Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Discussion Part 2: Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath

I have completed the first 6 episodes of Leah's documentary and I understand that there are only 7 and next week 7 (or will it be 8?) will be airing.

Now that I've seen the shows and read the letters, I am convinced that David Miscavige (whom I will now refer to as #PsychoDave from here on out) is a psychopath. His is an abusive, self-serving, egotistical rat bastard of a psychopath. He brainwashes his followers and pockets millions of dollars by ripping them off. This is no religion, it's at best, a self-help group, but in reality a self-destruction group.

I doubt very much any Scientologist will ever read what I have to say. They're not allowed to read it. They are censored something fierce, and is an abomination. If you know a Scientologist print out the St. Petersburg articles and give it to them. Know first, that you will likely never be spoken to by them again, but know that what you did was the right thing.

Post these articles in public. Some will be curious, some may actually read them and if only ONE person reads them and changes their mind, then you've likely saved their life.

If you can't watch the A&E documentary because you've gone off of cable/satellite TV, then the articles are the way to go. Hell, if you even watched the documentary, I still recommend the articles. They outline the same things really, but the article has more information. Watching them on TV though brings you closer to the humans that they are. You really need both, but one or the other is absolutely required.

Where do I even begin to discuss the atrocities that #PsychoDave has committed? They are so numerous that a single blog post couldn't possibly cover them all. Except for the master race business and the mass executions, #PsychoDave is exactly like Hitler. He has established labor camps. He imprisons his followers. He beats his executives into submission. He makes his followers take lie detector tests, has them interrogated then charges them money for it. His own father had to plan his escape six months in advance. His own father! When your father has to escape, you know there is a problem.

Go here and read this 3-part article, then come back and finish my post. Read it slowly and carefully.

We must do something about this. We must! Tweet about it. Blog about it. Complain to the FBI, the White House, your elected official about it. Do something! Do not sit by and let #PsychoDave continue his abuse.

So why am I calling him #PsychoDave? Well, I think the psycho part is self-explanatory, but the Dave part is a personal insult to him and anyone who saw the show, may remember in episode five "A Leader Emerges" Ron Miscavige (#PsychoDave's father) recounts a moment when he tried to congratulate his son by saying "Good job, Dave!" He called him Dave and Ron says #PsychoDave turned around and gave him a look that said Ron had no right to even address him at all, much less by his first name and even worse, a nickname. What kind of a monster treats his father like that? I mean, the man was congratulating him for goodness' sake!

So it is for his father, that I use this name, along with his appropriate adjective.

I will not repeat everything the article and documentary has said. The article is free to read and is worth every word in reading it. All I can say is that it is time to bring down this cult (I will not call it a "church" because that is not what it is) and especially, its leader, #PsychoDave.

Further online reading:

For us po' folks, we cannot afford books. Nearly everyone who is anyone in the cult has written a book, so you can simply Google that for books and they all detail their experiences in the church and how they defected, but sadly I cannot afford to buy a lot of books at a time. Also, because I have a 24-hour care mother with dementia, I do not have the time to read them all. It would take me years to read them and I love my fiction too, because my life is such that I need a good fictional take-me-away break... OFTEN. That said, here is some you-can-read-what-they-have-to-say-in-a-few-minutes-things.

  • Mike Rinder's blog. The Aftermath Letters is what Mike's job originally was. His job was to discredit and defame anyone who publicly criticized #PsychoDave and his cult. The shock that he has defected is so tremendous that I cannot express it here. His defection alone is just cause to believe every word he has to say. 
  • Tony Ortega's blog. He is a journalist who has been writing, critically, about Scientology for over 20 years. He is not a former Scientologist, but is like me. One who discovered its abuses and wants the world to know.
  • Marc Headley's (kind of) blog. Most of his site is related to his book, but that's okay. Normally I hate self-serving ads for their tell-all books, but his story is going to be worth it. What is amazing to me is that he was responsible for producing promotional and public events videos, that brainwash followers. He made copies of all his videos that were not for public eyes and now we can see their lies with our own eyes, thanks to him. I must also note that in my search for his blog/book, I found another site that starts with "Marc Headley is a sick pathological liar who was kicked out of the Church after he was caught selling stolen equipment on eBay." That tells me everything I need to know. Marc Headley is telling the truth, else they wouldn't go to such lengths to create a blog just to denounce him. Besides, this BS is mentioned in The Aftermath Letters, so who freaking cares?
  • When I hear The Hollywood Reporter I think rag magazine, however this article is in line with everything I've read and heard so far and sums it all up very well in a shorter version. The subject is supposed to be about Katie Holmes' surprise move on filing for divorce from Tom Cruise, but many of the people mentioned here is mentioned in the article. 
Again, do research. Fight these people and take this cult down. If you're a Christian, think of it as a mission from God only because it really is; He hates false prophets and #PsychoDave is definitely that, if you're an Atheist then treat them like you do Christians (oh and stop treating Christians badly and have some respect for a change), if you're Agnostic do it because you know deep down it is simply wrong, if you're a real Muslim (and not some psycho Islamic bastard) then do it knowing that Allah wants peace and not violence, if you're Jewish never forget the atrocities of Germany (I mean no disrespect in comparing these, after all, as I've mentioned already, #PsychoDave isn't nearly as bad as Hitler but I think if #PsychoDave thought he could get away with eliminating those of us who dissent, he would) and know that like Christians, God hates false prophets. If you're anything else, do it because it's the right thing to do.

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