Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Foxnews Glitches (NOT news)

Today's complaint stems, sadly, from the only big trustworthy news source. It's not about the articles, but how the site is run.

Foxnews.com is the most difficult pain in the ass, I've just about ever seen. I must again make it clear that I'm not talking about their content or news stories. Liberals hate them for that, but they're narrow minded anyway, so don't count. I'm talking about how many glitches the web site has and all its little "features" that do NOT work.

Let's start with the front page. Surely if you've ever been there you've noticed that it reloads over and over and over again, infinitely and annoyingly. I'll be looking at the headlines and just as I am about to click on one of them, the freaking page reloads and poof, I've lost my spot.

I even went to userscripts.org (greasemonkey scripts) to request someone to write a script to stop that. Guess what? Even the hackers were scratching their heads! They can't figure it out either.

Then just try and send them some feedback on it. Go ahead and try it! It tells you that you must first log in. That sounds easy enough, right? WRONG! I try to log in and it tells me that my log in is invalid. Hmmmm. I check it, it IS correct. Something is amiss here. Okay so I hit password reset. I never get the reset password. I try over and over again, still nothing. It's not actually emailing it to me. What am I to do? I have never been able to get any help whatsoever on the issue. This after emailing newsrooms or what have you. None of them have had any courtesy to forward my problems to the website administrator.

Finally they did switch over using Disqus.com (my page), where you can potentially use another account to sign in and leave comments. That doesn't mean that it's still not without glitches. Try using the permalink on any of the comments. Go ahead, try it, I dare you. Does it load with that comment link automatically for you? Nope. It reloads the article instead. Then you have to click comments and then it loads all comments, then you have to hit the back button and voila, THERE is the permalinked comment. Now why on earth should ANYONE have to figure out that stupid safe combination to use it?

Obviously the website administrator is on drugs or something. They are running the most glitchy site known to mankind and I think he needs to hit the unemployment office. That's right, he needs to be fired. He is not doing his job, he does not have a way to contact him for site issues that does not require a log in. It is the most pathetic site I've just about ever seen, and I've seen a lot!

Trust me.

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