Monday, October 12, 2009 SUCKS!!!!

Why? Because all it has are a series of links and serious information overload. There is no straight forward quick answers and they want you to jump through hoops to post a question.

This message is for moderators at modthesims: YOU SUCK!

I'll never go back there again and will now do everything I can to stop people from going there.

So I have embarrassed myself. Read this on how wrong I was! I cannot apologize enough and if you want a picture of me so you can throw darts at it, please let me know. I deserve it. :)

I love you MTS! I will be begging for forgiveness forever now.

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Mark said...

couldn't agree more, I feel like i'm going round in fucking circles.

I think the site should shut down, the logging in is absolutely shit and you can't clear the history to try against.