Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fixing Facebook annoyances

The search for a perfect Facebook addon or script is just about impossible. There are all kinds of scripts that will fix features that I don't really care about, but nothing that fixes all the annoyances I have. Because I'm looking for the "perfect fix" let me list my grievances with Facebook. These are in no particular order.
I hate gaming requests. I only allow game apps for my beloved family so they can level up by "using me" as a neighbor. That's the ONLY reason. However I get a thousand requests every single freaking day of my life that I don't want. The inability to globally shut them off is the first annoyance. The second annoyance is that in addition to being a slave to the requests, I can't just say NO to all at once. I have to click on every single request I ever get in my life which is way too many every single freaking day of my life. I HATE THEM. Sure, the simple answer is to just block the app, but if I do that then my family cannot enjoy their games to the fullest. I'm not going to be cold-hearted to my family, thanks, just because Zuckerberg is a jerk.

I hate having to repeatedly read every single post throughout any given day. Let me 'splain. Let us say that I just woke up and am having my quiet cup of coffee, which is what I do every morning. I open up Facebook and am happily reading all the 'news' since yesterday morning. I get a little ways down and oops, I remember I have an errand to run. I close my browser and probably shut down the computer then fly out the door. When I come home, now I have to start again at the top, scroll down and try to get past all the posts I read earlier and then I have to try and figure out what I haven't read much later or further down. SPARE ME!!! Why can't it work like email? I should be able to mark posts as read as I read them. Then it's hidden and I no longer need to see it. Should I decided to re-read it I could either go to said person's wall or select a button to expand it again or something. Anything but how it's done right now!

I hate getting notified for every comment anyone makes after me on someone else's wall post. I really wish there was a thread option for comments. This is something that probably NO script or addon can fix for me. ONLY Facebook has the ability to fix this. If you're not sure why that's an issue, consider this scenario. Let us say that Jane posts a thing saying how much she loves to... oh I don't know... cook and eat chicken piccata. You say "Oh that sounds yummy", do you have a recipe? She says to you "sure, I'll email it to you." That should be the end of our conversation. But no! I now must be notified any time her bazillion friends post something after me. Consider this example:

Jane's original post: I love cooking chicken piccata!
Me: Oh that sounds yummy! Do you have a recipe?
Jane: Sure, I'll email it to you.
Joan: That reminds me of that time we went to [insert restaurant name here] and I spilled my drink all over that hot waiter. Remember?
Jane: Sure do! I also remember that the wait was hours long and the food was cold when we got it.
Joan: Yeah, but it was worth it to just see that guy's face when I spilled that drink.
Jane: Wasn't that the same night we went over to John's place and he couldn't stop bragging about that car?
Joan: OMG! Yes!!! I was so sick of hearing that. You know he bragged about that stupid car for months. That's one of the primary reasons I broke up with him. He liked that car more than he liked me.
Jane: Yeah, kind of like me breaking up with James over that stupid computer of his.
[and it goes on and freaking on]

I could really care less about that stupid conversation. All I wanted was the recipe, but now every single time that they post a comment, I get a notification. WHY? If instead there was a reply button to my comment, then Jane could have just replied to me, I get the notice and then it's done. I get nothing else, but only reply notices related to my one single comment.

I hate that I cannot customize what kinds of posts I can see for each individual user. What if you have a friend or two that you really like, but hate their taste in music? To add insult to injury, said person posts 10 music videos every single day! Yes, people do this. Maybe it's another type of post, but there are people who repeatedly post things that you very quickly get tired of having to skip over. Sure, you can block app/game posts they make like "fertilize my farm" but what about their other types of posts? I would LOVE to be able to customize what I see from whom. If Jane posts a bazillion videos, then I can edit my friend and say "Hide all video posts by Jane." Then it's all done. No more videos from Jane, but I can still see my daughter's videos of her dogs doing amusing things.

Surely there are more! I'll post as I think of them. What are your Facebook peeves?

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