Thursday, October 08, 2015

Television studios and ridiculous expectations.

I find it interesting that network television refuses to recognize the real world and how we're living in it. Today we get entertainment in a lot of ways. We can stream movies, television shows and whatnot. In fact, when you get right down to it, American television is pretty much a thing of the past.

Why can't they see what they're doing wrong? I have an answer for that: greed. Yes, greed, full blown unadulterated green. Hollywood is politics. That's all it is. They have lost substance, morals and and absolute reality, but that's not the point. The point is that they still think they have a hold on America for entertainment, when they don't.

Let's take a look at I Love Lucy. That show had 11 million viewers. That's an astonishing number of viewers in the 1950s and did you know today the #1 TV show, The Big Bang Theory, only gets 15 million, as of today? Between 1950 and 2010, the US population doubled and so technically, in order for The Big Bang Theory to get the same ratings as I Love Lucy, they would need another 7 million viewers. That's an enormous number! Some shows only get that many and are still considered successful.

The only television show that gets that number in ratings, is NFL football programming. They spank regularly scheduled programming.

All of that is proof that networks have lost reality. The severe decline in ratings is proof that people don't appreciate the way they do it. Desperate means calls for desperate measures. Instead of looking at why people don't want to watch, they decide to charge you instead! Take a look at what CBS thought they could do to gain viewers.

Yes, it's only $6 per month, but think about that for a minute. What if ABC charges the same, then NBC, then FOX then CW? Already you're talking $24 per month. Now, that's just local television. What if cable networks decided to go that route on their own? Do you watch TNT or TBS? Make that $36. How about ESPN and Fox Sports? Make that $48. What about the numerous National Geography or Discovery channels. Let's go with only 4 of those. Now you're at $72.

If you had cable, you may have already surpassed the cost of it, depending on your package. Sadly, you've only got 12 channels! Now do you see the expense?! It's cheaper instead to subscribe to Netflix, Hulu Plus or pay for a whole year of Amazon Instant. Why on earth then would I want to pay a website to see their shows?! It is absolute insanity.

Many TV shows became popular because of Netflix. How many loved Breaking Bad and watched it for the first time on Netflix? What about Mad Men? Downton Abbey? There are loads of TV shows I have come to love, just by watching them on Netflix. I discovered the genius of Once Upon a Time on Netflix and I never in my life normally would have watched it, had it not been on there.

The fact is that the public now wants to binge watch television. The networks become greedy and think they can lure the simple minded by making you pay for it, when the truth is you don't have to. The way I see it is, if you wanted me to watch, then you'd make it easier Besides, I could watch it for free on regular television. Why would I want to pay now?!

From another angle, I have discovered that British television is actually superior to American television. It's not nearly as shallow as American TV. No, it doesn't have the bigger budgets or as many beautiful people, but it has realism, artistic design, great writing and superior direction. I hate to say it, but American TV just doesn't hold a candle to what I call BTV.

Want some binge watching? Here is some amazing television: Midsomer Murders, Poirot, The Fall, Doc Martin, Hinterland, Downton Abbey, Foley's War, Bletchley Circle, Sherlock and Arthur. I'm sure there are more, but those are enough to get you started. Keep in mind that the British love a good mystery, so most of those are mysteries but trust me, they're excellent fun. Stick with them!

Though this is a bit off topic, let me just say that while the older episodes of Midsomer are well dated, keep at it. It has a very dry sense of humor and trust me, you'll get the most interesting murders ever planned before. How about death by catapulted wine bottles? Barnaby is brilliantly funny and poor Joyce can't cook to save her life, but never in all the years that she is on that show, does she ever learn what her family says about her cooking. I noticed that American TV seemed to pick up on their bizarre murder ideas and ABC's Castle seems to copy the idea that Midsomer originated.

Now, back to our show....

CBS could still make money off its shows using Netflix or another service. CBS could limit the number to make you want to watch it live on their station but no, they don't. They want you to pay. Fine, then I simply won't watch. How does that help you now CBS?

I don't mean to sound like I'm just picking on CBS, because I'm not. It's a warning to others who may wish to try it out. What the networks need to do is wake up and realize that they do not own America anymore. We will not be held hostage!

Agree with me? Then send them a message and let them know.

Now go and watch some BTV right now! You won't regret it. What was that? You wonder what I'd suggest first? Well, any really, but to get a grasp on them, try Sherlock first. Once you see that, you'll laugh at the stupidity of Elementary on CBS. Okay, that's just a coincidence. Still not picking on CBS on purpose.

Why are you still reading this? GO WATCH SHERLOCK!!!!

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