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The laws of men.

Nearly every day I read This Day in History. I'm a history nerd. No, I didn't study it in college, but I sure wish I had. Anyway, I'm not going to get into the whys and wherefores about history, the point is, I liked to read about it.

That said, I was reading a couple of stories today that bothered me. The first one was the Haymarket Square Riot. This is quick and easy, but it still bothers me. I find it astonishing that communists would come together for a demonstration to try and convince others to join them. Are they not seeing what is in plain sight, just as their noses on their face? That freedom of speech that they are enjoying to "spread the word" about communism would be immediately revoked. All who had participated in the demonstration would be arrested without any justice whatsoever.

The thing is, stars in Hollywood are idiots. Take Sean Penn. Remember his incredibly stupid comment during his acceptance speech about communism? I was imagining a dunce cap on him at that very moment. He almost praised communism yet at the same time, he was forgetting that it would be very likely that homosexuality would be outlawed under a communist regime. What a moron of a man. In fact, I believe I'll tweet him this article. We'll see if he responds. I doubt it. His only way of responding to people is violence. Oh yes, try Googling his history. The man has serious issues, which probably accounts for his stupidity, now that I think about it.

The second thing that got to me was the Inhumane Execution. Oh yeah, sure it sounds horrifying until you learn about one of the criminals. There is one that I disagreed with, but it further illustrates how screwed up our legal system has become. I also find it interesting that forgot to mention the crimes for which they were convicted. Let's review them, shall we?

First, we have Jesse Tafero, who just happens to be a cop killer. You don't kill cops! If you're willing to kill a cop, then you're willing to do anything and murder anyone. A cop is only doing his job, trying to protect the people. His insensitivity is disgusting. He was already on probation too, so it's not like this wasn't a repeat offender. Oh and did I mention that he didn't just kill one cop? He killed two, kind of. Yes, kind of. One was a Canadian constable. I only say "kind of" because he had no jurisdiction. Also, I failed to mention that he also cowardly kidnapped someone, to use as a tool. All of this was because Tafero was on probation and when his car was stopped, it had a gun on the floor. PROBATION!!! The loser deserved to die in pain.

That inhumane execution isn't looking so bad now. Why should a criminal die better than those he murdered? Granted, Tafero could be worse. He could have been the BTK killer, who tortured his victims, but I'm of the belief that a criminal sentenced to die, shouldn't have it easy. Well, let me add to that: so long as the conviction is proper, which brings me to the second example, Horace F. Dunkins.

Now I will say, in Dunkins' favor, that this was a wrong conviction to begin with. Yes, he did rape and murder a 26-year-old mother of three... yes, it does sound bad... BUT... he had an IQ of only 69, which is about the age of a 12-year-old child. I doubt very much if he really understood what he was doing. Granted, 12 is the age of accountability according to the Bible, but everyone must understand that while he may have been 12 educationally, his emotional state may have been much younger. When you have a retardation of the brain, some of the brain will be damaged more in certain areas and less in other areas.

Say for example, a stroke victim. Depending on location and severity, you can have hemiparesis (one-sided weakness) vs. hemiplegia (one-sided paralysis). Yet mentally both could be clear as a bell, and others will be confused. You get the idea. The same thing applies to Dunkins.

I am not saying that he didn't need to be put away, because he obviously needed to be put away. Prison however, was not where he needed to go. He needed to be in an asylum, to use the old fashioned word. He was a definite threat to society and an innocent woman (and her children) were deeply affected by the fact that he was not put away earlier. Still, he didn't deserve to be in prison, much less get the death penalty.

In any case, my overall point (yes, I do actually have one) is that the justice system has become a failure. Yes, our country was founded on laws of men. Yes, those laws are to protect individual rights and as a conservative, I fully support that. However, there is one problem that makes the whole thing collapse as in a house of cards. That is, that life is never black and white. There is always a gray area.

I'm a nurse. We are taught from the very beginning that all patients are different. Treatment should be individualized to each patient. That makes perfect sense, does it not? So why is it, then, a one-size-fits-all for criminals? Shouldn't punishments be individualized for each criminal? After all, each criminal is different. Instead we have laws upon laws which give us loopholes so that criminals can get away scot-free.

Case in point: Casey Anthony. If anyone deserves a painful death, it's her along with all the other child killers out there. I am reminded of the man who was used as a scape goat. In the late 80s or early 90s new baby-in-a-car-carrier laws were passed, which was a bit silly for many us. I grew up just fine without that or seat belts!

So one man didn't put his baby in a carrier and sadly was in an auto accident, which killed the baby. They were prosecuting him for murder and did so in front of all the cameras of the world. That poor man! My heart broke for him.

It wasn't enough that he felt such guilt for the baby's death, nor that he surely regretted it and wished beyond all else that his child was with him that day, he had to be humiliated by a grand-standing prosecutor, who wanted all the public to see what we all would face should this happened to us in the future.*

Forget that there are children being abused and tortured all over the US and even the world. Forget that there are crack moms raising their children and some even creating a dependency in the children themselves! Forget all of that! This man's one mistake was the one that should be televised and thrown in our faces. The prosecutor is despicable. What a self-centered bastard and contemptible man, the prosecutor.

Anyway, while I obviously do not support communism, I do support going back to the justice system that our Founding Fathers intended us to have. All the extra laws are ridiculous. What can be allowed as evidence, what cannot be allowed as evidence is all insanity.

So! Here are my recommendations to fix the justice system and make it actually centered on justice again, instead of rights.
  • Let the jury do their jobs and decide for themselves such as allowing the attorney's argue their case for why you should consider this evidence or not consider it (as in all evidence, not just what a judge wants you to know). 
  • Let us mete out the death penalty as it should be done. 
  • Let us cut the time it takes to put criminals to death and stop the incessant appeals process. 
  • Let criminals be treated as criminals; no more weight rooms, or internet or TVs or bestselling books.... etc. Homeless people don't have it as good as prisoners! No wonder we have repeat offenders because all they have to do is commit a crime and they get a better life.
  • Make illegal aliens pay enormous fines and then send them packing. They'll think twice about crossing the border and definitely returning, if they believe they have to pay all that money and THEN get deported. 
I could go on and on and on, but you get the idea. Oh and yes, this is a haphazard article, but I don't care. 

So let us hope and pray that our future holds a better justice system for all.

* Unfortunately, I cannot find an article about the incident. I only have it as a distinct memory. I can narrow the dates down to anywhere between March of 1990 to October of 1995. I remember listening to it on the radio news and TV. If you know, please let me know.

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