Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Starting a Blog

Well, I guess it's high time I actually begin a blog. Not because I need to have a blog, but so that friends and family can keep up with me and what I'm doing.

Everyone has favorite sites. Some like Myspace, some like Facebook and so forth. Personally, I LOVED Livejournal but that's another story for the future.

For now though, I'm planning a road-trip. I had no idea how time consuming planning was until I started doing it. I also have what I call CADD: Computer Attention Deficit Disorder. For example, let's say I want to find out what attractions there are along I-65 in Kentucky. So I do a search, find a page and begin doing, "Hmmm, what's this?" *click* "Ohhhh, what's this?" *click* and this goes on for hours and the next thing I know, I'm watching videos on the paranormal at Youtube! I get super sidetracked when I try to do anything on the computer. *le sigh*

So for now, I'm going to list the states we're planning to drive through, in order. I'm going to number them too, but some won't have numbers because we'll be going through them twice. Those only get one number because, obviously, it's still only one state.

1. Alabama (obviously since I live in Mobile)
2. Tennessee
3. Kentucky
4. Indiana (this is only a jump over the river to say we've been there, then we'll go back down south).
* Kentucky
5. Ohio
6. Pennsylvania
7. New York (Buffalo and Niagara Falls)
8. Vermont
9. New Hampshire
10. Maine (family reunion)
Now we'll swing south and we're going to hit every single state along the East Coast!
* New Hampshire
11. Massachusetts (Lizzie Borden House, Boston, Northeastern University - my grandfather graduated from there and my my grandmother there)
12. Rhode Island
13. Connecticut
* New York (Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building)
14. New Jersey
* Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, Amish)
15. Delaware
16. Maryland (DC, Baltimore?)
17. Virginia (Chesapeake Bay, Norfolk, Chincoteague Island)
18. North Carolina (Roanoke?)
19. South Carolina
20. Georgia (Savannah)
21. Florida
* Alabama

So twenty-one states! YEEHAW! It's too bad we can't do 25 then we'd see half of all the states.

We talked about reserving rooms so that we can definitely have a place to sleep, but then we thought to heck with it. We want spontaneity. If we find that we want to spend more time somewhere, we don't want to be locked into having to leave.

Now most of those states we're just driving through. We will stop in each one and get a thimble AND a state magnet.

We collect thimbles for places we go, and our family has contributed also by giving them to us as gifts, but the magnets are only for US. They signify the states we've been in together. :)

We're also going to try, operative word is try, to hit several Hard Rock Cafes. Clay collect glasses from them. He's got a TON already. Our list of cafes that we may hit are:
  • Boston
  • Baltimore
  • Cleveland
  • Louisville
  • Niagara Falls (this one is a definite and is on our itenerary)
  • Washington DC
  • Yankee Stadium
Well, that's it for now! More later I suppose.

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