Monday, June 04, 2012

Palestinian Slant

I just read an article over here.

I was quite surprised to see what the author wrote. Granted, I did not know a lot of the things she pointed out, but I also do not know if what she says is true. In my mind I had to ask myself, "Self, does it even matter what she is saying? She's leaving some very important facts out!"

I could not help myself, I had to comment. It will be interesting to see if she allows my comment to be published. If you don't see it, then read on for a copy of it.

One thing I do want to stress though, is that when I said "I am not saying that Israel is innocent by any means..." I do not mean to say that they are evil or even dirty in any way. I simply mean that no adult, on this earth, is innocent. We all make mistakes. The United States has made mistakes and so has everyone. I am a UMC Christian and so I will quote what my Bible teaches us:
"... He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone..." John 8:7
Christians even forget that He said this. Perfection will never exist.

So! My comments on the Palestinian subject follows.
This is definitely interesting. It is clear that you have made a great effort in researching the subject matter and writing this article. That said, I see a very obvious slant here, which, I might add, is perfectly acceptable coming from a site about Palestine. However, let me be clear: I am not here to debate, but there is a reason that this conflict is so complicated. I feel it is therefore important for your readers to understand the other side as well.

Please understand that I do hear what you're saying, but unlike Palestine, Israel does not stoop to terrorism as in the pre-1990 PLO as well as others. There are no suicide bombers, there are no plane hijackings and so forth. Palestine has been limited due to its own violence. I urge your readers to research both sides.

I grew up watching Palestinians hijack planes and killing passengers. I also remember Dawson's Field:

Attempts have not been made to exterminate Palestinians, yet Jews have been targeted for extermination and I'm not just talking about Germany, but Arab nations as well.

I am not saying that Israel is innocent by any means, but the Palestine movement does not have a very convincing history. I am reminded of Northern Ireland. I believe Northern Ireland should be freed from the United Kingdom rule, but Northern Ireland's terrorism is a black mark against them.

I pray only for peace and respect between all nations.

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