Monday, July 12, 2010

Bob Riley's Endorsement

Well it looks like I've settled on who I'll be voting for. I was really tied up in knots because the runoff election is tomorrow and even after creating a spreadsheet, I was still uncertain as to who I was going to vote for. One I could easily eliminate but the other two were neck and neck.

Then I remembered something. Governor Bob Riley would have gotten my vote. I had a problem when my daughter tried to start college. I won't get into all the details, but to summarize they were slacking on the paperwork for my daughter and they even told her that she would have to come back next year, this after everything was complete. I called the President of the school who assured me he'd take care of it, only for him to not do a thing. I contacted the governor's office and the very next day the President called me and personally escorted my daughter to the office who refused to see her. He asked me not to call the governor again (which I did not tell him I did) so this was proof that the Governor helped us.

Phew! That was only the brief explanation, can you imagine if I added the details? Anyway, the point is that I would not care if Bob Riley robbed a liquor store, he will always get my vote in any election he ever runs in.

That said, I couldn't believe I had overlooked his endorsement. Why oh why had I not checked on that? Today when I was looking to see who Sarah Palin endorsed, which I never found, it dawned on me. I needed to check on Riley's endorsement and then that settled it.

I am now voting for Byrne without a shadow of a doubt. He was neck and neck on my list (my spreadsheet) alongside Bentley, but now I know for certain and feel good about it.

Many thanks again to the Governor Bob Riley for his help in my daughter's education and I look forward to tomorrow's primary runoff.

I'm keeping my finger's crossed.

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