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Historic Moments: Sunday, 19 February 1939

This is part of a (hopefully daily) series detailing in real time World War II, American culture during the war and usually small town life. For information, please see this post, and this one.

Today's random newspaper pick is the Anniston Star from Anniston, Alabama; a farming community at the time, between Birmingham, Alabama and Atlanta, Georgia.

Cotton has its own front page, top column.
This paper does not come with an absolute top headline. However, there is one obviously very important crop to the region because it has its own spot at the top right of the page (see right), right next to the title of the newspaper. 

One thing I will say is that I was disappointed in the quality of this newspaper's archive. It is very difficult to read. That said, let us move along.

We've been following FDR's battles with Congress on the sale of bombers to France to defend itself from "totalitarian governments", and building up bases in Guam. Congress is quite alarmed by FDR's decisions, rightly saying it is a path to war. Hindsight is that we know it probably would have been best to plunge into it and get it over with earlier, to save millions of live, but alas we must drudge through the destruction of humanity. 

Right now, the president is at Key West involved in a mock war with the Navy, who are performing maneuvers. He is scheduled to remain there until the 3rd of March.

The article (just below) is about where he is and what he's doing, but then it says:
FDR declares that democracy of Western Europe must be maintained.That information was to the effect that a possibility existed that certain countries would renew their international demands, it was reported, were being pushed not through regular diplomatic channels, but through a more recent method of relations - the use of fear and aggression.

Mr. Roosevelt... declined to give the names of countreis involved... but observers believed he may have had in mind new gestures toward European democracies by Germany and Italy.
France takes land given to Italy back, in Africa.Things are heating up in Africa between France and Italy. France seized land that had been annexed to Italy in response to Mussolini's actions. 
The [anexation treaty] was denounced [by Mussolini] to make way for Italy's "natural aspirations," meaning new colonial ambitions expected to be gained at the expense of France.
Morgenthau defies Senate.The Secretary of the Treasury had been dragged into the whole bombers sale to France situation. FDR had ordered them, and others to work with the French. Though the secretary disagreed with what FDR was doing, he found it preposterous that "military committee" should even ask for a copy of the order. Also, the assistant Secretary of the Treasury resigned over the entire thing, two days ago.

The Spanish Civil War is still going. The latest news on that front is that Britain and France had moved to recognize Nationalist Spain, rather than the Loyalist (or Republican) Spain. It is a curious thought as to how they came to such a decision. It looks like neither were good choices.

Hundreds of Jewish women ordered to leave Germany.
On the surface, the headline (left) almost sounds like good news to us in the modern world. Being able to leave Germany is exactly what we would want for them. 

This is however still bad news. The order is about crossing into Poland. If they can get out of Europe then they may be safe, but sadly many will not go.

By year's end, Poland will have fallen into German hands and the Jews there will suffer simply because they exist.

FDR's Guam base plans continue to get a lot of opposition. "The minority [of the House Naval Affairs Committee] - five Republicans and a Democrat - charged that plans for development of the tiny South Pacific island is the first step toward ultimate fortification of the isle which lies amid Japan's South Pacific ??? [illegible]."

One on Senate Military Affairs Committee went so far as to say that President Roosevelt was pushing the nation toward the brink of war in order to deflect attention from "his failures in domestic policies."

Domestically, the New Deal continues to evolve. The Secretary of Commerce, Harry L. Hopkins proposed a program that will:
...establish harmony and cooperation between the business and the New Deal...
Strikes always are violent.

On the basis of hints in official quarters, the program is expected to offer a ??? [illegible, but probably "basis"] of peace between labor factions, between labor and industry and between government and industry - especially utilities.
A recommendation to the Wage-Hour Administration was made in respect to the woolen industry. They suggest that the wage should be set at 35¢ per hour, "only 4 cents under the 40-cent goal which the fair labor standards ??? [illegible] is designed to reach within seven years."

See earlier article about the debate.High school creates Chinese and Japanese speaking debate forum about war in China. There is an interesting thing a local high school is doing. Both the left and right are related to it. They are hosting the debate between what the left headline (lower headline) says.

I'm sure it was quite interesting!

We've been following the kidnapper, Franklin Pierce McCall execution news. There is really nothing new to report except that he is inching closer to the electric chair. The Florida Supreme Court refused a request for a stay of execution.

Special lunch prices for men, not women.This paper had a few things that I found disturbing, outside of war. I don't mean to launch into an editorial, but I first must explain my dismay at these things. As I've mentioned before, I'm not a feminist, per say. I believe in equal rights, I believe in equal pay for equal work and so forth. I do NOT believe in women having an edge over anyone, as today's so-called feminists believe.

That said, I must circle back around to equality. Take a close look at the ad (left) for a restaurant. Women today are too quick to scream harassment and offensive behaviors toward women. I scoff at the silliness of it all, but not at this ad! To imagine that it's only men and then they even go so far as to show a woman sitting there smiling happily while the man celebrates his good business fortune with a cigar, is just amazingly unbelievable... but it gets worse!

Women's expected manners.Next we have a column on manners for women in dating. The advice here is absolutely stunning. In the 1930s, there were plenty of women with good jobs and were very independent. I love classic film, and I can name dozens of films where women had careers and were highly respected, but in places such as New York, Chicago or Los Angeles. Those women were usually shunned or at the minimum, frowned upon. For the rest of the nation, life was different. You were expected to marry and have children, then support your husband in his business ventures (as in the ad above left). The manners article demonstrates how women are expected to behave.

The article is difficult to read, but by clicking on it, you can try to decipher it. Probably my favorites, or what we'd call the most insulting today, are the first two. We should not talk to the waiter, or the cab driver, but let our man do it for us. I can't help but laugh at that.

Backless shoes, $4.95
As a side note, both my grandmothers were working moms. One didn't have to work, but she preferred to. The other had to and though she practically raised her children alone (my grandfather was out of town a lot due to the fact he worked for the Southern Railroad), she loved every minute of it. She was absolutely amazing.

Moving along....

How southerners eat on Sundays.
  • 3-room unfurnished apartment, private entrance, private bath $18.50/mo.
  • Hampton Dry Cleaners, men's suit or women's plain dress, 35¢ or 3 for $1.
  • A building lot in town, $400
  • Good farm mule $25
  • Ladies "tipless" back strap shoes, $4.95
  • Croquignole permanent, $1
  • Croquignole oil permanent, reg. $3, sale $2
  • Individual Nestyle* [sic] permanent, reg. $5, sale $3
  • Shampoo, finger wave, manicure and ??? [illegible], $100
*Should have read Nestle.
Scouting news: how to obtain a merit badge for wood work.Local society news.

This newspaper puts out local Boy Scout news then adds tips on badges, probably for the parents to read to know what to do next.

Local society news is always fun. Who is visiting who and such.

Have a great afternoon everyone! Please come back and read it tomorrow.

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