Monday, August 13, 2012

Rant of the Day: Double Standards

 I read articles like these all the time. Sometimes I say things aloud and other times I just read them in a suspension of disbelief and move on. Today though, I got really freaking angry when I read this article.

Now here's the thing. First off, I wouldn't call what he did as "faking his death". Well okay, maybe a little bit but not in a legal sense of the term. It doesn't appear, or at least they have not yet said, that he tried to collect life insurance or anything of that nature. Nothing, illegal. So what that he emailed her a dirty lie? That happens all the time on the internet and besides, give me one failing relationship that did not include a dirty lie!

Was what he did wrong? Yes. Is it all that bad? Faking the death? No, stupid maybe, but not bad.. Having the affair? Well apparently not since Clinton did it and didn't lose his job.

Now here is the double standard part; actually it's a two-parter:
  1. Why is it that the freaking president of the United States (Clinton) can cheat on his wife but a navy captain cannot? The US President is the Commander in Chief of all the military. Shouldn't the president be held to the same standards?
  2. How is it that her career is more important than his? She ruined his career, she should have hers ruined. She was no innocent party here and her not wanting the press to know about her own slimy self only proves that she knows she is a whore.
Another thing that pisses me off is that foxnews no longer allows comments because I'd be all over that.

For those who say he did wrong, then I surely hope they didn't vote for Clinton because that would make them a hypocrite.


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