Friday, July 04, 2014

Amazon Blows American Independence Day

Today is the day that American's celebrate independence. There is a glowing misconception here in America and it's very VERY sad. To illustrate, I want everyone to be honest here. When do you (Americans only please) think the American Revolution was over? Now don't cheat! Answer this quietly to yourself.
Was it...
A. Before Americans began the war against the British.
B. During the war against the British.
C. After the war against the British.
If you picked C., well you're wrong, but don't feel too bad though. You're not alone. Most people believe this to be true and this is why I write this today. It is sad, but Americans do not study the American Revolution enough. We're too worried about touchy feely stuff and don't want to offend anyone who isn't a descendant of English ancestry. Spare me!

The answer is actually B. The first "shot heard 'round the world" was fired on 19 April 1775 and the war dragged on until the Treaty of Paris signed on 3 Sep 1783. As you can see, 4 Jul 1776 is right in the middle of it all. It is important to remember that it doesn't mean when England decided we were independent. It's when we decided we were. Who cares what England thought? What they thought didn't (and still doesn't) matter.

So what does this have to do with Amazon, you ask? Well let me show you.

As an avid non-fiction reader and serious patriot, I greatly looked forward to today. Amazon has daily and monthly Kindle book deals. On certain holidays and special days Amazon will have extra daily deal books and they're themed with whatever the holiday is. So it was with great anticipation that I checked on the deals for today and what a let down it was. How about I quickly summarize the books offered in today's daily deal?
Circus stuff.
Buddah tours modern america.
Wisconsin wives by mail.
1948 North Carolina fire

More fantasy fiction.
Florist falls in love.
America's explorers and inventors, modern and historic.
Tennis captain falls in love.

Bad guy gets redeemed.
Father hates son's girlfriend.
Love in Taiwan.
Woman goes to Greece and has sex.
Rawandan wants to win Olympics.

Two women have auto accident.
Plagarism leads to soap opera-ish life.
Alaskan memoirs.
Life of disabled juveniles.
Being a caregiver.

1813 ship wreck.
Transvestites et al.
Someone who moves to Ireland.
Manhattan love story.
Modern moving to Florida story.
Yep. That's exactly what they offered today. Now one could wrongly argue that this is what America is all about. The reason it's wrong is because this is what Americans read every single day. It doesn't make it about America's independence. America is diverse as it is and I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but diversity is not what Independence Day is about.

Now of all of those books, the only one that remotely comes close is the 8th one down and that's pushing it. I am totally disgusted by Amazon's insulting list of books today. They may as well have not even bothered with the extra ones. Just so we're clear, below are screen caps of the web pages of the books they offered.

I think it's a crying shame and this only illustrates what America has come to. It's an embarrassment that is painful to even consider.

So I appeal to you all to let Amazon know how you feel about it (good and bad; I'm fair after all). Maybe Amazon will learn a lesson from this. I certainly hope so. Feel free to send them a link to my post here so they can understand why we're not happy.

I wish you all a happy Independence Day, so eat, drink and be merry and do not forget our founding fathers and what they did for us.

Oh and yeah. My name is Cindy. I didn't think that overly personal so... you know... whatever. lol!

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