Thursday, June 05, 2014

Proof that the Library of Congress' Card Catalog search absolutely SUCKS.

So it should have been a simple task. All I had to do was look up this book. I photographed the LOC page of the book and using the number, I thought it would be very easy to find it.

WRONG!!!! Ben Franklin would be very disappointed. I mean, we all know that he would LOVE to live in today's world of technology (not so much seeing how this country has twisted the laws he helped set forth). He even founded the lending library system and would so not be happy that the public couldn't find what it was looking for.

Tell you what, how about I copy/paste exactly what I reported to them as the problem?
Your search is useless. I have visuals and since I took the time to do this so you could see the problem, please reciprocate by taking a look and fixing the problem.

Here is a book page that clearly has your catalog number on it:

Here is search #1 that should have found it since it is exactly as written:

Okay, fine. Maybe it can't read hyphens... it SHOULD, but whatever. Nope, wrong again.

Well maybe those first two digits are for something else. They should still be "findable" but again, whatever. Let's try it with those first two digits. UGH! It still didn't work because the book I'm looking for is in freaking ENGLISH!!!!

So this obviously needs fixing. Really. It does.

SERIOUSLY????!!!! My session timed out right in the middle of writing this and I've only been on this page for two minutes. TWO MINUTES!!!!!

I was forced to rewrite this entire thing in Wordpad then copy/paste it in your stupid email.

Look, this is for the public. Make it public friendly. Okay?

P.S. I'm posting this on Blogger, so others can see that they're not insane. Here's the link:
Yep. To add insult to injury they had the nerve to even time out my session, which should have included the click to the feedback submission page. They should know that it takes time to write up problems accurately.


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