Thursday, July 25, 2013

Why I hate Winn Dixie!

I've been meaning to post this for sometime now, and even now I have only a few minutes, but I wanted to rant for a moment. One thing I want to make clear is that I'm not talking about employees, I'm talking about a corporation here. The employees have always tried to be kind and accomadating.

I just want that understood.

So now, I have a question for the world out there: why does Winn Dixie refuse to appreciate their customers? I have evidence proving that they don't. No. Really.

The most recent insult has been the removal of the self-checkout lanes. WTF?! As my son put it, "I guess Winn Dixie said, 'How can we make it more difficult to shop so we can better compete with Walmart? I know! Let's remove the only thing that keeps customers coming back! Let's take out the self-checkouts!'"

How stupid do you have to be to come to a decision like that?

If you've read any of my posts, you'll be aware that I'm a staunch conservative. That also means that I am completely against frivolous lawsuits. Liberals are idiots because they don't seem to understand that this doesn't mean we support corporations railroading people. We believe in fairness.

My mother was once in a Winn Dixie store in Atlanta. An empty chunk of metal was sticking out of their shelf and tore into my mother's eye. All my mother wanted was for her emergency room bill to be paid. Guess who refused to pay up? You guessed it!

My daughter was once in a Winn Dixie store just outside of Mobile, Alabama. There were two idiot teens (one was over 18)  riding around on one of those handicap scooters. The morons were calling great attention to themselves. Apparently one of them was a former Winn Dixie employee. He had actually been fired from Winn Dixie the very day before this incident.

Let me veer off for a moment and ask the first question here. Why was he allowed to enter the store after he'd been fired? Disgruntled employees anyone? That's the first mistake Winn Dixie made.

My daughter paid for her groceries and went out to her car. Those boys pulled up beside her and mugged her.

Clearly, the boys lacked intelligence. You don't pull a mugging just after everyone saw you (on video cameras too) clowning around inside a store that you were fired from! I mean come on! They definitely deserved the stupid criminal of the month award.

In any case, police easily obtained their identities and my daughter picked them out of a line up and that, as they say, was that.

What bothers me about it is the situation. The Winn Dixie manager was very apologetic. He felt terrible and he took my daughter's name and number and promised her that the Winn Dixie corporation would be contacting her with something special like a free gift or free merchandise.

Ask me what she got. Go ahead, ask.

She got nothing. NOTHING! Not even an apology from the corporation. Winn Dixie didn't give a rats ass. We could have sued the pants off of them! Our kindness in NOT suing them was rewarded by them through absolutely no concern for her welfare, in the least?

NOTE TO WINN DIXIE: You suck and are the most miserable store I've ever seen. You're worse than Walmart and since I see that there are few who actually shop there, I hope you go out of business.

I'll be there with champagne (bought at your biggest competitor) to toast your going out of business sale right there in front of everyone.

Unlike Winn Dixie, I'll keep my word.

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