Monday, February 21, 2011

Tara Grinstead: Blood evidence and more.

Still talking about the show I saw last night (it aired earlier but I recorded it and only had time to watch it last night).

After doing some online reading, I have to wonder why additional evidence was not mentioned on the show. According to WALB news, the following evidence was collected by an investigator hired by the family:
  • Two blood stains (the location was not disclosed).
  • In the bedroom, a broken nail with a dot on it.
  • Under her bed, pieces of a broken lamp.
  • A bent metal piece on her bed.
  • A reddish brown stain in her carport.

So why was this not addressed in the show? This article was posted in 2006, but the show was originally broadcast well after. According to CBS it originally aired July 1, 2008. Why was that evidence never mentioned?

I've actually followed the Grinstead case since she disappeared. I lived in Atlanta at the time and this was big news. It's just so very sad.


February 24, 2017
Update, there has finally, after all this time, been an arrest! Please see Tara Grinstead: Finally an arrest!

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