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Discussion: Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath

I knew Leah Remini had produced an 8-part series that detailed the abuses of the so-called "Church" of Scientology, which is the last time you'll see it written that way in any more of my posts. Merriam-Webster defines Church as a place of Christian worship. Scientology is not a Christian entity; not in the least. Christianity is about forgiveness and the belief that Christ is our Savior. They preach none of that. In fact, they preach that you alone are responsible for well-being. That is an anti-Christ teaching.

Let's put the nit-picky part aside though. Let's instead look at the one thing that is proof it is anything but a church. Let's look at their own words.

All churches experience dissenters who lodge complaints. Look at the Catholic church and its stigma of pedophilia. Maybe there were cover-ups, maybe there weren't, but how did the church react publicly? Did they personally attack those who accused them of said acts? Of course they didn't! They remained largely silent. There were no personal insults, there were no vicious statements.

When any entity personally attacks anyone, those are the most serious of red flags. Especially when such an organization claims to be such a great one. If the cult of Scientology were really interested in helping people, then statements about Leah Remini like, "A program about our religion... by a has-been actress..." Are they serious here? Let us forget for a moment that they lie calling it a religion when it's clearly a cult, but listen to that attack. A more articulate letter writer would instead point out the reasons why the cult is a success. If they truly believe Remini is as petty a person as they claim, then why lower themselves to personal attacks?

Let's look at other personal attacks because they don't just attack Leah, they attack EVERYONE.

"Mike Render has been a liar his whole life." That's just the beginning.

"Mike Render has abused.. harassed...staged...attacked" Need I go on here? There are pages and pages of them insulting him. What a supportive "church" wink-wink, right? Again, proof there's no church here.

Marc Headley and Ron Miscaviage "beat... slammed... punched...hit... lunged... threw..." All of those were described in less than a half of a page, total. I kid you not! Would you believe someone who made that many accusations? In another letter Ron Miscaviage is a "racist... Nazi... rapist" They even want to point out that Disney's CEO is Jewish, 'so watch out'.

Tom DeVocht, Mike Rinder and Amy Scobee "are self-professed liars."

Tom DeVocht is a "bigot... liar... perjurer... thief" Like all the other men they list, he beats women, that one gets old fast. Further they say about him "he squandered money... abused his sister..." and the typical accusations they use for everyone else.

Jeff Hawkins is also a "liar... pervert... sexual deviant... peeping Tom... bitter... bigot..." They even take it further accusing him of being part of Anonymous (a hacker group) and say that he made "bomb threats... assassination threats... arson threats... death threats" but of course they offer no proof whatsoever.

Jeff isn't the only one that they accuse being part of Anonymous. They also say that Marc Hedley was part of it and claim he exposed himself in Germany. They accuse Marc and his wife Claire of lying to police. They say Marc "[was] spreading lies... is a disgraced member... confessed to a crime... is a scammer... attended hate rallies..."

They try to defend shunning and list a number of world religions (as well as other cults), saying that they do the same. No one shuns like they do except perhaps the Amish/Mennonites. If their beliefs are so good, then why do they say, "The Scientology practice of disconnection is not only consistent with other world religions..." Why do they need to compare themselves to others? Are they saying that others are just as good, if not better than, their own?

Angry that the cult wasn't informed that they were "going to use Aaron Smith-Levin as a source" they turned their attack on him. Now he, like the others is described as "violent... abusive... attacked... bully... joined a hate group..." It's getting old, isn't it?

Do you see a pattern here? Rather than address the accusations made about them, they attack those making said accusations on a personal level. It sounds so very childish that I literally laugh as I read these litters. All of their past members are violent, which is interesting because this proves to us that their clientele (yes, they're clients) are all apparently violent. That is one very violent, hateful, abusive and lying cult, isn't it? What does this tell you?

They threatened A&E and accused them of having no "credible reason" why they can't be in control of interviews of their members. This means A&E addressed their concern, but they dismissed it as not credible. They say that producers are "playing a shell game." They want to supervise the production saying they "want to ensure it's fair and balanced". They sound so irrational and I think it's pretty clear that they are scared to death of this exposé. They say to A&E, "You cannot hide from the truth and pretend that your film is anything but a one-sided exercise in religious bigotry that relies on lies." Now they're calling A&E bigots! Anyone who disagrees with them is a bigot, is violent, is hateful and is a liar.

You can read all of this yourself here:

Their letters speak to us loud and clear. This is an irrational cult that lies to its members and if that doesn't work or a member decides to leave, they launch a personal attack campaign. Were I any of them, I'd file a lawsuit of defamation. It's time to take down this organization.

Oh and let's talk about Anonymous for a moment. It's anything but a "hate group" as they call it. Have they done illegal things? Yes. However they stand for freedom and yes, they did protest this cult. Remember that America's founding father's did illegal things too. I know it sounds like I'm defending illegal activity, but everyone does something illegal. If you've ever broken the speed limit in your life then congratulations, you are now a participant in illegal activity.

This cult is well aware that everything these people are saying is true and they have no other way to prove otherwise. They cannot prove that those things Remini accuses them of are lies. Personally, I don't see how what they're doing is legal and I call on authorities to investigate these allegations. In part 7, it is proven that they are constructing empty buildings in order to keep their charitable organization status for taxes. Is this not tax evasion?

It's time for them to be exposed. It's time for laws to be enacted to prevent this kind of abuse from organizations that hide under the veil of "religion" when in fact it's a self-help cult. I wholeheartedly believe in the separation of church and state, but this is no church. It is simply a cult club.

Bring it on Miscavige, you dirty punk.

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