Sunday, December 27, 2009

Best Sarah Palin Quotes

At the moment, I am (ever so slowly) plowing through Going Rogue, by Sarah Palin, that I got for Christmas from my husband. Her penchant for saying exactly how she feels, without worry on what the public thinks about it, is just amazing and it makes me admire her all the more. That's actually a difficult thing to do, because I admire her so much for so many reasons that I just couldn't possibly list them all, nor explain every reason.

So... there are a few things she says in her book that just make me want to give her a standing ovation and clap so loud that Obama could hear it all the way to DC!

As I read, I'll update this page. I just want to record them for myself, if you enjoy them too, then good for you and I'm glad! The page numbers listed below are for ISBN 9780061939891.

Page 28 - On membership of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and using public classrooms for Bible study (before school).
"In those days, ACLU activists had not yet convinced young people that they were supposed to feel offended by other people's free exercise of relgion."

Page 29, 30 - She quotes Jessica Gavora's stance on feminism and equality, saying she agreed with her.
"I agree with a lot of what she wrote: 'Instead of reflecting and, indeed, reveling in our expanded horizons, the feminism of the National Organization of Women and other so-called 'women's groups'... depicts women as passive victims rather than the makers of their own destinies, and overlooks our individuality in favor of a collective political identity that many of us find restrictive.'"

Page 45, 46 - On Regan vs. Carter and especially the 444 day Iran hostage crisis.
"I had followed the Iran hostage crisis and remember wondering why President Jimmy Carter didn't act more deciseively. From my high schooler's perspective, I thought the question was, Why did he allow America to be humiliated and pushed around? The new president being sworn in radiated confidence and optimism. The enemies of freedom took notice. In years to come people would ask, What did he have that Carter didn't? To me the answer was obvious. He had a steel spine."

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