Monday, October 12, 2009

Sims 2 Downloads and Mesh Madness!

Good googly goo! What a pain in the pumpkin these downloads are. I love how so many sites have all these mesh goodies and not a word of what meshes do nor where they go. One site hid a readme file into their zip downloads, and thank goodness I found it. The problem with that method is that most people will actually look first for where to extract the files to, not in the extracted file itself.


So.. for those who are anxiously looking for an answer, here goes.

First, pay attention to the file extensions. That makes all the differences in the world. Also know your system (XP, Vista, etc.)

When I say My Documents\ in Vista, that means C:\Documents. Just remember that.

I will first put the location, and the file extensions that go inside those locations. That makes all much easier.

Sims 1
The Sims\Game Data\Skins
  • .skn
  • .cmx
  • .bmp

C:\Program Files\Maxis\The Sims\Downloads OR
C:\Program Files\Maxis\The Sims\GameData\Objects (Depends on which one you have)
  • .iff files

Sims 2

XP:     My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Downloads
Vista:   C:\Users\Cindy\Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Downloads
  • .package
As you can see, Sims 2 is much easier.

That about does it. I'll later post some good sites that offer FREE quality Sims 2 downloads. I refuse to pay for downloads. There is plenty of free stuff out there and paying for downloads is ridiculousness and personally, should be illegal. The only place you should pay for downloads is at EA games, period. Paying anyone else is like paying someone full price for a DVD that I could buy new elsewhere.

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