of the Bond girls!

Also, and this is just a little bit of trivia, but would you believe that Honor was a whopping 37 years old? Yep! How many Hollywood types can look that good at 37 these days? Not many! Most start getting those crease implants and lip fillers and all that freak stuff.

As a side note though, Honor Blackman did succumb to facelifts, as evidenced by her freakish looks in a Midsomer Murders episode she was in. That's not the point though. Honor was quite sexy in Goldfinger and being pushed out over Grace Jones is an atrocity.

On this day... in 1881 Picasso is born, in 1944 the first kamikaze attack was made, in 1774 Congress sends a list of grievances to the King.

Isn't it time that we send a list of grievances to Congress and the President? They no longer represent us. They have confused ruling over us with government. It's time to make it clear.

Now on to Frankenstein. The double feature included the 1931 version of Frankenstein and The Bride of Frankenstein in 1935. As a child, I believe I saw a small bit of the Bride. I remember that I cried and felt so bad for him. After that, I never saw either again.

I love classic film. At first it was a genre thing and to some extent, it still is. I love film noir and if I was forced to sit in a chair and watch movies over and over and over again, I'd ask for noir. However I've become more and more interested in classic film. Perhaps it's because I've learned a little bit about it. Perhaps it's because I'm getting older. Whatever the cause, I now like to see landmark films and even classic B movies.

When I heard about the Frankenstein event, I knew that this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. My husband went and watched it too, so the notes below are a copy of what I sent him. I sort of was not looking forward to it, but in the end, I was delighted with both films. What great movies they were!

The experience reminds me of Metropolis. It wasn't something I was actually looking forward to, but when done I was in absolute awe.

In any case, here are my random notes in, you guessed, random order. It's how I think, okay?!
  • I had no idea that Dr. Frankenstein was a hottie. Yowzah!
  • I wonder why the actress that played future Mrs. Dr. Frankenstein didn't repeat her role.
  • While I'm on the subject of her, in the first film, there were few (if any) who wore period clothing. In the second film, only the female lead didn't wear period clothing. Why was that, I wonder?
  • I've seen photos of the Bride of Frankenstein and I've even seen clips. That said, it wasn't until intermission - when I was sitting in the seat, watching the time-left minutes tick by on the screen along with the photo of the Bride - that it occurred to me who that woman was! I've seen her in a bazillion things! I can't believe I never recognized her until that moment.
  • I thought Igor was Dr. Frankenstein's assistant, but I guess not.
  • I loved the chat at the beginning. It was odd though how Karloff's daughter kept disagreeing with Lugosi's son. If he had said the grass was green, then she would have said it was blue.
  • It was a lot shorter than I expected. I knew it wasn't long, but I still thought I'd get out later than I did.
  • The audience was good tonight. It was like The Birds, but I think more people showed up. There were a lot of kids in their 20s, people in their 30s and 40s then some elderly. It was impressive.
  • I caught distinct giggles BEFORE the actors actually said the words, so there were a lot of fans there. That happened in The Birds too.
  • Did you notice the odd effect when Frankenstein killed the murdering assistant [Karl, I think] in the Bride movie? When monster went chasing him on the roof, they were transparent.
  • This time, our theater dimmed the lights for the chat. I'm disappointed that they have waited until now to do that.
Well everyone, that's it for today! May God bless you all.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Today's Rambles 24 Oct 2012

A little late, but better than never, eh? My poor puppy girl isn't feeling so hot today. She'll be okay though, so no worries.

Okay, let's just hop right in... I just don't understand why more people aren't seeing what a liar Obama really is. I'm glad Foxnews was able to find the truth. Obama is the most foolish president in history and his administration is full of clowns. It's shameful.

Let's forget for a moment how I cannot STAND Katie Couric and that fake smile of hers and her diminutive abilities. My dog has much more magnetism and better reporting skill than she does. No. Really.

I remember when NBC thought she was the absolute darling of morning television. "Hello?" I don't think so! Katie is not only boring, but she is opportunistic and artificial. I have to wonder why is Madeleine Stowe talking about Mel Gibson? I didn't see the interview and cannot seem to find out how this conversation evolved. Was Katie asking her about Gibson? Or did Stowe bring him up? Either way, unless Stowe's interview was directly related to Gibson, I think it is entirely inappropriate for either of them to discuss this.

