Friday, February 24, 2017

Tara Grinstead: Finally an arrest!

As some of you know, I've written about this woman before. Her case has baffled me from the beginning. It reads like a whodunnit but in fact, it turned out not to really be like that. The killer was not at the table. 

It took over ten years but at last, someone has finally spoken up and and an arrest has been made. Not because of any evidence but because thankfully, a heroic witness came forward with information. I call them heroic because had they not, this case would still be mysterious and unsolved.
Surprisingly, all previous suspects were not the killer. Why the boyfriend lawyered up right away is beyond me but he is not the killer after all. Good for him! I know he's relieved since he has lived under a cloud of suspicion since this horrible thing happened to Tara. 

As it turned out, a student who had attended the school where she taught was the culprit and there are hints that there may be others involved. There is not a lot of information being released yet, but it sounds like the killer, one Ryan Alexander Duke, had graduated from the school three years prior. Police have said that he was never a suspect.

Believe me when I say that his high school yearbook photo makes this Ryan look rather handsome, but not so today, I can assure you. He had a vagrant, unkempt look, about him as he showed up in court. 

Well, my prayers have been answered for the Grinstead family. There will never be any closure for them, I know that. However, there will be some relief knowing what happened and hopefully soon, they will be able to find the body this woman left behind and lay her to rest. 

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