Friday, February 14, 2014

Liberals are full of hate.

I find it very disheartening when I read all the hate from liberals. They spew all kinds of hatred out at us and why? Because we believe in the freedom of speech? We believe in human rights? We believe in equality? What exactly is it that upsets them?

Let me explain it here clearly. They preach all this "tolerance" but it's all lies. Take Woot for example. There was a poll one day about reading books and I said I was reading the Bible and I quoted a verse from Genesis. Out of nowhere (I've never even heard of this user nor have I ever corresponded with this user), some jerk named dnlkolender sent me a private message (and yes, that was my response, if he can dish it, then he should take it):

So there is no freedom here. I am supposed to think just like dumbass dnlkolender. That's the "tolerance" that you see from liberals. They are only tolerant if it is something that they believe.

Another problem is the 2012 Secession movement. Okay, so a lot of liberals disagreed with those who were angry. The problem is that they were trumpeting how "no one cares." Take this blog post as an example. Notice how they laugh saying no one cared. 

The problem is that people did care. The ones who did not were liberals. In the end, liberals are not interested in what the people want. They are interested only in their twisted agendas. They completely ignore what communities desire. It's all about them and never about anyone else.

Liberals are selfish, self serving, lying, cheats. There is simply no other way to describe them. They prove it every single day. Take this dumb ass named Adam Smith who posted this video of himself being so hateful to the Chick-fil-a drive through woman. Those are the kinds of people they are. Oh wait! It was taken down by youtube because he embarrassed the liberal world. Here is a cut version

Then there's the moderator from I got a notice (damn I wish I hadn't deleted that email) that they were deleting a comment I said. The discussion was about wax paper vs. parchment and all I said was that in this economy with a lousy president I couldn't afford parchment anymore. They said that my comment was inappropriate and it would be deleted. Can you believe it? Well I have no proof because I was so incensed that I hit delete and I really wish I could go back now and post a screen cap. Such is life, I suppose.

There are plenty of examples of them out there. Look for them. Hopefully you won't be as disgruntled as I am.

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