Lizzie Borden House and tour guide.
The "most disappointing article I read today" award goes to America's Spookiest Houses. Clearly Adam Verwymeren really doesn't seem to know a lot about America's spooky houses. To begin with, the list is abnormally short, with a whopping (now wait for it) FOUR houses.

I will admit that the Lizzie Borden house (been there, done that) is definitely creepy. Combine that with the most interesting tour guide (points to the left) I've just about ever met, and you'll have a chopping good time! Pun, sickly intended.

I've also been to the Winchester Mystery House in California. In fact, I just went this past July. I'm not sure I'd call that spooky though. Just weird, maybe.

LaLaurie house and good son.
The one place though that definitely should have made the list,that was ignored, was the very creepy LaLaurie house in the French Quarter (which isn't all it's cracked up to be... the FQ I mean). There is not enough room here to describe why this needs to be included, nor is it a subject I really wish to discuss, it's just too grotesque for me. Suffice it to say that this one is most often considered the creepiest house in the country.

Oh, and that's my son standing in front of it (points to right).

Right off hand, I cannot think of anymore. Well there is the Myrtle house which is in Louisiana too. I've not yet been there, but I've seen a documentary on it.

Anyway, the point is that that list is definitely not the one to read up on. I'd just Google it, if I were you... and if you are even interested.

It's been a VERY long time since I've heard about Yo-Yo Ma. Glad to hear he's still around and about.

I want to give an award today to Scott Adams, author of the ever fun Dilbert. I am proud that though he may not actually be a conservative, I am impressed that he doesn't bend to his fellow liberal celebrities and their favorite media outlets. I just LOVE his updates. Very clever and well done, Mr. Adams! I adore you now more than ever before.

I don't know the reason behind his sudden declaration, but I can say one thing for sure. He got more free advertising because of it than anyone could ever hope for! Oh and before my words are twisted themselves, just a note here is that I am not implying anything. I refer you to the above paragraph. I truly praise him for his bravery and honesty.

On this day in 1861, the first transcontinental telegraph line. Did you know that the very first telegram ever sent was sent to good 'ol Honest Abe Lincoln himself. Not only that, but its subject was the Civil War too. Go figure. The first telegraph was the encouragement of war, and yet everyone says how war is not the answer these days. These same hypocrites, who say that very thing, think Lincoln was one of the best presidents this country ever had... and yet he was a war monger. Imagine that.

Again, before anyone twists my words (because word-twisting is a liberal's heroin), that doesn't mean I supported the Confederate cause. Well at least, not all of them. I support the right to succeed, end of story. It is not up to the rest of the country to "decide" if they will allow it or to decide moral issues. The people of every southern state had their rights violated by Lincoln with his tyrannical "you must stay in the union", stance.

I'm proud that I'm not afraid to say what I think. More people should join me on that.

So everyone, I hope you have a great day! Even if you are a liberal. :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Today's Rambles 23 Oct 2012

I only remember one dream last night. This one was very weird. I was going to the movies with a cousin of mine. I'm not sure who it was.

We were at a mall too. We had been several places to get my car fixed and I had to keep telling them that you said it was okay to get my car fixed. The mall was before the movies, in case that sounds too confusing.

Cousin and I got to the movies and were in line when I ran into my first real infatuation. Not first crush or first love, but simply an infatuation. He was the first one that I really REALLY wanted and made me feel all passionate. We never acted on it, not that I didn't want to...

I asked him how he was doing and he said he wasn't too well, that he was going home because he was sick. I touched him on the arm, which is what I always do with patients who complain about not feeling well. It's the first way to figure out if they're feverish, diaphoretic or whatever. When I touched him he was on fire. He had a very high temperature (and again, my hands tell me cause I'm like a super great nurse and all that). I was surprised that he was even there, because he seriously needed to be in bed.

