Friday, April 05, 2013

Another reason to hate United Airlines.

I hate United. There is a lot of truth in that "Delta loves to fly, and it shows" because United hates flying and it shows.

I've never had a problem on a Delta flight. Ever. I will say that some of you may call me biased because I have a lot of family that have worked for Delta.  That's true, but their jobs have never affected me. That is to say, that I've never personally benefited from it. Trust me though, just because a lot of my family works there, doesn't mean I'll just conform. I'm a conservative. I don't conform. Ever.

So back to United, which sucks. I've never had a good experience with United. Every single time I've ever flown before with them before in my life they have cancelled my flight. I kid you not. This is without warning, and then they have the nerve to tell me to stand in line for 3 hours, trying to get another flight.

When I was coming home from Los Angeles last year, they cancelled the flight I was to be on. They told us to go to the other side of the airport (in another terminal) and stand in line to get a new flight. I am not kidding when I say that there were two employees working the counter they sent us to. I am especially NOT kidding when I say that both of those people helped only one person in one freaking hour. ONE FREAKING HOUR! Everyone was complaining and they didn't care. I heard one threatening to call security if we didn't stop complaining. THAT B***H!!!!

I will never fly United, in my life, ever again. I don't care if they charge only $30 per flight. I want them to go out of business. I want their high and mighty employees to lose their jobs (the nice ones, which are few should of course have jobs) and I want Americans, who would be thankful for a job, to get theirs instead.

Anyway, obviously United trains its employees to be jerks and all of this was to say that United's condescension rears its head once again: it's just another reason to hate United Airlines. What were they thinking? Parents have every right to decide what children watch and don't watch. How dare them treat them like criminals.


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