Saturday, June 01, 2013

Dipping my toe into the smartphone world.

Recently I decided to finally upgrade to a smartphone. There is a lot you can do with a smartphone that you cannot do otherwise. One small example is coupons. There are a lot of coupons you can use by having it available on your smartphone and them scanning. Even shopper discount card/tags can now be stored on your phone and scanned.

Then just about everywhere you look are scan boxes, which have another name I'm sure. You can just scan one of those boxes and poof, you're at the website page.

Really though, I don't much care about those. I'm sure kids love them, but I'm more old fashioned and have only a few needs. The primary reason I've actually upgraded is that I live in a first strike hurricane zone. I really need to be able to communicate with my family and check weather reports as well as other things.

My move into the phone arena is new and I'm still learning, but I'm very pleased. Still, I have downloaded apps and I like to play around with them so I'll be posting reviews every now and then.

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