He almost fainted, but his parents and a friend of his were with him. They carried him out and he was getting upset. It was as though he wanted to go to work, or something. He also kept trying to tell me something. I still don't know what it was, but I told him they were taking him home, where he needed to be, and everything was going to be all right. That seemed to make him feel better.

Then I woke up. There was no flirtation (as there usually is when I dream about him, and I've done it before but VERY rarely, in fact, only twice before in my entire life) or regrets or anything. It was a very calm and friendly encounter. It's interesting that I looked at him as a patient.

Gee. I must be in love with my husband or something because most of my old thoughts of him were of the more lascivious nature. lol!

I think probably other than my present husband, he was the only other one I was really attracted to, but again, he and I never had a chance to be together at all. I regretted that for many MANY years. I'd say up until about the time that I met my current husband. Even throughout my marriage to my ex, I thought of him. My ex knew it too. I never hid it.

Why I dreamed about him now, is a curiosity. I've not even thought of him in ages now. Probably since before I got married to my current husband.

Well enough of the weird dreams (I am loaded with them).

So... in today's news....

Today's Woot shirt is a bit odd: http://shirt.woot.com/

Today's Kindle Adult Daily Deal (well for that matter, the children's too because that sounds very clever) is very similar to the Downton Abbey success. After all, the wife (Elizabeth McGovern) is an American heiress. Which by the way, if you had never heard of McGovern until that show then how very un-80s you are! Anyhow, you would think that the idea was spawned from the show, but evidently it's an older book.

The Kindle Children Daily Deal sounds fascinating! What an adorable sounding book. It sounds like a book I would have loved as a child. The author sounds just as fascinating as her books. I love that she studied so many levels of Norse/Scandinavian languages just so she could learn more on Nordic fantasy. Very cool indeed!

Tomorrow is the Frankenstein double feature. I guess I'll have to go because I don't want to pass up the opportunity of a lifetime. That's just a very long time to sit in the theater without my husband around. :( It would be very cool though if he could go with me and then we could talk about it. *sigh*

Oh and while I'm there, I'll be sure to watch out for a guy like this.

There is an interesting article (or rather, probably would be) at Weather.com on "15 Must-See" cemeteries, of all things. Too bad the link is broken (at least, while I'm writing this anyway). The top one, the ONLY one you can see, is New Orleans, which I've been to, since I don't live far from there.

One sick bastard after another. People like that need to tattoo their foreheads with "child rapist" and then throw them into the general population of any prison.

As a side note, I have got to find out what that scale means, in the photo. Notice how the numbers don't line up or match properly?

The problem I see with this is that pesky little sentence that says, "Establish protocol for responding to a mental health or drug-induced emergency using less lethal methods..." Hmmm. How is a police officer supposed to diagnose this in the heat of a situation? The irony is that this girl is a nursing student and so should know better than to say that! I posted that very thing in the comments there, along with why this is a very bad idea.

The Political Correctness Alert goes to History.com today. I'm more than just a little disturbed by the fact that they simply call what happened a "hostage crisis" rather than what it is, that being a terroristic hostage crisis. They even go so far as to call them "guerrillas" rather than the terrorists they are. Shame on History.com! I'm sure the survivors of that would not call themselves only hostages. It was a day of terror for them.

On this day my all time TV/Hollywood idol was born, Johnny Carson (1925). That man was amazing. Also, the ever so giant Michael Crichton (1942) was born too. I read a good number of his books, though admittedly not all.

My favorite TV show, Rome, comes to mind today because in 42 BC, Brutus rightfully committed suicide. It kind of makes you look at Julius Caesar's last words in another way now, doesn't it?

I still remember this day in 1983 when the Marine barracks in Beirut were bombed. It was at that moment that I saw a whole future of hate from Islam. After all, even with the release of the hostages that were held for 444 days in Iran, there now was this. Sadly, I was not wrong.
"And when hee had opened the fourth seale, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, Come and see.

And I looked, and behold, a pale horse, & his name that sate on him was Death, and hell followed with him: and power was giuen vnto them, ouer the fourth part of the earth to kill with sword, & with hunger, and with death, and with the beastes of the earth.

