Monday, January 24, 2011


I went to the grocery store today and thought for a change I'd make some collards. I found that at my Walmart, they had some prepackaged pre-sliced collards (UPC 6-88962-00100-8)
made by a company called Rawl's. It was a full 2-lb. package and I said to myself, "Self, you should try this it might save you a lot of time, but be sure to look around in the package first." I know too well how pre-packaged green anything comes usually with a lump of rotten in it. Especially when you're dealing with the dreaded Walmart. So! I searched the bag and I saw no rotten bits. I also looked to see if I could see any stems, which would be cheating. The bag had a lot of print on it, but I felt confident enough that all was well.

So I get home, smack some pork bones in the pot with a lot of other yummy spices then go to open the collards and low and behold. I was met with quite a few, very thick, stems. I was very upset to say the least. It's almost as if Rawl's planned to deceive you because they were inside all the greens, so hidden from the outside.

This is very disappointing. I wanted to post a "review" at the Walmart site, but no fresh vegetables or vegetable companies are listed. That's too bad.

Anyway the lesson learned: Do it myself next time.

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