Tuesday, June 05, 2012

An excellent blog post.

I have to admit that I found the most interesting blog post today. Someone began following me on Twitter and recommended this post to see what their belief was. Wow. I've never actually read it before but it says everything that I've ever said.

The site is called AmericaThinker.com and the article is here. Is it snarky? Yes. Is it true? Absolutely. The thing I find interesting is that liberals lie. This article, unlike what liberals say, tells exactly what liberals are really thinking. There is proof all over the place how corrupt and hateful liberals are. Let's go over a few, shall we?
Six police officers in New York were demoted for being Republicans. I could go on and on about this one and the truth is that this one is recent, so it may play out another way. In any case, you can read it for yourself.

Joy Behar called Sharron Angle a bitch on The View, then has the nerve to say, and I KID YOU NOT, “To me, that’s a term of endearment. I reserve that word for people that I know and love. So that was a mistake and I take it back.”. That actually was the supposed apology. Let's forget for a moment that reserving the word "bitch" for loved ones is incredibly stupid, but taking it back because it's reserved for loved ones is just as stupid and just as insulting. Yeah, she's a liberal. See where this is going?

Jerry Brown (the present California governor) had a staff member who called GOP member, Meg Whitman (Brown's opponent in the election), a whore. But wait! It gets even better. The president (Patty Bellasalma) of the so-called feminist group National Organization of Women (NOW) not only said it was "an accurate statement," saying she was a "political whore" but even went so far as to endorse Jerry Brown, a man! Turns out that it's not really a true feminist group at all. The irony here is that even the liberal press was surprised about that one, as evidenced by an article written by Nick Wing at Huffington Post where he said:
"The National Organization for Women seems to have changed their tack on hate speech against women Thursday, as the president of the California chapter called California GOP gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman a "political whore" after having earlier called for Jerry Brown, her Democratic opponent, to fire any staffer who used the word."
How about that? Can you believe it? Again, wait, there's more!

Trashy, and incredibly unreliable, website known as Gawker (yes, gawk says it all) deliberately posted a salacious story about Christine O'Donnell (yep, another GOP member). A UK article about the incident even goes so far as to say, "[The] mainstream US media largely refused to touch the story..." which is interesting. That is a key fact because NOW actually passed on commenting about the Gawker attack TWICE before finally saying something. You won't find information on the passing in the mainstream media either.

I will say that I do like Lifehacker which is owned by Gawker, but if you'll notice I dropped off reading it after the incident. Sorry Lifehacker, but you have to make a stand too.

These are only a few drops in the barrel of how evil liberals are. They are a hateful bunch of people. They are frightening and they attempt to intimidate you. They want to scare you into believing their lies. Do not be fooled by their paltry subterfuge. Do not allow yourself to be caught in their web.

Now you can understand why the article originally mentioned here is so important. Unlike liberals, it is honest and tells the truth about what the "conservative agenda" (as liberals call it) really is.

I wish you all well! Yes, even liberals because it's the right thing to do.... Just don't forget they lie.

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