And when hee had opened the fift seale, I saw vnder the altar, the soules of them that were slaine for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held."
-- Revelation 6:7-9 (KJV, 1611)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Why you should vote for Obama.

Okay, it's time to address this. Elections are just around the corner and I for one cannot WAIT! I really hope that people make the right decision this time.

That said, in the spirit of truth, justice and the American way (things that are slowly dying in the poor forsaken country) I'm going to list why you should vote for Obama and this includes certain personalities. If you happen to fall under any of these, I think you can safely say that you'd do better under Obama. Yep, I sure am.

1. You don't care about your country. Let's face it, we all know how he's ruined it so far from unemployment, to debt, to inaction on acts of terror to insulting Christians, to ... Do I really need to go on? You get the idea. If you are all for letting this country crumble morally, economically and socially, then he's your guy.

2. You like clowns. Clowns scare the crap out of me and this clown is no exception, albeit for a totally different reason. His grandstanding on TV is just plain embarrassing. I keep expecting him to pull out a horn and honk it at everyone.

3. You don't like taking responsibility for yourself. I've decided that Obama has a little secret in his pocket. I am just about certain that he has recorded a mp3 of himself (remember the Queen of England?) that says, "it's the previous administrations fault". I think he just mouths the words to make us think he's actually talking when in fact, all his denials of responsibility are pre-recorded. You'd be a bosom buddy with Barack if you prefer to point the finger at others.

4. You are a racist. I'm going to say what is true here. The blacks that support Obama hate whites. The whites who support Obama want a reason to keep blacks in the inner-city high crime areas, rather than to educate and encourage hard work instead.You see where this is going, right?

5. You like being broke. This one is good for those of you that are lazy and don't want to get jobs. You would just rather live off the government, having everyone else around you take care of you. For those of you in this category, you don't want to get ahead. You'd rather live in project housing and revert to #3 when anyone asks you why you are living off the government.

6. You're a Hollywood celebrity that really doesn't care about politics at all. You just prefer to do what most of your friends are doing because you're weak and cannot handle the pressure. You probably also do drugs and have multiple marriages or affairs for the very same reason.You think it makes you look good or something twisted like that.

7. You hate Christians. The irony here is that Obama is a so-called professed Christian, but that's different, right? It's okay for him, just not for any Republican. You want to remove God from everything, even if it doesn't hurt you at all. You are evil, and want to remain that way.

8. You want to host a terrorist for dinner. Obama prefers to simply ignore that pesky 'ol terrorism problem. Instead, he'd rather have a great big love fest with all of them. Don't let the nearly 3,000 people who died that day bother you. It's in the past, right? Oh and if you hate Israel, then by gosh Obama will be your best friend! Don't forget his hateful comments about Netanyahu. That'll surely make you proud.

9. You just plain hate Repbulicans or Libertarians. They stand for too much good and they always manage to make you look bad. They're intelligent and successful but not all are rich. Who cares about that last tidbit? It makes more sense to lie and tell everyone that they're all rich. .

10. You hate rich people. Granted, there are some rich people in this country and they provide jobs, but instead you think that you should raise their taxes. You want fairness, right? Well sure you do! We'll just conveniently forget about the fact that if you tax the rich, they'll just raise your prices and YOU will be the one paying their tax bill. Yeah, just forget that part.

In the end, if you want no hope and no change, then be sure to check that box next to Barack. He's definitely the loser you're looking for!

Today's Rambles 22 Oct 2012

Most mornings I email my husband with my thoughts on so many things. I thought that maybe others may find it as interesting as he does, or... maybe not. I guess we'll find out.

Here is the list of thoughts of today's news.

Today is an eventful day in history! In 1797, the first parachutist leaped from a balloon 3,200 ft above the ground. The first case of the pandemic 1918 Spanish Flu was reported. In 1932, Pretty Boy Floyd was killed by the G-men. The first Xerox copy was made in 1938. In 1952, the oh-so-cool Jeff Goldblum was born (Johnny Carson's bday is tomorrow too, how cool is that?) and finally in 1962, JFK announced the Cuban Missile Crisis on TV (way before I was born, lol!).

