Thursday, March 27, 2014

Weird searches 2

I call it the "Oh what's this? Click!" syndrome. The best example is when you go to Wikipedia to look up some small fact on lavender and two hours later you find yourself reading about the Nigerian Civil War of 1967. We've all done it, right?

So I started out reading about pH skin levels on dogs and next thing I know I'm searching online for soap molds and I don't even make soap!

Anyway, so out of pure curiosity, I wanted to see what these looked like:

Then I clicked it and voila!

Wait, what? It said on the previous page that there were 10. Where'd they go? You see? Weird search, or should I call that frustrating search? Maybe I shouldn't call these searches as much as glitches. Perhaps I'll change the name, next time.

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