Sunday, February 21, 2016

Blogger issue

Dear Google,

Please stop ignoring problems from other things you support (or really don't). Stop spending all your energy into Google Play or Voice Detection. I mean, those are all well and good but your treatment of people like me is disappointing. We don't seem to matter much.

This is a problem that I've had for a good long while. Long enough that you should have fixed this by now. There is really no excuse not to fix it.

So now you're saying, "Okay-okay! Tell me what it is why don't ya?" Fine. Let's do this step by step, shall we? Oh wait, let me just add that you can click on these to enlarge them, which is necessary for you to see them.

This is a post I just made a few minutes ago. Note the date on my computer (bottom right red circle). The other red circle indicates that I've scheduled this for, according to my computer time, tomorrow. Right?

I clicked the save button and returned to the post list. 

The computer date and time in this one is only a few minutes after the previous screen-cap. It clearly shows that it is scheduled for the next day. Right? Right!

Wrong! This is a screen-cap I took earlier today. According to my computer, It is 10:34 a.m. the day that the post was scheduled for. The original post was scheduled for 9:00 a.m. It even says 9a in the schedule box. 

So why is it still a draft? Do you see that? It should have been posted. Why wasn't it?

I let one go two or three days thinking it would wake up and actually post something, but no, it didn't. The glitch is very annoying. I like to have my posts added in the start of the morning, but that's never actually happened because it has never worked. 

I cannot fathom, Google, why you simply ignore the problem.

Please fix it!


Disclaimer: Yes, these caps have been modified. There is no reason why you need to see any information other than what I'm presenting to you. The fact they are modified is irrelevant, especially since they demonstrated the problem.

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