Interestingly enough, the Xerox copy guy's name is Chester Floyd Carlson. Two Floyd history items on the same day and only a few years apart. It must be an Obama conspiracy.

Speaking of which, have you ever seen pictures of Pretty Boy Floyd? He doesn't look anything like I would have expected. He looks like the shy boy next door who is afraid of talking to girls. I'm not sure I get the Pretty Boy nickname though. Today, Pretty Boys are men such as Ian Somerhalder (better known as Somersmolder).

That rat bastard Sam will NOT give the fuck up trying to control Britney Spears' money. http://goo.gl/MBym3 The man needs to be in prison. I am NOT a Britney Spears fan but I hate controlling money hungry people.

Yesterday the Pope named the first Native American a saint. It also was a HER. How 'bout them apples, eh? It's too bad the girl died about 400 years ago. Took them long enough! As much as I hate to say it, this seems politically motivated. Religion should never bend to politics and political correctness. On the other hand, if you want to Christianize as a mission, I suppose you'd have to allow a little leaning into the political arena. Christmas is a good example of that very thing from my ancestors. In any case, I really do love this pope. He needs a No Guts No Glory t-shirt! That man has some b-a-l-l-s! http://goo.gl/XOEBW Yes, I can say that. I'm not Catholic.

Hey, the kid deserved a good 'ol smack. http://goo.gl/PkN7T

National Geographic is auctioning off some very rare photographs that it owns. I wonder why they're doing this now. One is Lee's surrender at Appomattox! They must be hurting for money, which is scary. NG is, in my opinion, the most important public magazine in the world. I don't believe the web can replace their work... At least, not yet anyway. http://goo.gl/YaGii

Well that's it for today. I cannot promise this on a daily basis, but when I do have the time I'll post them.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Madonna: A senile old woman.

With dismay I read about Madonna's antics yesterday. First off, who the heck wants to see her naked at her age? She is 54 freaking years old! The old bat needs to grow up for a change.

See, I'm fairly certain she's getting senile because one, no one wants to even see her naked and two, she isn't living in the real world like the rest of America.

Just because she is rich doesn't mean America is happy with the economy. Hollywood is loaded with a bunch of out-of-touch-with-reality stars who make tons of money and have no idea how hard it is for the rest of America and especially since Obama went into office, if you can even call it that. His dereliction of duty is proof enough that we have to get rid of him.

The main stream media are also a bunch of rich folks who don't have to worry about money either. I'm just a lowly LPN who can't even work because after 23 years of nursing I ruined my back. I am sick to freaking death of rich people telling me that Obama cares most about me when he doesn't give a crap! Show me how he has helped me.

Obama is the worst president in United States History, it is sad to say. There is NO Hope and NO Change. He is a complete and utter failure. Until now, Jimmy Carter held that title. That says a lot by me because my great aunt was his father's secretary and was close to the Carter family. She died while he was in office and though Jimmy couldn't go to her funeral, Rosalynn and Billy went. So there is no friendship bias here. Carter was a failure and Obama is even worse.

In any case, Madonna needs to learn to just shut that trap of hers and worry more about her singing and declining looks, since that's the only thing she really knows how to do.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Happy of the day: Little Old Woman

Though retired now, early due to a disability, I was a nurse for over 20 years. I've worked in a number of specialties but the one I worked in the most was home health, not to be confused with private duty nursing. Home health is strictly a hospital on wheels. Anyway, that doesn't really matter. I also worked with Alzheimer patients, a seriously high number of them, I did Obstetrics and GYN, I worked for a ENT and also a plastic surgeon. Though sad that I cannot work as a nurse any longer, I did have a well rounded career.

All that said, the one thing I enjoyed more than anything was home health. As a working mother, it was much more flexible than any other nursing job. I could stop at the bank, take my child to the doctor, or whatever and still see my patients later on. As convenient as that is, it is not the reason I loved home health. I loved home health for the conversations I had with the patients.

Most home health patients are on Medicare, so their ages are over whatever the age limit is for Medicare. Most too were usually being seen because they were discharged from the hospital such as follow up appointments. Again, that's most of them, not all.

