Friday, August 27, 2010

Big Hollywood » Blog Archive » Death of the Movie Star: We’re Sick of Being Lectured by Lightweights

Big Hollywood » Blog Archive » Death of the Movie Star: We’re Sick of Being Lectured by Lightweights: "

Celebrities want attention, but they also want credibility because they typically don’t have any. Environmentalism is an easy cause for them to promote to get attention and at the same time appear somehow thoughtful and even educated because it is allegedly based on science. Of course none of this has anything do with reality, but this is the entertainment business. Reality is not important at all. Image is everything. Talking about recycling, stopping offshore drilling, solar power, and electric cars is a lot easier than really trying to do something for people in the world like feeding the hungry, helping abused children, or building houses for the homeless.

It also deflects attention from the obvious fact that celebrities are often some of the most wasteful, energy inefficient, materialistic, shallow, and superficial people in our society. A classic recent example was James Cameron, who talked about how his film, Avatar, was a shining example of environmentalism. Obama echoed this praise. This was the most expensive movie ever made about a war on an alien planet. What exactly about this movie helped to conserve resources or save our planet? The answer is absolutely nothing."

OH MY GOODNESS! I worship the ground that Pam Meister walks on. Okay that quote is from Christopher Grey, but the article is one in a million.

Gee, I can't even name a favorite part! It's all just so amazing.

Well done! That's all I have to say. Goodness I'm totally in love now.

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