Monday, February 04, 2013

I hate the US post office!

Oh my freaking gawd!!!

I think the worst thing imaginable, other than standing in line at the DMV or shopping at Walmart, is a visit to the post office. It is a nightmare each and every time I ever go in my freaking life.

We'll forget for a moment that there are 4 register windows and I've never seen more than one of them open. The forms that I always need (mostly it's for insurance) are - and it never ever fails me - gone. G-O-N-E, gone! I then am forced to wait in a line that runs all the way out the door. I finally get to the front after 30 minutes and they give me the form, then tell me I have to step aside and fill it out. Now I have to wait until the guy behind me finishes his transaction and he has ten freaking packages that he's sending to ten different countries and then he can't decide whether or not to send them express, priority or regular mail because each of them cost much more than he thought it would and then by the time he gets all that done and he pays he says "Oops, I forgot I need stamps" then he can't decide what freaking stamps he wants and on and on!!!


It never fails me, I kid you not. They need an express lane just like any other store or at the very least a machine where indecisive people can calculate their estimated postage so they can make a freaking decision BEFORE they get to the window. Jiminy Cricket it's so frustrating!

A few of them are jerks too (don't even get me started on the Dunwoody post office in Atlanta). They are government, so they don't give a rat's ass whether you're a happy customer or not. I couldn't help but giggle when one guy went off yelling and screaming because of something they either couldn't do or he didn't have. He screamed, "FINE! I'LL JUST GO DOWN TO UPS AND GET IT THEN AND YOU'LL LOSE MY BUSINESS!!!!" Like they freaking care! They get paid whether or not he's happy and there is no 'the customer is always right' policy there at all. That man was wasting his breath.

Why is the post office still living in the Pony Express days anyway? Their Click-N-Ship is ONLY for Flat Rate or Express! Why can't we weigh our things at home and print out regular first class postage and forms? Like I'm going to send a greeting card, that weighs a bit more than usual, Flat Rate or Express! There is no reason at all that they shouldn't allow us to do that. Why on God's beautiful green earth should I have to go all the way the frick down there just to stand in line forever because my postage is just a little bit more than normal? I'm not going to pay extra for 1 cent stamps that I'll seldom use.

Now I don't want to hear how 'what if the postage is wrong' excuses either. That has never mattered. I once got a birthday card (refer to my comment above about greeting cards that weigh more than usual) that said I owed 5 cents, to them, in postage. "Happy Freaking Birthday you owe me money!!!!" That is fixable just as it always has been.

Why oh why does the government want to control every aspect of our miserable lives and make everything so difficult? WHY?!

Why do we have an incompetent president who acts like Barney Fife?

These are the questions that no one has any answers to!

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