In any case early in my career, WWII vets were rampant. Sadly, towards the end of my career there were few left. I loved listening to the stories that my patients would share with me. Their stories of the war, the farm, the depression and so on. I could sit there all day listening to any of them. Some bragged of the war and some were more reserved.

Anyway great stories have been out there but now memories are becoming lost, as that generation, sadly, passes into their next life.
Then, on a day like today, you read something like this. This woman, I'm sure, has stories to tell as well. I hope that her son documents her memories. He must move fast because they will be lost in the blink of an eye.

God bless her.

Rant of the Day: Double Standards

 I read articles like these all the time. Sometimes I say things aloud and other times I just read them in a suspension of disbelief and move on. Today though, I got really freaking angry when I read this article.

Now here's the thing. First off, I wouldn't call what he did as "faking his death". Well okay, maybe a little bit but not in a legal sense of the term. It doesn't appear, or at least they have not yet said, that he tried to collect life insurance or anything of that nature. Nothing, illegal. So what that he emailed her a dirty lie? That happens all the time on the internet and besides, give me one failing relationship that did not include a dirty lie!

Was what he did wrong? Yes. Is it all that bad? Faking the death? No, stupid maybe, but not bad.. Having the affair? Well apparently not since Clinton did it and didn't lose his job.

Now here is the double standard part; actually it's a two-parter:
  1. Why is it that the freaking president of the United States (Clinton) can cheat on his wife but a navy captain cannot? The US President is the Commander in Chief of all the military. Shouldn't the president be held to the same standards?
  2. How is it that her career is more important than his? She ruined his career, she should have hers ruined. She was no innocent party here and her not wanting the press to know about her own slimy self only proves that she knows she is a whore.
Another thing that pisses me off is that foxnews no longer allows comments because I'd be all over that.

For those who say he did wrong, then I surely hope they didn't vote for Clinton because that would make them a hypocrite.


Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Antibacterially and Organically Stupid

Did you know that organic eaters are meaner and more judgmental?  No, really. A study has proven that and are any of us surprised? Just to read up on the subject, here's a video about it and here's an article. Not only that, but those who eat organic food and also use antibacterial hand gel all the time are not... well... smart.

Let me just say that I am a nurse. For this reason I obviously do not completely object to the use of antibacterial hand gels. They do serve a purpose and they are helpful in certain situations. However these gels are being abused and users doing this to themselves are doing their bodies a great harm. Your body is designed to rid itself of certain germs and being exposed to small amounts of germs increases your body's resistance to illnesses. Patients who overuse antibacterial gels will eventually get sick more often than those who don't.

Here is the irony: most people who are germaphobic, also eat organic food and in reverse, organic food eaters also tend to become germaphobic. I don't mean to laugh, but truly this is a riot in and of itself. It's actually absurd.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Another problem with liberals.

I have a serious problem with liberals. Aside from the fact that they are obnoxious, immoral people, they are also lying hypocrites and sink to levels so low, that I can scarcely believe.  They can be obnoxious and immoral, that's their problem and not mine, but their lies and hypocrisy affects others and the truth is, they don't care how insulting they are. In fact, I think liberalism is a mental defect. Just about every liberal is a textbook case of psychopaths.

No. Really. Of all of those listed, the only ones that are questionable are criminal related and keep in mind that not all psychopaths are criminals. On the other hand, there have been plenty of liberal criminals. Google "occupy movement rape" as proof.

Anyway, I digress. Let's get back to pushing their beliefs on others. The first one off the top of my head is say... I don't know, birth control. Giving birth is not a medical condition. I should know, I was an OB nurse (semi-proof: see this, and this; notice user name). It's not something you can catch, it's not something that's abnormal, it's not a defect and it's not genetic. It is simply a natural occurrence. So why then is anyone trying to shove birth control down everyone's throat? Look, it's fine if you want to take it. Great! Just don't push your philosophy on everyone else. It is their decision, not someone else's. If a church doesn't allow it, and you're an employee wanting it, then go find another job. The US government has not business interfering with a church's business.

