Friday, March 18, 2011

The Peterson murders.

Sadly, there is crime every single day. Only every now and again, we find a case that really interests us or at least, the press. The press is the one who decides which ones they like and don't, then we have to follow along with them. If they'd quit making mountains out of molehills, we'd get real news.

In any case, today I want to talk about the Peterson murders. What do you think about it? Now that I've asked, what I want to first know is...

You see, how do you know which one I'm talking about? You see the problem here is that we have three wife killers, whose victims names are all very similar and their last name is the common one.

To begin we have the Ben Affleck look-a-like murderer, Scott Peterson. Scott is an idiot in action. While married he met another girl, believed himself to be in love and couldn't figure out how to get out of his marriage. Let's see, divorce was just too simple for this moron, he'd rather murder her along with her unborn baby and be done with it. Now the funny part to this is that he didn't tell his girlfriend anything at all about this, never mind that it was all over the news! What was he thinking?! The victim is Laci Peterson and their unborn son, Connor.

Next is bad cop Drew Peterson. Drew is another idiot in action. He believes himself to be above the law and absolutely loves his celebrity status, despite the fact that he is facing life in prison or worse. When his wife goes "missing" what does he do? He finds the worst picture imaginable to use for her "missing photo". She is a young, impressionable but very attractive woman and we find that he not only probably killed her, he likely killed his ex too! Why would he kill them? Because he can, that's what he told them. Our victims here are Stacy (wife #4) and Kathleen (wife #3) and at present, he is awaiting trial for Kathleen's murder since Stacy's body has yet to be found.

Finally we have Michael Peterson. Michael thought he was smart, since he graduated from Duke and then went to law school at UNC. He wasn't though, because he forgot the #1 rule in crime. Never repeat your crime, the exact same way. You see, he (allegedly) killed two women. The first one was actually not his wife, but most believe he was having an affair with her while he was married to wife #1. The audacity of this man has no limits because he kept his alleged victim's children as his own. He also killed his second wife - the very same way he killed the girlfriend - and was convicted. His victims were Kathleen Peterson and probably Elizabeth Ratliff. He was convicted of Kathleen's murder but the Ratliff murder was never tried, that I'm aware of.

So here we go with the names:
The Peterson Boys & Victims
Michael Drew Scott
Kathleen Kathleen
Is this not the most bizarre coincidence you've ever seen? I do not mean it disrespectfully. I must first press that issue that I am full supporters of the victim's families. In fact, I am pro-death penalty and feel the victim's family should be the ones to decide their fates.

If we used the death penalty as we should, we would not have overcrowding in the prisons. It's a simple logical answer. If one commits murder in the first degree, that one is put to death. There should be no debate, no legal wrangling, no rights for the criminal. Some say "well the murderer is getting off easy if they are put to death." Really? Only a person of non-faith would believe that because anyone of faith would know the murderer is going straight to hell to burn for eternity. I say that's hardly getting off easy.

In any case, that is a debate that is beyond the scope of this post. This post is only for the odd coincidence on Peterson men who kill their similarly named wives.

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Unknown said...

Im watching dateline right now about Michael peterson...I thought I was the only one who made the peterson connection