Friday, March 21, 2014

The lies of the "Affordable Health Care Act"

Let's talk about Obamacare. I have never agreed with it, but my daughter is working two part-time jobs and does not have insurance. She has a couple of chronic conditions and she thought she'd give Obamacare a go. Guess what? It is a total fail.

Before I get to the what happened part, let me first explain what an insurance deductible is because you need to know. An insurance deductible is the amount of money you are responsible, for your medical care costs, BEFORE the insurance will pay anything. In all my years of nursing (23+), the deductible is usually $1,000 or less. Most are $100-$500 but there are a few that are $1,000.

For someone with a $500 deductible, let us say that they get put in the hospital. The hospital bill is $5,000. The insurance in turn only pays $4,500.

Now that we have an understanding on that. My daughter "H" went online to the "affordable" health care act page. Keyword: affordable. Get this, for her pay scale of only $14,000/yr she would have to pay $197/mo (which is way above average for a single person via an employer) with a .... are you ready? A $6,000 deductible!!!!! How is that affordable for someone who gets paid $14,000/yr?!

This means that the total cost per year (premium plus deductible) is 59.7% (or 60%) of her pay. SIXTY PERCENT!!!!

Obama can get bent and stick his "affordable" where the sun doesn't shine. It would be cheaper for H to NOT have any insurance at all and simply pay out of pocket for her doctor visits. A local urgent care clinic is only $124 and usually you can get the $4 medication from Walmart. That's LESS than the not-so-"affordable care" monthly premium! She could see that doctor every month for the same price and still not even meet the deductible.

Obamacare is absolute insanity!

Plus, to top it all off, the website wouldn't work right. She was trying to see how much dental and eye care would cost, but it would snap back to health care.

I want to hear what Democrats have to say about this and I want to see if they're going to accuse us of lying. Please send this article to people you know. It's imperative that they understand how horrible this is.

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