Let me just say that I'm not Catholic. I'm a Methodist which is sort of 1/2 Catholic and 1/2 Protestant. I chose contraception, in fact, though perhaps a little personal, I had my tubes tied. Just because I did, doesn't mean I think that the next person should. I respect those who have non-violent religious beliefs. Liberals do not.

If a Christian tried to push their Christianity onto an atheist liberal, said Christian would be insulting, stupid and downright pushy. Nevermind that that very same liberal wants birth control for everyone!

I think the problem is that liberals are just never happy with anything. Give them an inch, and they'll take a mile. Yep, psychopathic behavior through and through.


Monday, June 25, 2012

Oh yeah, Stonehenge was the primitive hippie love in.

Today's news on Stonehenge is laughable. "Experts" kill me, or I guess in this case, "researchers".

The headline?
Stonehenge explained? Theory argues why monument was built.
The article says, and I quote, "The mysterious structure of Stonehenge may have been built as a symbol of peace and unity, according to a new theory by British researchers."

Seriously? This is the author (Parker Pearson) of a book that is coming out (you won't get that link from me), who is actually proclaiming this.

You know, I could make a ton of money if I just spit stuff out like that. Of course there was unity! They were humans. Humans are social animals. This is not new news and it being a symbol of unity is preposterous. Where's the hippie peace sign then? Oh I see, that's why Stonehenge is round, gotcha!

What Pearson is ignoring, is that Stonehenge is not the only stone circle in the world. There are many in other countries as well.

His suggestion is ridiculous. We already knew and understood that they were unified and the rest isn't even worth debating.

That's like me saying, "My research as led me to believe that there were tribal humans in North America during the European bronze age and they were into nature."

Yeah, they're called Native Americans. My grandmother was one, thanks.

Some people!

Friday, June 22, 2012


Oh my freaking GAWD!!!

About 30 years ago, I had a great SLR. After about 10 years of use, my husband snagged it from me and I didn't take many pictures. Just so we're clear, his snagging was 20 years ago. The terminology is still slightly familiar, but I am getting things mixed up.

So! In order to straighten it out, I did a search: "what is shallow depth of field"

Geez Louise! I can see why photographers are photographers and not writers, because they don't know how to freaking answer a simple freaking question! I get pages and pages and pages of depth of field. I don't want to know that. I just want a simple freaking answer!

Not one photographer (that I can find yet anyway) can explain it in 100 words or less. NOT ONE!!!

I found one that came close and that was all I needed to know. Many thanks to that writer.

Okay. That is all.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A start, but not enough.

I'm impressed with the new consumer complaints database. Now if they would include other types of companies, then we'd be in business.

There are certain companies that hold you hostage. Banking and credit cards are some, but how about cell phone services or cable/satellite companies and so forth?

My A#1 complaint with T-Mobile, and I really don't have any other complaints, but this one is a doozy, is that I cannot block phone numbers nor block "unknown" or "private" number callers and text messages. It is MY decision and since it doesn't take any fancy technology to accomplish this there is no excuse for its malicious decision NOT to do it.

That is all.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

An excellent blog post.

I have to admit that I found the most interesting blog post today. Someone began following me on Twitter and recommended this post to see what their belief was. Wow. I've never actually read it before but it says everything that I've ever said.

The site is called AmericaThinker.com and the article is here. Is it snarky? Yes. Is it true? Absolutely. The thing I find interesting is that liberals lie. This article, unlike what liberals say, tells exactly what liberals are really thinking. There is proof all over the place how corrupt and hateful liberals are. Let's go over a few, shall we?

Monday, June 04, 2012

Palestinian Slant

I just read an article over here.

I was quite surprised to see what the author wrote. Granted, I did not know a lot of the things she pointed out, but I also do not know if what she says is true. In my mind I had to ask myself, "Self, does it even matter what she is saying? She's leaving some very important facts out!"

I could not help myself, I had to comment. It will be interesting to see if she allows my comment to be published. If you don't see it, then read on for a copy of it.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Countdown to the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre.

