Sunday, July 11, 2010

Spices and Seasoning container volumes

I get so annoyed with spice containers. They measure them by weight, which is all well and good, but how much is actually in those stupid little bottles?!

I have begun measuring them myself. The problem is that there is no x-oz size to explain them with, since each spice or seasoning weighs differently. The best example is McCormick's regular sized containers. They're all the same size and hold the same volume, but one container of ground cumin is 2 oz and one container of chili powder is 2.5 oz. You see the problem here?

This gets to be a serious hassle and especially when you make your own mixes and you have a recipe that calls for something like 1/3 c. garlic powder. How much do you need? Well here I go with my explanation and if you know any yourself, I beg you to post in the comments. I'll in turn add them here so others can benefit.

Also note that this is not a review for which ones are better or the cons of using ground or dried herbs. Keep comments on that to yourself. Anyone can Google pros and cons of dried/ground herbs and which ones are better. I just cannot stand people who try to push off their beliefs onto others.

The picture below illustrates the sizes.

Great Value, *newer regular size = 1/2 c.
McCormick, small size = 1/4 c.
McCormick, regular size = 1/2 c.
Spice Treasures regular size = ?
5th Season, **larger size = 3/4 c.
Spice Supreme larger size = 3/4 c.

* Great Value used to have larger containers that held 3/4 c., but their newer and smaller size is considerably less for the same price as the older ones. Consider yourself lucky if you find the larger ones still available in your area.
** 5th Season's containers are the old Great Value size and give you a bit more. Just be sure that they are bigger than the standard McCormick size when estimating volume. I've not seen them in a while so I'm not certain that they are the same size.
? I've not yet measured. Judging by size, it looks like 1/2 c.

About the picture, you may have to click on it to see the full view.


Laura said...

Thank you so much for posting this. I had the same dilemma when making a bulk mix of spices and this was so helpful!

Cindy Lloyd said...

You're very welcome. It really is annoying when you can't figure it out. Everything is by weight, but not all spices weight the same. I really wish they had a hint on all the bottles.