Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Amazon Prime Streaming: Create a link to a specific time in a video.

I just figured something out! I'm so proud! :D

I'm always wanting my husband to see certain scenes of things I watch. I mean, I can give him the link to the show and then tell him where to look, but it's even easier if I can just create a link to that very point, like YouTube does.

I finally figured out how. It does it different than YouTube but it's similar. Consider this link:

The above link is for The Americans Season 3, Episode 13. So B01A2Z8WUW is the episode. You can get that by right clicking on the Play button for the episode. Autoplay=1 means it will auto play. I haven't tinkered with it to see if I can get it to load, while paused. &t=2408 is the time it will skip to. No, it's not military time (there is no 2408, it's 0008). It's the time in seconds. So the time it will skip to is 40 minutes and 8 seconds. You just have to calculate how many seconds.

Are you math challenged, then (at the time of this writing) here is a calculator that will figure that out for you.

Alternatively, there is an easy way to get the link. Play the video and find the place you want to link to. Close the video (not the page) and then right click on the Play button. It will automatically give you the time stamped link.

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