Today, back in 1989, over one million protesters took to the streets of Bejing. These protests would continue until the 3rd of June in that same year. Do you remember that day? I do, I'm sad to say. It was horrible. I must remind people that the Chinese government's response was the epitome of socialism.

I just wish to remind everyone how tyrannical the Chinese government is. We will begin the countdown to the sad and tragic massacre. I challenge folks to post the following on Facebook, even if it's four years from now, or whenever. You don't have to credit me, just please show solidarity by posting it. Post the words (or change them to suit you) along with the picture. Tell, or even beg, your friends to like it and share it. We need for all Americans to stand up to China.

Just for a quick lesson, for those who do not know. The original Chinese flag looks like this below, but without the black blocks.

The large star represents the government. The smaller stars represent the people to which they rule, you see how they are "connected".

For this reason, I reversed it. I would have made the people larger, but that would have been too big. I also considered changing the red to blue, but then I thought about it. It will still be the same China. The same land, the same people, the same culture. The ONLY change is the government and it's chains. We don't want to change the Chinese, we want them to be free. For that reason, the background remains red.

Isn't it amazing that such a simple flag change can be so significant?

May your day be a blessed one, and please do not forget those that have fallen for American freedom.

This is the future flag of China, which represents freedom. The four stars on the left represents the people, and the one star on the right represents the government, meaning that the people will create their own government. Please like this and share it with your friends and family, and do not forget the Tiananmen Square Massacre's atrocities.

Friday, May 04, 2012

DUIs, rape and the double standard.

I was reading a news article the other day about a young woman who, while drunk, hit a telephone pole and killed her boyfriend who was in the passenger seat. Reading the comments of the article made me think of a few things, hence this post.

It is conclusively accepted that drinking an excessive amount of alcohol impairs judgement. Right? Then what is the point of telling people not to drink and drive? Do they really think a drunk person will have enough judgement not to drink and drive? If they do, they life in a fantasy land. Telling everyone in the world to not drink and drive is just like telling the rain not to fall. The judgement to make a distinction between right and wrong does not exist in a fully intoxicated person. End of story.

So, this woman is going to jail, and rightfully so. Her bad judgement has handed her a manslaughter charge, in addition to a DUI. Yes, I agree she needs to do some time... BUT why is it that if this same woman had had sex while very intoxicated, she is NOT held to the bad judgement call?

The laws of men.

Nearly every day I read This Day in History. I'm a history nerd. No, I didn't study it in college, but I sure wish I had. Anyway, I'm not going to get into the whys and wherefores about history, the point is, I liked to read about it.

That said, I was reading a couple of stories today that bothered me. The first one was the Haymarket Square Riot. This is quick and easy, but it still bothers me. I find it astonishing that communists would come together for a demonstration to try and convince others to join them. Are they not seeing what is in plain sight, just as their noses on their face? That freedom of speech that they are enjoying to "spread the word" about communism would be immediately revoked. All who had participated in the demonstration would be arrested without any justice whatsoever.

The thing is, stars in Hollywood are idiots. Take Sean Penn. Remember his incredibly stupid comment during his acceptance speech about communism? I was imagining a dunce cap on him at that very moment. He almost praised communism yet at the same time, he was forgetting that it would be very likely that homosexuality would be outlawed under a communist regime. What a moron of a man. In fact, I believe I'll tweet him this article. We'll see if he responds. I doubt it. His only way of responding to people is violence. Oh yes, try Googling his history. The man has serious issues, which probably accounts for his stupidity, now that I think about it.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Generic book covers for public domain books.

I bought a Kindle Fire. Yep, sure did. I've since been downloading public domain books like crazy but have found a few problems. The first one being the number of errors, but that's not what this post is about. Well, not really.

You see I would love to volunteer to help fix errors, but doing that takes an act of God apparently. Amazon allows public domain books, but the rules on loading new ones is long and annoying.

That said, I did download some instructions on how to format and I came across the book cover instructions. I did a search for that and found that people have a hard time finding or creating book covers. Now THERE is something I can do, easily and quickly. I could make these and give them to whomever wants them.

Before we do it, I do want to say that I would really LOVE to see what people do with their covers, so please post a link back to yours.