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All About MagnoliaSouth!

I post all over the web. I sure do! Not every website allows me to write a small bio. That's annoying because if you read many of the things I have written, you'll think I'm contradicting myself. For example, you'll hear me say I grew up in Atlanta. Then you'll hear me say I grew up a tiny town in nowhere Georgia. Then later you'll hear me say I grew up in Houston, TX. So which is it?!

They're all true! I was born in the Atlanta metro area but when I was toddler we moved further south to a little town in Georgia that no one has ever heard of. Then when I was about 6 or 7 we went back to metro Atlanta. I went to school there from 1st through 7th grade, then moved to Houston, Texas. There, I experienced my teen years. As you can see, I did literally grow up on all three places.

I became engaged at a young age. He had trouble finding a job, so he joined the US Army. We married right after he got out of AIT (Advanced Individual Training). We were then stationed in Oklahoma. He got orders to go to Korea, so he left me there because dependents couldn't go where he was going. In the meantime I went to nursing school. I found out I was pregnant while in school and he was leaving for Korea for a year! It was the worst time to get pregnant, but I managed. I finished school 7 months pregnant and he came home for the birth.

When his Korea tour was over, he came home and now we had orders for Georgia. We moved there and I went to work as a nurse for the first time. I was working dialysis. Then before I knew in a couple of months Saddam Hussein lost his mind, invaded Kuwait and off my husband went to Desert Storm.

He was the first one there and the last one to leave. I watched the news 24/7 and anxiously awaited the January 16th deadline. That came and the war started. Incidentally, I remember during the war a particular ship firing off ammunition. It is odd that I remember it so clearly, because it would involve me later in my life. I just didn't know it at the time.

So my husband came back and I got knocked up again. I lost my job at dialysis because I was pregnant (bastards!) and then experienced severe pre-eclampsia. After that baby was born, I went into home health. That would turn out to be my specialty, even though I'd take a break and work elsewhere once in a while.

Next thing I knew, my husband was shipped back to Korea and when that year was up, he was restationed at the very one I was left at before, in Georgia.

Meanwhile, I moved up in the home health business and when he returned, the rat bastard I was married to for seven freaking years (while I waited on him being overseas for a total of 3 years combined) so far had an affair with my secretary. She was ugly, which practically ruined me. I was an attractive hottie, I still am, but am just older now. I'm not just saying that either. It was devastating to me that he'd carry on an affair with a fat ugly woman.

I couldn't work at that job anymore because half the people at my office knew about the affair and didn't tell me. I thought they were my friends. So much for that. As it turned out one of the nurses I knew was leaving for a new job. Actually, two of them were. One was a retired Army colonel and she was going to be running the nursing department at a federal prison. Um, no thanks but thanks for asking. lol!

The other one was leaving to head up the OB/GYN department at the hospital. She said if I came with her, she'd train me and everything. I was nuts not to go for it because if you ask any nursing student what specialty they'd like, 90% will tell you OB/GYN. It's a nurses dream.

I left home health and all the jerks that I worked with, which by the way, had a lasting effect on me. I'm now very reserved and trust no one. My worries and fears are kept to myself, or I'll post anonymously on the web. Except for one friend, which I'll get to later, I anything with anyone. I like to keep my work completely separate from my private life and my private life is just me.

In any case, it turned out that I loved this hospital. It had the worst reputation in the world, but it was undeserved. Everyone there worked well together (well, there are always trouble makers but they were few) and they all sincerely cared for their patients.

It was small enough too that everyone knew each other; all shifts and everything. You knew the day and night lab people, radiology, etc.

Anyway, it was not long before we had to move, yet again, to Alaska. This turned out to be both the best thing in the world, and the worst. On the one hand, I loved Alaska. I went to work again in home health. I had neighbors that I loved. I met a woman who turned out to be the best friend I've ever had. She is the ONLY woman I have ever since trusted, outside my family.

On the other hand, my rotten husband kept up with his philandering. Then when he took a medical retirement (we wanted to stay in Alaska), he began drinking heavily. When I say heavily, I mean like nothing I'd ever seen before. As a home health nurse, I'd seen a lot of alcoholism, but never like this.

Then one day, he said he wanted a divorce and wanted me to take the kids back to Georgia. Bastard. My best friend tried to convince me to stay and raise the kids there, but I was afraid of being alone. As a Christian, I did want to work it out with him. I wanted the kids to be happy, but I couldn't stay there alone and raise kids with what I made. I wanted the support of my family, who were all back in Georgia.

Back to Georgia I went. A few months later, that rat bastard wanted to kiss and make up. I asked the kids what they thought. They said that they missed him, so I let him come back.

You would think that I had learned my lesson, right? WRONG!!!! That jerk didn't make it 30 days without drinking. He would get so freaking drunk that he couldn't even talk, nor function. He became verbally abusive and like an idiot, I stuck around. Mostly because I made the most money, and he spent it. We were broke ALWAYS because he would spend it on drink.

I worked for a private duty agency and had an administrative job. I worked there about 6 years then went to work for a facility that specialized only in Alzheimers. I LOVED that place, just like the hospital. Once again, I was only able to stay there for a year because... well, I'll get back to that.

In the meantime, like a dream, I met someone online. He was kind and considerate, but he was married as well. We started out as friends emailing back and forth. Then we'd chat online and then we spoke on the phone. This led to other things I won't get into, but suffice it to say that we had an online relationship for about 4 or 5 years.

On our 20th wedding anniversary, my husband came home stinking drunk. We had plans for a party and that's how it ended. Cancelled because he was so drunk he couldn't talk. It was misery. Couple that with a bought of pneumonia and his audacity to say I was acting like a baby, I knew then it was over between us forever. I don't know why I had to have a freaking brick hit me to get it, but there it was.

Separated by over 2,000 miles, my online man talked about us somehow getting together. I was ready to leave because I just couldn't take it. We weren't sure how we would be able to pull it off.

Eventually he left his wife and moved in with a friend. He traveled for his job and whenever he was within a 5-mile radius, he would get a hotel in town. By then I was working at the Alzheimer's center. I admit, I had an affair. I won't get into the details, but with his job based so many thousands of miles away, I couldn't make my children go through a move like that again.

Then, the lucky day came when he was transferred to Alabama. He took that job, so that I could move in with him. The irony is that my husband found out about us on Valentine's Day, no less. Then he impudently complained about how evil my behavior was. MINE?! Really?!

Whatever. I told the kids who were, by now, in high school. They were angry, to say the least. My daughter was about to be a senior, poor thing. My son said "I'll hate him."

Well, in the end. They love him! They have said he is more like father to them than their real father. The best part is that I'm in total bliss. I moved in with him in '07, married him in '11 and it still feels like we're newlyweds. I have never known such happiness in all my life. He is truly the best thing that has ever happened to me.

The bad part is that he did get recalled back to California. Now I'm stuck here in Alabama, but that's okay. We talk every single day for an hour. We visit often and in fact, he is here now, right next to me as I write this.

Anyway, that's me and my life. I have no problems sharing all of it, because it makes me who I am. Now if you read this whole thing in full, congratulations! You're probably the only one. ;) Oh and many thanks to the 12,000 people who have viewed these pages. God bless you all!

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