Monday, June 25, 2012

Oh yeah, Stonehenge was the primitive hippie love in.

Today's news on Stonehenge is laughable. "Experts" kill me, or I guess in this case, "researchers".

The headline?
Stonehenge explained? Theory argues why monument was built.
The article says, and I quote, "The mysterious structure of Stonehenge may have been built as a symbol of peace and unity, according to a new theory by British researchers."

Seriously? This is the author (Parker Pearson) of a book that is coming out (you won't get that link from me), who is actually proclaiming this.

You know, I could make a ton of money if I just spit stuff out like that. Of course there was unity! They were humans. Humans are social animals. This is not new news and it being a symbol of unity is preposterous. Where's the hippie peace sign then? Oh I see, that's why Stonehenge is round, gotcha!

What Pearson is ignoring, is that Stonehenge is not the only stone circle in the world. There are many in other countries as well.

His suggestion is ridiculous. We already knew and understood that they were unified and the rest isn't even worth debating.

That's like me saying, "My research as led me to believe that there were tribal humans in North America during the European bronze age and they were into nature."

Yeah, they're called Native Americans. My grandmother was one, thanks.

Some people!

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