Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Backyard Bird Watching

I'm no bird watcher, but in the spring all the birds return. When I go outside I'm amazed at the noise that I've not yet re-adjusted to hearing.

There are a few birds that I hear often and are quite unique so they're easy to pick out. That being the White-winged Dove and the Mourning Dove. I hear them all the time.

Yesterday though, I saw a bird. It wasn't the first time I noticed it, but usually I was in a spot where I didn't have time to look the bird up. Memory fades, so when I finally had time to look up the bird, I'd forgotten important details. Anyway, yesterday one perched itself on my fence and sat a good while. I now know they are Eastern Bluebirds and this was a male. A very attractive male that is likely a real ladies man. ;)

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